Karan G.

Karan G.

Kenzai Body | Day 70
Kenzai Body
Day 70
Program progress:

Goes without a doubt, the last 2 months have been a huge shift in lifestyle. Initially the diet felt very restrictive but gradually its become way of life. Working out every single day for 2 months is something I had never done before. Still have to push myself every single day to complete the skipping- feels great getting through it. Its definitely a huge commitment and mentally challenging but the results make it totally worth it. Feel good in many ways - skin, hair, physique, mentally.

My wife also signed up for KB starting end of this month :)

end of week 8

this week has not been easy and I really had to push hard for the workouts. body is tired and energy levels are low.
hope this gets better in the week ahead. been sticking to the diet and workouts mostly.

Its definitely the weekends for me when I am home with family all day seeing them eat all they want. I get very lazy to do my workouts over the weekend too.
Honestly, its getting tough now thinking of another 6 weeks in front of me. The mind is playing games now. The excuse that comes to my mind is what after 6 weeks? Why work so hard to see it all go back to before again. That's more painful... Also I saw the biggest changes in the first 4 weeks itself and I guess that kept me motivated till now. Last 3 weeks I haven't seen any noticeable change in my body. I weigh exactly what I did 3 weeks ago, although I understand that its not the right measure for progress. But I am convincing myself now that the real progress will show in the next couple of weeks to get me motivated again!

Indulgence # 2

After having my Kenzai dinner on Friday night, I went out with friends and do what I do best! Whiskey (30ml x 6) and ended the night with half a Pepperoni Pizza. I know I went overboard with this one but had to be honest! I enjoyed it thoroughly....

1. visible changes in the body - weight loss (8 pounds) and inch loss - clothes fit better and i am a size down already!
2. strength and stamina gain
3. the diet is really helping me think better and focus. I am actually eating more than I used to !
4. the workouts are enjoyable and make me feel a lot better both physically and mentally

the last week went well with the diet and workouts, except a small cheat with 60 ml of whisky mid week. Was out with friends and couldn't resist. made 3 drinks of 20 ml each topped with water and sipped on it slowly

did my jump rope in today morning. I did around 300 skips in 2 mins, which means 2000 + in total.

week 6 diet

can I have my yogurt with dinner instead of post workout ?

End of week 5

This week was good and I could stick to the program so far. Happy to see week 6 dinner has some extra calories but the jump rope number is consistently going higher! I wonder what will be expected out of us by week 10? Not seen any visible physical change this week but definitely feeling stronger and energetic. On body weight, I have lost 8 pounds since the start and I am very happy with that!

what am I fed up with - whats getting to me at times is the routine/discipline that I have been adhering to - diet and workouts every single day for 5 weeks! It gives a sense of accomplishment as well so cant really complain :)

looking forward to week 6! Each day as it comes is the best way to approach this for sure :)

Dinner for week 5

Dinner for week 5 says:

2 egg whites
1 Banana
1 apple

Just wanted to clarify if its both fruits or any one ?

End of week 4

went out with friends friday night and treated my self with a a nice whisky!

just completed my workout. feel great and rejuvenated for the next week now

end of week 3

I went out with friends last night after 3 weeks and realized it was very difficult to have a good time without drinking. So this is going to be the toughest part of the program for me - socializing! Also, I have not been traveling ever since I started the program and that's a big reason for cruising through these first 3 weeks. I definitely feel stronger and there is change in my appearance as well. looking fwd to the next week!

almost into week 3!

Its been a good week with both the diets and workouts so far. The lessons are very encouraging and help to stay focused. I can see physical changes in my appearance and at the same time feel stronger with the workouts! just saw the week 4 diet and the carbs have completely vanished from dinner!!!

end of week 2

Feels great to have completed 2 weeks successfully. I feel a lot better both physically and mentally with this routine so far. the food or the workouts have not been a challenge for me so far. Looking fwd to Week 3!


just wanted to check if I can add stevia in my coffee, have my multi vitamin pills, omega etc and lastely if we have to weigh the gravy(its as good as water) along with the chicken that i have ?

day 10

was quite smooth today with both the workout and diet. its a new lifestyle that I feel am getting used to already .. better not think of the days remaining!

done with day 8

this post is for the first day of measured eating:

I have had my dinner now and will have the fruits before going to bed but i feel quite full already and i think its enough food for a day for me.