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Joseph L.

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If at third you don’t succeed... 

Chisel was basically a fail for me.

The reality is that when I did my first Kenzai body I was a freelancer and in control of my schedule. Since then I have a full time job that travels a lot and is not very flexible.

I hope that I can find the time in the future to dedicate to another Kenzai program.

Shred me please

Well I’m definitely not seeing the same results that I’ve seen before but I think that more had to do with my consistency. It is harder, this time around, to keep on schedule with exercise and food. Just the same, I am committed to continuing and enjoying the experience.

A Rocky Start

After a somewhat rocky start due to my international travels, I’m now on the right track.

While I was traveling I did a fair job of working outs except when on the plane. Food was more challenging. Breakfast buffets helped.

I’m back now and exited to be able to fully dedicate.

I didn’t throw up!

That is all!

Day one

Well I definitely threw up. But for the first day I think that’s not too bad. I Made it through all but the last exercise before my body panicked.
But I’m going to keep pushing and observing and realizing that I’m not dying and the pain is temporary. Go team!

in Beijing

So I’m in Beijing and my app isn’t showing me my program. HELP!

Having a time

Well folks, I wish I felt better about my program by the reality is that I’m giving about
50% is I’m being honest.

Weeks start out great but the pace of my job and my travels really kick my butt my the end of the week. I’m really not interested in giving up and I trying to forgive myself and move forward. I figure that I just gotta keep trying and setting myself up for success.

There’s still a lot more program to go so I’m looking forward to sticking with it.

Well last week was really about recovery and getting through a week when being sick wasn’t an option.

Plus, on Saturday morning I got on a plane for Shanghai. I arrived last night and went pretty much straight to bed.

Right now, the sun is rising, and I’m itching to get up, get out, and get back to the program.

I don’t know what’s going to happen food wise on this trip but I’m confident that I can get these workouts in!

Also, it’s been encouraging reading other people’s posts and seeing that everybody has life stuff but that we are all dedicated to this and giving it our best.

Ganbatte ne!


So what do you do when you are sick? I pushed through leg day but today I am moving so slowly.

Do I push through at the gym or rest myself.

That workout today was really something!
As a person who hasn’t historically frequented the gym, I felt really great about today’s workout. I really pushed through and Zen-ed out. It was great but stairs are currently my enemy. I anticipate a full lower body retaliation as I navigate the stairs of tomorrow’s subway commute! Go Iron!

Iron Time

Good morning fellow Ironers!

It’s good to be back in the Kenzai way.

Last week was very much getting used to a routine and I wasn’t entirely successful. With that said, I did get some good workouts in and it felt GREAT!

I went shopping yesterday for all of my food and am very excited to be back on diet.

All in all, my greatest challenge is going to be getting into the gym. I plan to really cut back on my social life (I could use more time at home anyway) and use that after work time to pump some iron.

Good luck everyone! Do your best!


Reboot Drop Out 

Congrats team. I wish I had been able to stick with it with you. A new job and a lot of travel made Reboot the one thing that had to be taken off the plate.

I look forward to a new year and a new program.


Autumn in New York

One of my favorite things to do is jump rope in a park near my house. Now that autumn is here it's even more magical. This picture was taken one morning when it was particularly cold and windy. When you get through a cardio session like that, the normal fall brisk seems lovely!

Reboot take two!

Very excited to be giving reboot another try. I completed Body in September and may have gotten over anxious and tried to do a reboot in October which was a very busy month for me. I ultimately had to pull myself from the program.

Thrilled to be giving it another go!!

One question: I specified that I wanted to vegetarian diet this go around. Will there be any specifics on that? I noticed that the diet still noted "protein" without mention of how I would adjust that to a meat free diet.

Thank you!!!


Very excited about this reboot!
I may have got over excited and signed up while I was away on an intense work trip.
I may have also skipped the first week thanks to said work trip.
All the same, I'm very excited to dive in tomorrow! I went from the airport home to drop off my luggage then right to Trader Joe's to buy food for the week!!
Here we go, Team!!!




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