June L.

June L.

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Miracles do happen! 

  • Apr 7th, 2019 at 11:14AM


Wow, wow, wow! What an unimaginable journey the last 3 months have been. The peaks, the valleys, the frustrations, the triumphs....all of these things we faced, conquered and achieved.

There have been so many takeaways for me, where do I begin!

I'll list the biggest ones:

1. Carbs! I didn't eat carbs for decades. They got such a bad rap awhile back and scared everyone in the athletic arena, especially those of us wanting to stay stripped out. Reintroducing carbs back into my daily diet not only made my workouts feel stronger but I really enjoyed them! Carbs are not the Devil!

2. Slow and Steady! I know we all got a bit frustrated around week 6 when we were deep in the K-Valley. We bitched and moaned about not seeing results, not losing enough weight, working out so hard and eating so clean and not reaping the benefits we expected to see the first 6 weeks. But with the lessons, the encouragements and sheer perseverance, the next 6 weeks were where the magic happened. You have to trust Kenzai! They have this shit down!

3. At almost 60, and after this KB1 program, I feel absolutely amazing. I have to admit, in the beginning, I was a whiny complainer and even skeptical. The voice in my head: "Oh my hip hurts, I can't do tricep dips, or lunges, or a full push up, because I have shoulder issues, knee injuries, I think it's contraindicated for my body."

What a load of shit!! Starting slow and just doing 5-8 pushups on my knees, using a broom to do assisted lunges and starting with my knees bent for tricep dips, broke me through some sort of physiological and psychological barrier. There are absolutely no parts of my body that ache or hurt any more. I can do unassisted lunges, elevated tricep dips and 20 perfect pushups on my toes without that feeling of, "crap, I'm gonna hurt myself". Instead, my body is strong, capable and thriving. I stand taller and walk prouder. That's not to say my knee doesn't eventually have to be replaced, but I can't tell you how much more I can do now after this program. Starting slow and working through some of those aches and pains brought me leaps and bounds to places I didn't think existed for me anymore.

4. Giving up drinking for 90 days is sooooooo good for your body, your brain, your skin, your attitude and so much more. I love my wine! But I love feeling and looking like this more. I've learned and trained my mind not to want wine anymore. Hopefully that will continue in perpetuity. (Tomorrow night however, I will be imbibing with a nice big glass of chardonnay...just sayin!)

5. And finally, support is key. I was an athletic beast for decades. I had endless willpower and self-motivation. Working out was just part of my every day lifestyle. But somewhere in my 50's, I increasingly became less and less motivated to workout. The drive, the desire, slowly took a back seat. Excuses and lethargy took the wheel. And low and behold, almost 20lbs crept onto my small frame over 8 years. With Kenzai and its trainers and community support, I realize how much I need others to hold me accountable. It's so inspiring and comforting to know you're in this with like-minded, kindred spirits. My Pegasus Team kicked some serious ass, took names and we're all standing on the podium!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm completely a devote Kenzai convert! This is an amazing program that the world should be doing! Yes, all 7 billion people. Maybe then we can all live in peace and harmony, fit and healthy on Planet Kenzai!

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Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Member
Assistant Trainerabout 3 years ago

My favorite Cuzzin June, I had no doubt when you started that this would be an amazing and successful journey for you. Sure enough, you brought full on commitment and energy to the program. Yes there were some tough spots, but at no point did you give up. Is this MY cousin with our alcohol-loving genes that went for a three months without drinking? Is this MY cousin eating carbs? This IS my cousin who took on workouts that stretched to 2+ hours because your cardio was power hiking up a big hill (is your dog Shanti in better shape because of Kenzai as well?). This IS my cousin who at almost 60 has the bikini body of a 30 something and not just any 30 something, I would say surfer chick, paddler girl combo - look at those shoulders and arms. I'm so proud of you and I wish I was there to celebrate in person, coz there ain't no celebration like our celebrations. Although without me there, you have a chance of waking up feeling refreshed and actually knowing what happened the night before.
I love what you say in learning #5. The community accountability is the whole reason I stay in Kenzai. One of our connections has been that we "rewired our dna." Through a commitment to exercise, and yes, probably some luck, we avoided the obesity that runs throughout our family. And now we share another key asset in that work - a passion for this Kenzai kommunity. I love having you in it. Thanks for taking on this journey with me. I love you so much.

    Kit F.Kit F.Kenzai Member
    about 3 years ago

    Once again, you become my mentor. I look at your post and what you have accomplished in 90 days. I know you as that athletic beast; I lived that crazy life with you on mountain after mountain, in aerobics and yoga, in marathons, 10ks and triathlons. We didn’t do all of it together, but girl, did we do a shit ton of them! You were my early impetus to working out, and you are so again. I saw that temporary downslip, but I see you on that podium and I am so proud of you! I am sure you have inspired everyone on your Pegasus team, and gave them wings even in week 6, when you were struggling. You’ve always been the wind beneath everyone’s wings! And it looks like the community rocked it for you as well. Congratulations on another epic “14-er” in your life —maybe the tallest one yet—you totally crushed it and you look amazing. I love you.

      Talya EdlundTalya EdlundKenzai Member
      Assistant Trainerabout 3 years ago

      June! A standing ovation for your triumphs! I remember early on, your concerns about not being able to workout the way you used to. You worried that you would never achieve the kind of fitness that you once had---well look at you now. You found new and more sustainable ways to take care of yourself. Holy smokes did you get amazing results! I can't thank you enough for being such a cheerleader for the team. Even when the team was in the trenches. From your food ideas, your beautiful pictures, to your careful questions about lunges, backfat(no back fat now!), and almonds, you kept the spirit up and your eye on the prize. Enjoy the feel of hitting the beach feeling stronger and more confident than ever! Here's to you June!

        Margarita B.Margarita B.Kenzai Member
        about 3 years ago

        June.... what an amazing journey you’ve had and the anazing results you got. You look 10 years younger!! im in owe. well done!

          Catherine H.Catherine H.Kenzai Member
          about 3 years ago

          June, you have and continue to be an inspiration for me.

            Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
            Head Trainerabout 3 years ago

            June, you're a fire breathing dragon. Tough, relentless, and majestic. God damn, girl. You make 60 look soooooo good! And while it may have taken a little while for you to totally buy in, it wasn't for a lack of desire. You kept asking the hard questions, while putting in the hard work, riding CARBS! and tough climbs up those hills near your home to great heights of personal fitness. Stunning show. Pain. Yup. Perseverance. You bet your ass. Here's to you!

              Kim P.Kim P.Kenzai Member
              about 3 years ago

              June - you are amazing! I am so proud of you and can't wait to Chisel with you in a couple weeks. Hope you enjoyed a whole bucket of buttery popcorn and bottle of wine this weekend - you worked so hard the past 90 days and definitely deserve it!!!!!!!!

                Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
                Founderabout 3 years ago

                This post is crackling with positive energy June, I love it! We have so many trainees who won't get out of their own way and burn countless mental cycles trying to find loopholes in nutrition and diet so that it will "work for them." As you've seen, when you set the bar high your body gets the message loud and clear and starts powering up dormant systems and mobilizing tissue. It takes a lot of mental fortitude to make it through those tough times and unlock this deep fitness, but you put in the work and the doors have swung open for you! Bravo! Thanks for all your enthusiasm and perseverance, you are COMPLETE!

                  Clark P.Clark P.Kenzai Member
                  about 3 years ago

                  June, you are awesome! Great post and I agree with so much of what you’ve said. You make 60 look fantastic! Looking forward to programs with you in the future.

                    Kristie K.Kristie K.Kenzai Member
                    about 3 years ago

                    Inspiring post :) Hoping to see you on other programs here

                      Brek H.Brek H.Kenzai Member
                      Marketing Teamabout 3 years ago

                      June-- you rocked it! Your spirited, honest and consistent voice played a large role in PEGASUS being such a cool clan 😎 I can't wait to see what you do with Chisel 💪

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