Joseph J.

Joseph J.

Graduation Day 

This was the day I worked towards and now that it’s here it’s filled with mixed feelings. Happy that I made it over the line despite the challenges along the journey and proud of being compliant with the diet and exercises except for two days. Sad that it’s over and there’s no specific goal to look forward to every day.

The last three months have been such a great learning experience and it’s been one of the best investments I ever made. I owe a debt of gratitude to my family who were also with me on this journey for their incredible support. Four of us took part along with my mum and we’ve all become so much healthier as a result.

Thank you Patrick for designing and putting together such a fantastic training program. Each lesson was special and insightful. I was attracted to Kenzai after reading your ‘Big Ideas’ and the lessons were something I looked forward to every day. Thanks to our trainers Nate and Adelyn. You have been so supportive and encouraging throughout. Thanks to all my team mates for sharing their ups and downs and keeping the team brimming with positivity! I will miss your energy and hope our paths cross on Kenzai someday.

Special thanks to my friends Prarthana and Sanjay who inspired me to join Kenzai. I now have the task of motivating some of my not so fit friends to sign up and change their lives.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fitter life! Cheers!

At the start I'd promised myself I wouldn't deviate from the regimen come what may however I finally got caught in a situation where I couldn't complete my daily exercise last Wednesday. In a way it was a good reminder that you can't get your way despite your best intentions. The lessons on 'Somatypes' was very insightful and timely. I've been wondering if there's something I could change to become a certain body type. It's comforting to know a lot of it is predetermined and you've got to work with the cards you're dealt with. Loved both lessons on 'Kenzai Body Policy 1 & 2'. Looking forward to completing the program, getting the hernia problem corrected and using all the learnings from this fantastic experience. Happy weekend everyone!

Day 77

Last week has been a little different from past weeks. Cardio is all walking now. Still continuing with the same commitment with exercises and diet. The lessons have again been very insightful. Lots of learning there. Looking forward to the last two weeks and completing the training in the best possible manner.

Day 70

It's amazing how the body adapts to the increased workouts. Ran into a bit of a bump (literally) early this week. Had a mild swelling in the lower pelvic area, got it checked by a doc yesterday and learnt it's a condition called 'indirect inguinal hernia'. It hasn't caused any problems other than some discomfort but i'll need to get an opinion from a surgeon this week. Hope to continue the training unless the surgeon opines otherwise. Happy weekend everyone!

Last month

It's a great feeling to get into the last month of training. More like getting into the home stretch and the end clearly in sight. My resolve to stick to the diet got tested this week when I had to catch up with friends from college for lunch. Did manage to stay away from the fried stuff limit myself to the salad and water. Interestingly the bottled water was called 'Kelzai'! Otherwise the exercises are going well except for the occasional bad form. I do try to make up by increasing the reps or doing an additional set at times. Looking forward to new exercises. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Day 55

Looking forward to completing two months. Now when i look back it's a great feeling to have stuck to the diet and exercise routine every single day. The lessons this week have again been fantastic. Just when you encounter an issue there's a lesson that addresses it promptly. The one on 'handling low energy days' was particularly useful this week. Didn't quite figure out how we can get rid of the nano bacteria by flossing. It is 'nano' bacteria, right? Had a quick look at next week's diet..... the protein, eggs and milk intake is significantly high. That obviously means more workouts i guess. Bring it on. Happy weekend everyone!

Half way mark

It's been good going so far. Didn't hit the Kenzai Valley which is surely a good thing. I've been taking it just one day at a time and being focussed on sticking to the diet and getting the exercises done as well as I can. The V sit was the new killer this week . Couldn't get a decent set done the first time but definitely improved while attempting it yesterday. Again great lessons this week, especially liked the one on 'ATM Thinking'. Haven't taken the indulgence so far but will try something today. Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 41

Great feeling to be inching closer to the half way mark. As always the lessons have been informative and insightful, latest one being the one on hard boiled eggs. It's amazing to learn something new about such an elementary thing. On the exercise and diet front things have gone smoothly. It's a great boost to struggle through some of the last reps maintaining good form and complete the set. Wonderful to see teammates pushing themselves despite several obstacles.....reminds you you're not alone in your struggles. Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 34

This week's gone nicely. The lessons are something I look forward to. Interestingly the one on 'handling negativity' came immediately after I heard the very same statements mentioned there. I guess most people who hear about Kenzai react in a typical way. Chest dip was the new killer this week although 4-6 reps is manageable. Metronome of course continues to remain the number 1 killer. Keeping the legs straight after 20 reps is a workout by itself. The modified version is an option but i'm trying to see how many i can grunt through before falling back on it. Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 27

It's getting better all the time although couple of new exercises (metronome and plank) were the new killers this week. The last reps of metronome were a struggle. Plank was comparatively better. Didn't feel like indulging on day 25 but i'll count the fried fish for dinner as indulgence. I've begun using thicker resistance bands for the shoulder and arm exercises and surprisingly they were manageable. Been reading Patrick's big ideas and learning a lot. Need to read up on meditation and start practicing.

Week 4

The Mule approach is working fine. It's a great feeling to hit the 'I did it' button especially when you push yourself to get the last reps done. In terms of changes to the body, the waist has gone down, stomach and upper body are getting firmer. Some pain in the ankle continues to bother but i hope it'll either go away or i'll get used to it. Overall energy levels are definitely better than before. Looking forward to completing week 4.

Week 3

Good to feel my body getting used to the ramp up. Completing a work out is so exhilarating and the stretches are simply awesome. Hope to continue the same way.

Day 11

Settling in to a rhythm is a pleasant feeling. I'm still not able to do all movements in 'good form' (especially some of the newer exercises) but it's getting better all the time. I've found the right caterers at work and they've become familiar with my 'special' requirement. Colleagues are surprised at the quantity of food I'm consuming this week.

Day 7

Week 1 has gone well. Still working on the jump rope. Hopefully it'll fall in place this week. Push ups were a bit of challenge especially the last sets. Looking forward to the diet and more workouts.

Day 6

So far so good. Felt some strain towards the end of set 4 of the otter kicks. Looking forward the diet plan next week.




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