June L.

June L.

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Kenzai For Life Baby! 

I’ve now completed KB1 and Chisel back to back.

When I became a Kenzai newbie back in January, I, like so many of us, had reached a point of desperation. I simply couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. I was pudgy, out of shape and didn't feel good.

5 months later I’m happy to say I’ve become a new person!! Well at least a much better version of whom I was.

Let’s take a look at some takeaways from the Chisel program and beyond.

🏆 There’s a lot of jumping and explosive propulsions in Chisel. I had to sub a fair amount out but was also able to perfect some exercises I never, ever thought I’d be able to do. Especially the dreaded Burpee. I can do 15 of those bitches in a row with perfect, smooth, control. HUGE accomplishment. Couldn’t do 1 to save my life 5 months ago.

🏆 My lungs, heart and muscles were challenged like never before. Not only did they persevere, they are champions now. Man do I feel strong. I mean bad ass strong! VO2 Max increased! ForChisel!

🏆 After struggling with overheating during the first few weeks from the extreme exertion Chisel demands, I figured out my sweet spot in the Red Zone. Though I wouldn’t say I mastered all of the crazy exercises, I definitely didn’t let myself flail or limp through them. Learning to control my movements with extreme awareness was a huge part of being in the Red Zone for me. Even if it meant slowing down or taking breaks to recover in between sets.

🏆 I laughed at myself a lot, all the time. Flap Jacks, Crab Crawls, Fakies, Frog Walk, Russian Dancers! I’d just imagine what I looked like doing these, while dripping sweat, beet red in the face and grunting like a glistening pig in the eyes of my dog!! She be like “WTF mom?” I mostly had fun with the workouts as punishing as they were.

🏆 The daily Lessons were paramount for me during this program. Motivating, educational and always timely.

While this 60 year old body still has some lumps and bumps and cellulite and crepey skin, I feel and look amazing. I’ve learned through Kenzai what it truly means to be fit in your own personal body. I don’t compare myself to other bodies like I used to. I look at myself with pride and confidence for the accomplishments I have achieved thus far. And I look forward to the future accomplishments yet to be achieved. I’m proud of myself and elated at how far I’ve come with the Kenzai programs. I am a devout lifer!

A special shout out to my cousin Ed Center for introducing me to Kenzai. You are my hero and mentor. And to Kim, Clark, Catherine, Kip and Vicky for hanging tough through another 6 weeks of insanity. I hope to see you all again in future programs.

Before pics are from January 7th, Day 1 of KB1. After pics yesterday at the completion of Chisel.

So Close!

18 Buttons, 3 Mismatched Socks, 2 Buns and 1 Horse! HA!!

It's crazy how different each day has been for me this past week. One day I'm on blazing fire, the next I'm a smoldering ember.

Tuesday's cycle workout was super tough for me to get through. My legs felt like cement, my arms were hard to lift over my head, my lungs were rebelling and my heart didn't want anything to do with the workout. It took a lot of mental effort to get through the entire workout. But in all honestly I was only able to give about 75%. I tried every mind trick in the hat to get through it but there are times when the body simply won't cooperate with what your brain is telling it. Thus all the lessons about recovery were justified. My body was simply tired and in recovery mode. No punishing myself necessary!

But then today happened. The Beast within roared. Everything was on fire and amped to high voltage! The brain and body were in sync. All muscles cooperating. Thank you brain, thank you muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons and especially thank you heart and lungs!! I'm very proud of all my parts!!

"🎼I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter! 🎼Dancing through the fire! 🎼'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar🎼!" Katy Perry obviously wrote that song about me!! At least "Today Me"!

Today's image was "Tuesday Me".

Let's hope the next 3 days are full of cooperation!!


I've blogged a fair amount about how hot I get during, after and throughout the day after a successful HIIT workout. I really put my body through some serious punishment. Glorious as that may be....I do sweat more then the average bear!

Finding ways to keep myself from collapsing from heatstroke has been my mission. The cold towels from the freezer have been glorious. Taking a few minutes to rest after the workout has helped. But the number one thing that has been the best find is this electrolyte replacement powder. I mix it with lots of water and ice, sip it throughout my workouts, then add more water and finish it after the workout. It has made such a significant difference in how I feel following a tough routine. Seriously awesome stuff. Replenishes the puddle I left behind on the mat!! And I feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day and tend to sweat less. What a score!

I recommend it highly for any of you who are working out in extremely hot conditions. My favorite is the cherry pomegranate. I'm not a big Stevia fan but this has minimal after taste if you mix it with a lot of water.

I ordered it from Amazon!

I will always belong to the Glistening Pig Club but these things make it manageable without having to call an ambulance!!


I got these awesome bands in the mail yesterday and decided to challenge myself by using the lighter resistance one around my thighs through the Cycle A workout. Challenge nailed.

These bands add just enough to get more leg muscles engaged and to keep things tight. I couldn't do today's Cycle B workout with the band because there were to many exercises that wouldn't allow my legs the range of motion necessary. I am in love with these bands. they're made of fabric and don't pinch, tear or burn your skin! You can do so much with them.

I must be cuckoo bananas for adding more pain to the workouts but what the hell...it's only 10 more days. Why not blow this bitch off the charts!

Rest for Success

I've finally finished a huge deadline and I can literally and finally take a deep breath and relax a bit. So the last couple days, after my workouts, I was able to take some time to really get some true stretching in. I mean mindful, deliberate, long stretches. And then, as done in yoga, I've been taking a long conscious rest right after I've stretched. Just like Shavasana. For 8-10 minutes. To lay in corpse pose and let the workout really seep into my body. To absorb all the hard work I just put my body through so it can assimilate that work on a delicious level.

I have felt so insanely good after the last few workouts followed by the stretching and resting pose. I am going to try to build this into the time I need to do each and every workout. What a gift to the body to work it so hard, then reward it with deep stretches and yummy rest.

Bonus: Put a cold facecloth with lavender and lemon essential oils over your face or chest when in rest pose. So cooling and relaxing. Calms the mind as well as the body.

Timely Lessons

Yesterday's lesson couldn't have been more timely. The Wall.

After hitting a serious wall last week (see previous blog), I felt myself going down a slippery slope and actually started to feed my moment-to-moment thoughts in a negative way. "I'm done with this", "I feel like shit all the time", "I want cookies and wine and I want to complain", "Why am I even doing this, this program is NOT THE BOSS OF ME"! Negative feeds negative, and then it snowballs and it's just the thing you do. You go around berating yourself and everything you do and everything around you. You toss one negative log on the fire after the other until you have an enormous heat throwing bonfire. I actually found myself screaming (inwardly mind you) at a disabled person to hurry up and get across the street because the light had turned green and he wasn't across yet. That was the wake up call. The Observer jumped into the driver's seat and took the wheel.

Choosing to be aware of and changing my thoughts was as simple as taking a deep breath into the negative thought and replacing it with a positive one. Every time a critical or gloomy thought popped up I changed it immediately with a cheery, productive thought. It takes uber awareness and diligence, but it works. And I'm delighted to say it's been working these past few days and I'm feeling my old self again. It's constant work to change the brain. Just like the body. It needs exercising. Reshaping. And it can be painful. But it's more painful to let it get out of shape and lazy and harmful.

Wow. We all must go through this sort of bump. And these programs probably bring bumps (and hurdles) up more often for us. So thank you for the insightful Lessons everyday and keeping us focused on changing our brains as well as our bodies.

My energy has returned, my drive is alive and I'm motivated and excited to take on the rest of this challenge! Kenzai Rocks!!

@Scott B. Took your advice and have frozen towels in the freezer for post-workouts. I throw a few drops of lavender and lemongrass essential oils on them and I feel like I'm at a spa! It helps tremendously. Thank you.

Only Human!

I’m not gonna sugar coat it (ahhh but how I long to...with whip cream and nuts on top!). I’ve felt like absolute crap this past week. I’ve had extremely low energy. I’ve been exceptionally unmotivated. I've been getting headaches. And I’ve been experiencing some minor aches and pains in my joints. Mainly wrists and hips. (Burpees/Russian Dancers/Scissor Jumps?)

I think the biggest culprit has been how overheated I get doing the HIIT workouts. My face seriously turns a color of red I don’t think God intended. It takes at least an hour to go back to normal. And I sweat so much I feel zapped for the rest of the day.

So I took it down a notch this past week. Missed a couple workouts, but stayed 85-90% diet compliant. Drinking tons of water. Eating lots of water-based fruits and veggies. Even had some steak last night thinking the protein would help me recover.

I know the HIIT workouts are suppose to leave you in a pool of your own body fluids but it’s been so hot here on Kauai and I tend to overheat easily when exercising anyway. I’ve got to figure this out somehow because I love HIIT workouts.

The good news is I haven’t caved into alcohol even though I’m under enormous stress with work deadlines and a hundred people pulling me in a thousand different directions. Could be why I’m tapped out right now (and why my wrists hurt!!!)

But oh do I crave a nice cold glass (or 3) of Chardonnay on my lanai at the end of the day. But I’m good with my cucumber/melon infused fuzzy water. I go through 4-5 a day plus plain water. It’s all fine...just fucking fine!!!


Note to self:
✸ Do Cycle A and B workouts at least 2-3 hours before getting ready for work.

I literally sweat buckets for at least a couple hours after these workouts. So if I do the workout, get in the shower, do my hair and makeup, get in the car and drive to work, I look like a drowned rat by the time I get there.

Some people might glisten but I drip!! I feel like I go through a full body rinse cycle every time I do a HIIT workout. No sauna necessary. And it ain't pretty! At all.

Are You Kidding Me?

Sometimes I feel like these exercises were taken right out of a Cirque du Soleil routine. Crab walks down my hall!! (Not a pretty sight when I do them in my bikini!!) Russian Dancers? Come on!! I look more like I'm trying to stay above water without using my arms. Doubt anyone would be rushing to save me looking like that!!

Loving the HIIT but I'm definitely subbing out some things.
Here's where I'm at:

● My knees won't allow jump roping but I have a mini trampoline that I do 5 minutes on instead of the 2 minute jump rope. The last minute I do fast squat running. Kicks my ass!
● I could barely do 1 burpee when I started so there's no way I can do HT let alone DHT. I'm finally getting to the point where I can do 10 smooth burpees without breaking the movement up into segments. Wicked happy about that.
● I can't do Heel to Butt Kicks so I do squat jumps with my TRX. That gets my heart pumping super fast and hard. Great for the butt and hammies!
● Chest Dip with Chairs hurts in so many ways, so I do elevated decline pushups. I feel like a beast when I can get through 15!
● Can't do Lunge Jumps so I sub them for pistol squats with the TRX. Burn baby burn!
● I can easily do Wall Chair for 2 minutes. My quads must be cannons!!

However, I'm absolutely amazed at some of the other jumpy type exercises that my body IS allowing me to do. I'm feeling insanely strong in so many places and in so many ways.

My diet is strict and on point. Except for a few almonds here and there.
I do crave my vanilla lattes with a hurt so deep I want to throw glass at the wall!

The meme today is dedicated to Russian Dancers!!


Everything in your life gets better when you get better. When you are inspired to get better, all your thoughts break their bounds and you find yourself taking action to be a stronger, cleaner, happier and greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. Kenzai gives me the tools to commit, get excited and make life changing choices to take ACTION!

I print out my weekly diet and tape it under the clock in my kitchen. No procrastination here!

Tight diet! Do it NOW!

Poached Eggs

Hey Everyone!

These are the best little egg poachers! I could literally eat this breakfast every morning.
1 poached egg
Smashed avocado (Kenzai Butter!)
Glutino English Muffin
Quick grind of Himalayan Pink Salt
Cracked Black Pepper

Throw a side of veggies in there...BAM!

Get'em on Amazon:

Start of week 2 - Day 8

I don't know why, but my body is feeling a bit thick today, despite staying super clean on the diet this past week. Clothes are fitting just okay. Not like the last week of KB1 though, nice and loose! It'll be interesting to see how the new diet regime plays into all this. Here we go again with eating more food than usual. But it worked on KB1 so I'm confident it'll work with Chisel. I REFUSE TO STEP ON THE SCALE! Thank you cuzzin Ed Center.

Loving the workouts! But today, didn't quite clear the chair on the last round of Crescent Kicks. Which is good and bad. Nicked myself...but also knew I was working to fatigue. Gotta give myself a slap on the back for that. And slap a bandaid on the calf!

Day 6 - Diet Prep

Okay Team! Here comes the 5 weeks of getting the diet on point.

Having just come off KB1, I learned a few tricks to keep me from winding up in the Hanger Games.

I always have a big assortment of lightly steamed veggies in the fridge. And chopped ginger so I can throw it on apples, pineapple, mango, etc.

Here are some things I always have on hand:
Apple Cider Vinegar
A good Balsamic Vinegar
Cholula Hot Sauce
(These top 3 are salty so I use them sparingly)
Nutritional Yeast to sprinkle on salads
Cherry tomatoes
Chopped pineapple (easy for me here in Hawaii!)
Siggis Yogurt (no added sugar)
Eggs (aye yi yi)
Glutino English Muffins (gluten free but sooooo good. Get'em in the freezer section.)
Baked boneless, skinless chicken breast

🎼These are a few of my favorite things.🎼

I'll be posting recipes I came up with for KB1 that were delicious, easy and on point.

Day 4 - Cycle Workout A!

Seven Bloody Hells!

I think I gave 150% to early on in the game!

I was beet red at the end
Drenched to the core in sweat
Severe headache (can we say dehydrated)
Ready to vomit
Eyeballs almost bleeding
Close to tears
Barely able to get off the matt at the end
AND TOTALLY ELATED and thoroughly pleased with myself!!

P.S. Fucking Burpees

Intro Blog - Day 2

Aloha to my Team Watching Over the Dead! (Are we all Wight Walker Night Kings? I guess we'll know before this program is over.)

I hope we can take some time out from doing that dirty deed and focus on slaying this Chisel program!!

My name is June, I'm Scorpio Sun, Virgo Rising! (not born in June but on Halloween! Don't ask!) I live on the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. I love to push myself really hard mentally and physically and I especially love lobster with lots of buttah.

Like so many folks who come off of the KB1 program, I felt like my hand had slipped out of the protective hand that was holding me, making sure I was safe, happy and whole. So I ran lost through the crowd looking for that hand, or in this case, another hand to hold me. Hello Chisel hand holder!

I saw amazing results from KB1. So I'm hoping with Chisel, I'll just put the extra buff on my soon to be yoked body! (Look at me using Urban slang!!)

The last activity I tried was those damn Crab Crawls around my condo today. Those buggers were hard on my wrists and my coordination. I'm looking forward to getting better at those...and Hang Times.

Here's a huge high five to all my teammates new and old. I'm a great cheerleader so feel free to be a whiny bitch if it's necessary!




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