Julya E.

Julya E.

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I loved this program and the workouts. Switching up the format to a circuit was fantastic and al the leg exercises really led to great overall results. I didn’t finish as strong as I would have liked with a few bumps towards the end but feel like this will help before hitting the slopes in February!

Major moguls

Hit a few bumps....Have had tough time staying on target last week with parents in town and Thanksgiving, I missed a few workouts.... aiming to finish strong but not sure my timing was great with the Thanksgiving festivities hitting during week 3 of a 4 week program.

Week 3

This is a bit of a challenging week, have my parents in town for thanksgiving. Still enjoying the workouts but haven’t been going for the tops reps and max sets as I did earlier to make it a bit quicker. Will finish strong next week!

Week 2

Loving the cycles and feeling great! Definitely sore using different muscles and the focus on legs but enjoying being back on program.

Day 2

Stoked for the ski boot... not skiing until early Feb but wanted something to keep me on program before Christmas! Haven’t hit the slopes for 9 years after skiing regularly throughout college. Excited to take the kids and get back into it.... I know ski boot will help give me a solid foundation!

Hotel breakfast

I'm on a girls weekend trip to Bangkok and have kept up with workouts but food has been a bit more of a challenge. The highlight has been the hotel breakfast which is the easiest meal to stay on program with. Back to reality today!!!


I've been going back and forth for inspiration on my photo for the week... living in Clearwater Bay there are beautiful beaches and views all around that I regularly enjoy while working out. Saturday I worked out in the gym and the glory of the sweet aircon for the first time this program. I've gotta say that's been the best location of the week! Although the convenience of kenzai home work outs is ultimately what makes me successful in the programs I am on... the humidity and heat of HK summer can take its toll... so my preferred location of the week is the gym. I'll be back indoors next weekend!

Back to it....

Stoked to be rebooting it this month! I finished KB2 in May and have been in summertime party mode ever since. The hot bikini bod has gotten a bit flabbier over the last 3 months and I'm looking forward to the reboot to get me back to healthy habits. Plus have benefit of doing the program with my husband which will make all the food and social decisions easier! Had fridge stocked this morning for full kenzai compliance... ready for the kenzai order back in my life!

Done and Done! 

It was 5 years ago I completed KB1/PCP and feel like I'm in a much healthier place mentally after KB2 although I didn't see quite as much of a shift to my weight and body this go round. I've lost about 20 lbs and am in the best shape I've been in since having kids. There are definitely some stubborn spots around my stomach and thighs that seem to be harder to lose.

I feel fantastic... Spartan was an amazing experience and great effort to work towards through Kenzai. I had a few more slips with the diet and missed workouts but feel primed to continue Kenzai maintenance until the next program.

Thanks team... great to have your support and blogs to read, Malia and Scott, thanks for all your enthusiasm! I will continue to be a Kenzai enthusiast and can't wait to try some of the other programs... but taking a bit of a break first!

The end is near!

Loving the circuit workouts however really ready to be done. Wheels came off a bit last week in Singapore and the all the public holidays in HK haven't helped to keep rigor in my push to the end. Also pulling something in my neck/shoulder and couldn't move today. Missed workout but aiming to finish the rest of the week. Still very pleased with where I am for KB2!

Notes from the road

I never travel for work... no joke, in 6 years I have not had to travel for work... so of course my last 2 weeks of KB2 is also my first ever biz trip for a conference in Singapore. MAJOR RESPECT to kenzai warriors who biz travel and maintain their programs... I have been at a 2 day conference with very little control over food and although have been fine and erred on the side of caution with more veggies/less carbs... all salads have been dressed, coffee breaks only have sweet treats and no chance to measure anything.

So needless to say have not had the most compliant diet few days... may have a few nights of egg whites when I get home. Workouts are good just feel like they are long and I'm exhausted at the end. Still bruised from spartan but aiming to finish strong on all fronts. Nearly there!!


As I entered the Spartan race yesterday I was seriously doubting if only focusing on Kenzai workouts was the right prep for the race. People walking past with the medal in one hand and beer in the other, battle scrapes and tshirts proving they finished, gave me some serious pre race jitters.

As I head into the course I see the amazingly Emily crossing the finish line and she had killed the race and gave me a total confidence boost! Thank you EM!!

So the race was EPIC!! From the first wall to leap over, I felt confident in my strength, agility and endurance! I wasn't able to do 3 of the obstacles (monkey bars, rings and rope) but completed the rest and felt excellent... running, the atlas ball, sand bag carry and all the jumps and crawls were totally do able and all in all crazily fun.

Shout out to kenzai for the amazing way this program has made me stronger and able to take on challenges I never would have considered and to my team mates who helped me over some of the more challenging obstacles... AROO!!

Spartan is nearly here

Joining a team on Saturday for my first Spartan race. Questioning whether I should rest on Friday ahead of the race or do the full KB2 workout? Any advice?

Also should I have some carbs for dinner on Friday? Our race time is 11:30am and I am planning normal breakfast then a banana before the race... HELP!!

Indulgence + deep burn

Had a lovely Easter celebration and took full appreciation of my indulgence. It's been a gorgeous weekend in Hong Kong! After a perfectly timed indulgence back to the burn today and must admit I hate the deep burn. No matter when I train I always work best with goals... run 5k, do 20 reps, push for 3 more... I feel I perform best with numbers. I dislike the deep burn because it does not imply consistency and in all practicality I can't do as many sets the same amt at deep burn. Looking to finish strong but don't like seeing the old deep burn in the workouts... j end up using the numbers from the time before 😬

Lost jump rope

Got all ready to head out for my workout and realized my trusted jump rope was GONE! Think I mistakenly left it down at the beach last night after my work out. Was a bit thrown off and had to do alternative cardio but work out done....

As for Easter I'm mentally prepping to say no to chocolate and sweets and vino during the Easter brunch....

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