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Graduation Post 

Hi Skibooters, Sorry I have been a bit a late with the graduation post but I have been on the slopes in Niseko carving it up. Ski boot has been great and I was surprised at how fit I was on the slopes. When my 15 y.o was complaining that he was tired and didn’t want to do a final run I was powering on. Cheers to Ski Boot!


Last week was ok for the exercise but not so good on the diet front. I can feel my self getting stronger particularly in the legs. Also noticing balance and control improving which is great because I am on the slopes in one week. Niseko snow report below with 20cm of "NEW" Japow!

Can 't wait!


Ok guys I have to be honest here. I have been doing Kenzai programs for nearly 10 years and last week was the worst week ever. We had an office "offsite" and with all the team events and dinners, etc I managed to completely bail on the diet and did the exercises only once... pretty disappointing. I felt pretty down so decided to go back over the my first Peak Condition Project blogs to give my self some motivation. Next week will be better "What ever it rakes" according to one of my old PCP blogs - see below. I have also included one of the final pics. Let's get this thing going.


Hi Team, I'm Justin, I'm an Australian, living in Singapore with my wife (who is Japanese) and my 15 year old son (who I'm convinced is from another planet). I am a fund manager and have lived and worked in Asia for about 25 years. Outside of work I like to socialise with friends, do some MTB, and of course ski. I'm doing Skiboot for the second time. I found the first program really useful to get into shape for the slopes. We are planning to hit the slopes twice this season. Once over xmas (staring on Dec 15) and once over CNY. Our absolute favourite place in the winter months is @ Momiji Lodge in Niseko. The pic below is backcountry around Niseko. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Have a great program and chat soon.

All Done 

Really Enjoyed Kettle Bell 2. Learn't a lot about using Kettle Bells and certainly gained some muscle mass but did not loose much (any) weight. Exercises were about 85% and diet was about 75%. I found that I was not very disciplined around bad snacks like peanuts, crackers and crisps which clearly didn't help. The 6 weeks went super fast ... Over all a great progam and sorry I didn't blog a bit more.

Day 32 - Final Week

Yay... the final week. Last weekend was a bit of write-off with drinks after work on Friday, a couple of great games of rugby and few too many beers. Planning to finish the program and strong note - so far this week is ok - diet on track and workouts going to plan.


This week was ok... and I'm going to give myself a 6.5/10 for the week. Diet was better but got distracted by the rugger (and the dreaded beer sirens). However, now that the poor Aussies are out it should mean a little less of the amber fluid is consumed. Exercises were pretty much on track however finding the last cycle a challenge and on two occassions bailed after the second cycle, as was starting to very feel fatigued and with some niggles in my back.

Had a great weekend in Mayalysia Mountain Biking with loads of mud. Two and half hours was plenty long enough and ended up hitting the wall after about 2 hours.... My legs felt strong initially but after 2 hours I started gettings quad cramps and feeling absolutely spent. I think I may have undercooked the hydrations salts in the camelpak ..... which are super important when you are cycling in humid 30C tempratures.

Day 23 - Dont Quit

I have to admit the last week has been pretty tough but managed to soldier through. I have done all the exercises bar one session, however, the diet has been patchy particularly on the weekend. I feel myself getting stronger, however, the scales are not showing much weight loss. But that's ok - onwards and upwards - keep going and dont quit. Onya Cliffy.


A reasonable week for Kettle Bell 2.

The Good part was the excercises - really enjoyed throwing the bells around and can feel myself getting stronger. That being said the Turkish get ups (or whatever they are called), got me down and I ended up feeling like a deformed pretzel...

The Bad part was my diet. I decided to go cold turkey on the alchol this week and ended up having intense cravings for bad food which came on around 8pm. I ended up attacking the fridge a couple of times and found a slice of dark chocolate lurking in its darkest recesses .. yummy .... Does anyone have an ideas or a solution for such cravings... coz this is pretty tough...

The UGLY was looking at next week's menu and seeing veg and 2 egg whites for dinner... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??... This is going be really tough... Enjoy the week and good luck with the those egg white dinners

Day 8 - Hello there!

Hi all: Great to be on Bells 2 program. I enjoyed the first week of Kettle Bell 2 however it may have been a mistake to start a Kenzai program during the Rugby World Cup. Over the weekend there were a couple of great games (Japan vs Ireland, Australia vs Wales) and the excitement tipped me over the edge with a few too many beers consumed. Next weekend I’ll be more restrained.

By way of introduction, I am Australian and have lived in Singapore for the last 3 years with my Japanese Wife and Son who is 14 going on 25 y.o. I did my first Kenzai program in 2009 10 years ago and had great results and have been doing the courses ever since. Last year I signed up to membership to maintain my fitness. The reason for doing Bells 2 is to improve my mountain biking and get ready for the ski season! Bring it. Go Wallabies!

Graduation - But Still Going 

Hi Team, Really enjoyed the Kettle Bell program. Mostly, I enjoyed the exercises. Throwing around a chunk of metal takes a more concentration than traditional Kenzai exercises so I never found the exercise program boring or repetitive. Also I love the idea of circuits where you don’t have to repeat the same exercise 3x. Overall I recon I did about 90% of the exercises which is not bad given we are in the middle of summer and there is a bit going on. The diet front was a bit hit and miss. I was pulled by the dreaded BEER SIRENS most weekends which generally lead to poor food choices. Despite that I have certainly lost a bit of weight and bulked up. Great program ... and ready for Kettle Bell 2.

Well that’s a first.... having a rest day on a Kenzai program. Thanks guys!! But no so fast ... it looks like Team Kenzai was lulling us into a false sense bliss .... the training session right after the rest day was brutal. Probably one of the hardest Kenzai Sessions I have done. With all kettle bell resistance exercises I am starting to see some muscle build up, which is great. However, my diet has been off with summer drinks about 2-3 times a week so I haven’t achieved the weight loss that I was hoping for.... but feeling fit and strong overall.


So its that time of the Kenzai program again... the Indulgence... to be honest I'm not going to do it... it is summer and I have already had my Indulgence, thank you Sir, I have succumed to the dreaded BEER sirens, which have dragged me towards the lovely pale ale and try as I might, I find I cannot resist their sweet song calling me toward the amber liquid... SO NO ... I will NOT partake in the indulgence my friends and I will FIGHT ON and live another day and avoid the dreaded beer sirens. PS. Did anyone else notice the slighly hairy lip on "Indulgence Girl"?

Day 26 - Kenzai Police

Hi all: Got an email from the Kenzai Police that its been 10 days since my last Blog. Apologies team but been a bit slack on the blogging and also on the exercises and diet. Last week I had a couple of blow outs on the diet with two big dinner celebrations which were off diet with too much booze consumed. This caused me to miss two work outs. So last week was a bit hit and miss. Will put in a solid week this next week. Cheers


This week was a solid week with both exercises and diet on track. There was a slight diversion on Thursday and Friday night when I caught up with an old Friend and ended up having a couple of beers. Friday night was purely self inflicted with 3 beers consumed at home after a busy week at work. Damn those Beer Sirens - Fortunately recent research has revealed that Beer is Good For You.... erm... ok.

End of Week 7





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