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Down the stretch

Coming into the final stretch, I'm still pushing to get every last bit out of the program. More so on the fitness side than the diet side as I haven't been as strict - I've been making the correct food choices, just having more items that resemble a "normal" diet.

The workouts are still pretty intense and I've been feeling the pain the day or two after each session - it's great to know something's happening still. The challenge will be figuring out what's next - keeping up a fitness routine without a formal plan to follow. I haven't completely ruled out another Kenzai program yet, but I'll probably see what happens in the few weeks following the conclusion of this program. I'd hate to purchase a new wardrobe, only to have it no longer fit in a few weeks...

Working hard

This past weekend I was out of town and definitely not in place that was conducive to staying on diet or keeping up with work outs. Let’s just say I took my indulgence early. I didn’t go overboard though so it was really just 2 days of being lax and I was back in it full speed on Sunday.

This weeks workouts have really made me focus. The jump rope is up and down in terms of frustration levels. The muscle work is tough, but I can feel the rewards (generally for the next day or two). I definitely feel much better than last week and hope it continues.

Rough going

The past 2 days have probably been the roughest yet. It was a struggle getting the work outs done getting home so late from work and just exhausted from the stress. I feel much better right now having finished Day 66, but I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday and throughout the day today.

Normally people noticing my physical change makes me feel good, but the past couple days I’ve thought “but if you could see inside, it doesn’t look so pretty.” It’s the stress that really screws things up - it ruins my appetite and just drains me of every last drop of energy.

I hope everyone else is doing well and feeling good. On to day 67...

Week 9

One more day to 60...the time has really flown by.

It's a few days late, but I did have my indulgence meal this past weekend - a nice dinner out with some amazing food and wine. As I somewhat expected, a few things were saltier than I would have preferred given the evolution of my taste buds, but it was nice to have all that flavor. Although it was nice to step back and have a meal off-diet, I'm glad I didn't find myself being drawn back to the old eating habits. I found it was a nice way to "scratch that itch" and then get back to the routine refreshed and revitalized - somewhat of a reward for all the hard work.

Workouts this week have been tough, but I'm feeling the burn, which means it's all working...

"Last week I could kill this exercise, today I can barely get through it! What's going on!?"

Hit the nail on the head.

And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like my jump rope skills have regressed. It’s been pretty frustrating trying to get through it each night and I’m not exactly sure what’s happened.

Mentally, the hardest day of the week to get my diet and exercise right is's the start of the weekend, I can finally relax from the rigors of work and it would normally be a time to "treat myself" to something enjoyable...mainly food and drink.

Physically, it's Monday. Getting back into the work day routine is unpleasant and even yesterday, my body was acting as if I were crazy trying to jump rope for 3 minutes straight...5 times.

This weekend was especially tough as we had a long holiday weekend. Although my breakfasts and dinners tend to be on point, the in-between is what suffered the most. My indulgence will come this weekend - a nice dinner with friends here in LA.

p.s. V-sit ups suck. Period.

I'm definitely in the "valley" described by one of the recent lessons, though quitting hasn't really crossed my mind. It's not the workouts (although I just saw the week 7 number of daily jumps...), it's more the food. I hadn't really been tempted by anything, but it has been much tougher to "want" to eat the food I'm preparing. Walking by restaurants, being around the food the rest of my family is eating - it all does not make it easy.

At the same time, I'm starting to see and feel results - not the big loss on the scale, but the feeling of being "fit", the tightening of my belt, the loosening of my jeans in the thighs... For the most part, I feel a little more energized as well. It's these results that keep me going. The reasons why I started in the first place.

Week 6...

I would say that this week's been tough, but it's not because of the workout routine or diet. It's really just being in the weeds at work. The past weekend was a little tough, as we were vacationing in the mountains, but I was able to get a good workout in at 8,000' altitude. Too bad the diet wasn't as easy to stick to - it was the first time that I really fell victim to the call of the food sirens. I did still eat my eggs, veggies, fruit, yogurt, etc., but I also (regretfully) snuck in a few bites of contraband. But by Monday, it was back to the grind.

I'm finding that I continue to look forward to the workouts - even though I've been getting home on average after 9pm, the late workouts help to alleviate some of the work-related stress. I could do without counting all the jumps, but ah well...

Week 5

I can't believe how quickly we've gotten to Day 32 - it seems like it was just last week that I was leaving 25% of my food on the plate. I'm still impressed by the daily workouts and how they've slowly ramped up - my body definitely appreciates the fact that you don't need 3 days to recover from a work out. I'm still finding it somewhat grueling to get all that food down, especially the pound of food at lunch. I am somewhat surprised at how well I've adjusted this week to the lack of a traditional dinner. This weekend will be interesting as we're headed out of town to the mountains - I'm not looking forward to the 1000 jumps at 8,000+ feet altitude...

Day 25

Just as Ward said, this is the time when things become a little bit more challenging. Although I still enjoy the workouts, they’re pushing me harder and that jump number continues to climb. Up until now, the eating plan (sounds so much less daunting than “diet”) has been fine. Eating real food has been a bit eye opening ( in a good way), but the sheer amount of food during lunch has been a struggle. The past few days has been more of an exercise in getting food down, rather than a time of savoring the pleasure of eating.

I’m sure it’s a phase, so onward and upward. Stay strong everyone.

Tough week

It’s been the first true test of the program for me. I’ve been away on business since Monday and at a conference with a set menu. Luckily, the majority of the meals had the items I needed: veggies, protein, some carbs and plain Greek yogurt (albeit everything probably had a little more salt than I should have had). The no-alcohol part was easy as well - surprisingly so for a wine lover where the conference’s recreation included visits to Napa Valley wineries (there was plenty of tasting followed by plenty of spitting).

The no-alcohol did help in keeping the workouts going - even though it was interesting jumping rope in my bathroom at the Fairmont (I tend to steer clear of hotel fitness rooms).

It was not a welcome surprise to see that my number of jumps increased on the day I returned home.

the diet

The work outs are great and I generally look forward to them. It was the diet that made me worry the most. It's not that I have an obsession with food, well maybe I do...outside of work and family, one of my passions is food and drink. I tend to stay well versed on the best new restaurants, I enjoy crafting elaborate meals for friends and family, we seek out wine to add to our cellar and more recently I've been getting into Japanese whiskeys. That being said, the week 2 diet has been less of a challenge than I anticipated. Our family has generally consumed more vegetables than average, but it's been a good experience thus far having to plan out the meals ahead of time. It's also been somewhat of a Top Chef challenge trying to improve flavor without the addition of fat and salt, but I'm enjoying it.

Today's breakfast in the office: microwave scrambled egg, sauteed spinach with garlic/shallots/chili flakes, roasted sweet potato, avocado toast and a cafe au lait - I wasn't sure how I was going to get the milk/yogurt down initially, but I've ended up brewing a cup of coffee in the morning, using half to make a warm cafe au lait, then the other half for an ice cafe au lait after lunch.

Next week will really put me to the test as I'll be travelling for business.

Week 1 done.

Week 1 was a good way to ease to into things. It was approachable and definitely did not scare me away. I was able to get most of the workouts done - the only exception being the day 7 rest day work and only because I was camping with the family and during the time I would have completed the jump rope session, it was pouring rain out.

Week 2 is definitely a step up here and although the increased workouts and diet plan seem tough, I'm hoping some early planning helps things go along smoothly.


Aloha, I'm Josh. No, I'm not from Hawaii (although my dad was), but I do embrace the aloha spirit. I am a born and bred Southern Californian (LA) and still reside here to this day. The majority of my week is spent in an office in Santa Monica and occasionally I get to come home and see my wife and daughters (6 and 8). When I'm not in the office, it's the normal parental duties (unofficial Uber driver, ballet class, birthday parties and keeping everyone fed). A good friend of mine introduced me to the Kenzai program a while ago and I've been talking about getting started. No better time than the present. I don't have any specific heroes, just the many people that I admire and respect. Aloha.

Baby steps

There's really no "good" time to start a program like this. After a year or so of waiting for the right time, I finally came to the realization that it's now or never. Even though the diet hasn't started in full, it does feel good to have something to follow, to look forward to. First workout down and I feel good.




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