Joseph L.

Joseph L.

Reboot | Day 16 (Member)
Day 16
Program progress:

One of my favorite things to do is jump rope in a park near my house. Now that autumn is here it's even more magical. This picture was taken one morning when it was particularly cold and windy. When you get through a cardio session like that, the normal fall brisk seems lovely!

Reboot take two!

Very excited to be giving reboot another try. I completed Body in September and may have gotten over anxious and tried to do a reboot in October which was a very busy month for me. I ultimately had to pull myself from the program.

Thrilled to be giving it another go!!

One question: I specified that I wanted to vegetarian diet this go around. Will there be any specifics on that? I noticed that the diet still noted "protein" without mention of how I would adjust that to a meat free diet.

Thank you!!!


Very excited about this reboot!
I may have got over excited and signed up while I was away on an intense work trip.
I may have also skipped the first week thanks to said work trip.
All the same, I'm very excited to dive in tomorrow! I went from the airport home to drop off my luggage then right to Trader Joe's to buy food for the week!!
Here we go, Team!!!


Dear Team,

Let me first say that it has been a pleasure getting fit with you. I'll take away some fun things from our shared experience including banana milk shakes, forgiving one's self during travel, and the power of shared experience. So THANK YOU.

I wish I could say that my last Kenzai week was a rockstar week but it has been challenging. I woke up today exited to give a full workout and day of Kenzai only to be reminded that it is the last day. I suddenly found myself very sad.

Kenzai has been such a wonderful experience. Nothing is perfect in this world but I feel very happy with what I have been able to accomplish. I feel and look better than I have in as long as I can remember. And I am excited to continue on.

A confession, I am a cheat. Even when I knew it was the last day, I cheated. I'm so used to my jumprope sessions that I couldn't help add a song to jump it out to after my 5 sets of 80. I also pushed the workout a little toward failure on the last sets. GUILTY.

Regardless, I am very grateful for the Kenzai experience. I look forward to my three days off then creating a healthy path forward.

Side friends who introduced me to Kenzai let me know that they are staring the Kenzai Iron program soon. Somewhere in the back of my mind a tiny flicker appeared. More is available wherever I wish.


Hey Team!
Exciting stuff this week. I had a rough one last week with travel but this week I'm in it hard and for the rest of the program.

One thing I realize is that it doesn't end when the program is over. I did this program so I could give my body a jump start and begin a lifetime of exercise and thoughtful diet.

So really, although I am glad to enjoy things like pizza again, I know too much to go fully back and I'm really just st the beginning of the journey.

Best of luck to all in these last weeks!


I am so grateful for this Kenzai experiences my body has changed in wonderful ways and I love it. BUT all I do is cook and eat...cook and eat...cook and eat. Looking forward to having a bit more flexibility food wise once 90 days has concluded.

Also, I found ice cream that was low in sugar, not stuffed with chemicals, and 280 cal for a whole pint. I ate it for my final indulgence. It was pretty good. Not great.

Let's power through, Team!!!

The Last Third

Well folks, I am going to be honest, this last third of the program is tough for me. I see good results but, just as the lesson said, I am judging progress harshly these days. What's more, I keep getting tripped up during the week and missing a workout day or being out and eating food that is not on the diet. Ex. yesterday I want rafting with friends and had a hard time controlling my food all day. There were definitely chips and nuts involved.

In general I am really enjoying myself and charging forward even when I still want to be lazy..which apparently is not a feeling that is waining for me.

I look and feel better than I have in years and am excited to keep pushing through.


Today's Lesson

Oh thank God! I was starting to feel crazy. I've been co aiming coffee like never before.

Also, I thought something was wrong because I could barely get through these workouts.

I feel much better and excited to keep trying!

Scared and Tired

Dear team,

What a rough week. I was in LA for business and ended up staying for longer than intended.

While I was able to jumprope everyday, my diet was a mess. I did do an ok job of eating fruit throughout the day and small meals at night but breakfast and lunch were off the rails.

I arrived back to NY at 5 this morning and went into the office.

I am exhausted and discouraged.

I need to rest tonight but I look forward to waking up tomorrow and working out like crazy to make up for lost days!

I've come so far and nothing could make me give up now but I feel so tired and defeated in this moment.



I don't know what my problem is but two days this week I've fallen asleep around 8 on the sofa.

In both cases I woke up that morning, did my jump rope, send to work then intended to workout at night but fell clean asleep.

The next morning I did the days jumprope and double workout.

This happened Tuesday night and last night so Wednesday morning and this morning were double workouts.

I know the double workouts aren't ideal but is there some reason why I am falling dead asleep? It's so unlike me? I even missed dinner and evening veggies last night.

What a Week

Hey Team,
Well week five is over and thank goodness. It was a tough one for me. Not only are exercises getting harder (chair chest dips and reverse pull ups) but I'm on food lock down.

I had a family reunion this weekend and it was a food disaster. I totally caved to all the salty sweetness! That said, I did have a Kenzai breakfast, snacks, and dinner...but that lunch was a full leap off the wagon.

In month 2 it's time to buckle down. If felt great results to this point and I don't want to get lazy.


Holy Buckets!

Well hell! I knew I signed up for Kenzai to jumpstart my exercise but I was not expecting to get so wet. I LOVE IT! It is hard.
I have always had a terrible relationship with exercise and Kenzai started out great for me because it was so easy...BUT NOW it seems I have been tricked! This is challenging!
I'm really happy for the trick but I anyone else dripping sweat like I am? It's like a monsoon on my face.


My face!

Today's lesson was so helpful. I have been having tiny breaks outs and not knowing what. Glad to know it's all part of the plan.

Other than that I'm feeling great and pooping my brains out!!!


Hey Team,
Just a little morning post to say WE CAN DO IT!

Have a great week 3!!!


Great Week!

This week was great! I'm getting into the swing of food nicely. I've tried to fine out a few times but it's too hard to control the salt and oil so I think, moving forward, I will abstain until my sanctioned cheat days.
Looking forward to see where the workouts go next week.