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day -60

first of all congrats to all for reaching here today one month to go .! but actually guys after the program is over doesn't mean to start eating and forget the routine which you have formed today .. never forget this ... I feel diet & workout have become apart of my lifestyle now and I can't be more proud of myself for doing this.

sorry I have not been blogging coz of a very busy week ..but my workout & diet is on target this week too . I will upload pic soon hope a difference is visible :) .

good week people .. weekend is around the corner yay!

day -57

Hi all , got late to blog .. had early start .. diet on track .. motivation levels are high . Have a great week

day 55-56

hello all , I couldn't do my workout on day 55 ..but diet was on track .. I did my my day 55 workout today on day 56 & did half an hour of extra cardio n still have some more walking to do in the evening .

I feel this week was 95% on target ..I know this is very hard thing to do to be on track with the diet ...especially when u have to attend events /parties where you all the yummy yummy food and deserts .. sweets ,chocolates and cakes are my weakness ..I feel I really have achieved something this week ..A Solid State Of Mind .!

hope everyone doing good too .


Hello all , i did my workout on time .. diet is also going on track ..the workouts are getting longer now ..hope evryone is doing good

day 53

hello everyone .. yesterday I did my work out very late as I was not able to get up on time ... the article which is send today about energy levels is exactly what had happened ... my body just wanted to sleep n no matter how many times I pressed the snooze button on my mobile thinking I would get up on the next alarm just didn't happen .. I was like what the hell is happening . It was kind of funny that my mind is trying to wake myself up but no one was listening haha . But I still did my work out in evening and first time got very late .

today things were much better got up on time .. did my workout .. diet is also on track .. hope to hang on till Sunday .. really feel need a break to relax .Hope everyone doing good .

Day -52

Evrything went great ..got late to blog , gudnite guys

day -49/50/51

day 49 - it was Sunday so workout is usually on my mood as I have to spend time with family n kids .. take them out for activities .. but my diet was mostly on track n good thing that hapenned was that I walked for more then 10000 steps .. so was feeling less guilty about missing my workout .

day 50 - well I got the flu , it was more cause of a very unpredictable weather in my city .. we woke up to a chilly morning and then it went of to a very sunny afternoon and then thunderstorms /rains in the evening and very chilly by night . So I was sneezing a lot since the time a woke up and went on going worse as the day progressed .. I thought of doing my workout once I thought the weather would settle .. but then I remembered "dont be a hero " lol well then I decided to concentrate more on my diet ..because I was taking medicines also I would say I did 70% .

day 51- today is a different story as well ... woke up on time did my workout before sunrise .. and diet is also on track .. I feel my week has started Today .. n will definitely try being good at it till sunday.Hope u all did good .. and good luck for this week .!

Day -48

Hello everyone , so its saturday night , for me its now a time to celebrate as my entire week has been spot on .. i earned this .

I did my workout in the evening ..diet was spot on ..its my indulgence dinner at night .

I am still going to eat healthy grilled chicken ! But with 1 beer haha so cheers

Have a great weekend guys.

Day -47

Workout done , yesterday was good diet wise ..today should be also good ...tommorow morning i will upload pic ,hopefully there shud be some difference ..fingers crossed .Good luck evryone

day - 46

hello every one ,

work out today was on time in the morning... I got late for blogging .! diet is going good , today should be perfect as well ..

I wanted to ask if I can get an alternate for captain's chair exercise ..I wanted to ask this yesterday I forgot about it
I am having difficulty doing it .

good day everyone

day -45 pnr day

Congratulations of reaching half way of the journey .. i can only say this is the beginning

Today i got late it was raining outside i couldnt go out for my run .. i thought i will miss it today but thankfully i could reach back home on time and did my workout in evening ..i feel as if my whole week was at stake if i for some reason wudnt been able to do my workout today

I like to click on i did it button !

Diet is in track . Good to see we have an indulgence meal but i will avoid it this week as my last week was not upto mark

Keep the groove on and keep moving forward

day -44

hello everyone ,

got late with blogging ..I finished my work out early .. pistol squat even with a chair is not easy ..

diet is so far on track I do miss one egg white in this week diet .. I am not a vegetable person ..I can have them but not very found of having them too much .

The week is still long .. lets see how other days go by .

hope u all are doing good !

day - 43

hello all , i am sorry I was not able to blog for the past 3-4 days .. I was busy at work , i missed my work outs (not all thankfully ) this week .. was getting to the office early and coming back late ..n mind was also very occupied throughout.. felt really drained out by the time reached back home.

My diet also suffered last 3 days as I had to choose from outside options to eat . :( .

This week things will be back on track . I Started my day early the way I usually do ,mind is also very calm n relaxed .

hope everyone is doing fine .

day -37

got late for posting on the blog .. workout going alright , diet should be on track today as well ..yesterday was also by the routine .. hope everyone is doing good

day 36

Done with my workout now the diet starts !