Kanika T.

Kanika T.


Happy or report adherence to diet and exercise this week ! Looking forward to continuing the same.

off the grid

Totally out of circulation due to a family emergency . Back now and hoping to restart exercises . Diet has been more or less maintained with

exercise slump

Post flu slump being faced with exercise !! Need to get back on the bandwagon soon . The diet continues with a few small cheats ! But can feel the clothes fitting better :)))

It hasn’t been a good 10 days . Travel for a week which was super intense followed by a fever . Have been sticking to the diet but exercise has been a challenge ......... hoping to get back as soon as I recover

feeling lighter

I am waking up feeling much better ! The lighter meals in the evening are definitely making a difference . Some more positive movement on the scale which is heartening . Travelling for a week now and hoping that I won’t fall off schedule then .

chugging along

Hello ! Have got into a good rhythm with the diet but finding doing 600 skips on a trot quite challenging . Any chance I can break it up into sets like in week 1 ?
About 1.75 kgs of weight lost ...... would have been higher had I not lost some of the discipline while travelling . The fruit snacks have been critical for me to continue on

week 2

Week 2 has started with travel so finding it hard to weigh food ! Hoping my estimation is accurate . Exercise has been on thankfully ..... hoping I can continue with it while the travels are on

day 1

Hello everyone ! It’s my very first time doing a Kenzai program and am very excited about the journey ahead . Day1 went off well though skipping was far harder than I remembered in high school !

Look forward to the next 3 months