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Kenzai Run 10k
Program progress:

Exercise went well, though otter kicks getting more difficult strangely (or maybe muscles tired earlier??).

Much more efficient this morning in throwing the steamed bell peppers/courgettes and scrambled eggs in 2 avocado-lined soft tacos, wrapping them in foil, and off we go!

Body seems to be getting used to the food quantity and not quite as ravenous in the evening. Plus was frantic at work in the afternoon, so no time to think about food (or lack of). A few work calls tonight meant less time to prep for tomorrow. Think the easiest/quickest breakfast is cherry tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg and tortilla/taco (prefer them to the denser loaf of bread).

Found myself almost looking forward to the daily workout....that's what you call progress I guess ha! (Or until they turn them up a notch... famous last words..!)

I'm guessing that it should count as carbs??

Excited about planning recipes for coming week! Will have to get up an hour earlier before work to fit in cooking breakfast (I'm usually a coffee and hard boiled eggs person which takes 5 min) and lunch, as well as doing the workout

Today is good on the activities front: morning yoga and then did my Day 6 workout. Otter kicks still hard but overall can get through the exercise pretty quickly.

Off to my godson's birthday party now....will abstain from cake!

Day 4. Hungry

I don't know jf it's a psychological thing but I've been walking around feeling hungry most of the time over the past few days. Not that I managed to adhere 100% to the 1/4 leftovers diet, but I've been avoiding mid morning or mid afternoon snacks (more like there was no time between meetings), and when I do have my proper lunch or dinner I feel
so hungry that it became hard to leave 1/4 behind.

Looking forward to the diet training because I will be eating according to diet prescribed and eating healthy foods all the time so there won't be hunger pangs in between!

Anyone else hungry??! 😆

But in a good way, though will be interesting to see how the body can cope with exercising every day for next 88 days..! So far so good, fingers crossed.

Getting into a routine of exercise is going to be an important part of the learning during KB. I've always done some form of exercise (personal training or jogging mainly) but not been able to maintain the regularity (work busyness is an easy excuse!). The only time I was consistently exercising was when I trained for my first 10k race quite a few years ago now, and I remember how strong I felt mentally as well as physically. I miss that feeling and want to get back into that through this program (and hopefully beyond).

The 75% diet was a bit of a struggle today as I had a business lunch and then another work dinner (buffet, much easier to control strangely, one helping only and left quite a bit on plate). I was conscious of the thoughts I had and realise that most of the over-eating is social eating (my colleague kept piling food on my plate at lunch - culturally a courteous/friendly gesture) because I was actually full pretty quickly, and anything I ate over and above was just surplus/sociable behaviour.

Wondering if we can condition our minds so that eating becomes more functional than social, and our food intake will naturally decrease...no doubt there will be lessons on this in the weeks to come!



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