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Kenzai iron redo  

I’ve reflected a lot on this program and will be doing the next one again in Jan. It’s taken me this long to put up a post mostly as I feel Iron was unfinished and I’m really poor at seeing the bigger picture sometimes as I like to see the 12 weeks through, no matter what. So the flu got me in the vital last few weeks and my aim is to see Iron through again and put more meat into it, now that I know what I’m doing.

I look forward to it.

Thank you Scott for your support along the way, your feedback and motivation was great. It was a strong team this round with people determined to see it through with fabulous results.

I’ll finish with the link below - Five fitness commandments to live by. Read the second truth.


Down and out.

What a ball buster. Kids both have the flu since Thursday and I came down with it on Saturday morning. zero exercise, no eating (can’t stomach it), fever etc.

Can’t believe it.

Trucking along

I’m still battling a bit with something lurking bordering the flu or a virus or something. Doing what I need to, heart racing, and generally feeling yukky and out of puff - which is seriously annoying as we do these last weeks. I’ve been feeling like this for the best part of a week and a half now, maybe two weeks, off and on but can’t kick it; whatever ‘it’ is. Grrrrrr.

Otherwise diet going well. Enjoyed the indulgence with a friend who is leaving for good to NZ. A bit of bubble and cake.

It’s 842 at night - on the bike - not ideal but what the day has offered!

Hope all going ok - going to hit the blogs

Weighted hip thrusts

Ahem. Ouch. Damn!
I’m tired and sore today and these babies didn’t help. I like them. But they are lethal I think. And the thrusts over the head - my right shoulder hurts when I’m doing it - @Scott what could I be doing wrong?
All else good. Went for a brilliant swim the day before last. Finally the weather has turned and the days are sublime.

A bit sniffly

Have a cold, slight aches and shivers.
I’ve just been for a gentle walk tonight, will see how I hold up tomorrow.


Took a Zumba fundraising class yesterday for my aerobic - talk about a workout - ohhhhh boy. One hour and a sweating heap but lots fun. Those women can dance - I on the other hand am not so 💃!!

Tough ol’ workouts

Hello week. Whoa, it’s a ramp up that’s for sure. Chest was a killer bit I really am enjoying the sessions. The butt exercise was different ... fun?! Is it normal to say a bit exercise is fun? Probably not. It’s just nice to get some different exercises thrown into the mix.
We keep trucking along.

That’s us team.
Clean up. System check.
Looking forwards!

Night of celebration

Last night the Springboks won, I’m sure the rugby followers amidst you know this; and it was epic. I felt it in my heart that the Boks would bring it and they did. Anyway the upside was that for the first time in the program I had a celebratory drink, e, maybe two. I had to. The mood was too high. Once in four years?!

But boy I feel it today. Big time. Eating well today, drinking lots, and looking forward to pumping it again. Amazing the effects.

What will tomorrow bring I wonder??

Tough love.

Reading that lesson. I definitely respond to the tough love approach. What the hell are we moaning about - we choose to be here, to eat well and get a strong body. We choose it. Not to mention others who would love to be in this position but are sick and fighting, and simply can’t.

One of my close friends died from cancer last year at such an early age. She was a gym bunny (as she called it) and ferocious. She watched her quads turn to mush and her biceps literally wither away. That’s hard. What we’re facing is a blessing.

#justsaying (one of her favorite hashtags)

This is my tough love mantra to myself and to you guys who need it. Head down, go be healthy and enjoy the body we’re in.

Brick by brick

Sure I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Danger ahead...

Intriguing message to wake up to.
But I get it. The voices have already started lurking, I stood on the scales today - know I shouldn’t - and although I’m feeling more lean the scales didn’t collaborate and YES I know I shouldn’t!! I won’t go near them again.

Had a great indulgence over the weekend with special friends; her brother here from Scotland, a Jamie Oliver if sorts, and he whipped up some whicked dishes. The interesting thing was I had two glasses of bubbles and felt so rotten the next dat. Crazy. Skipped my first workout yesterday due to an overwhelming day - last time that happens. Reverting back to mornings now.

Goal revision - strong legs, strong abs revitalized for swimming action this season.

Let’s go. We got this.


That’s about all I have to report.
Triceps and back was full on today.
Have yet to do the aerobic because it was another late night last night. Thinking I’ll go for a swim and paddle.

Long day

Well it’s 8pm and I’m at the gym which isn’t my optimal time to be here but it was just that kind of day. My son is home sick which didn’t help the routine, work or otherwise...sat through a three hour long haul of Endgame, which I actually really enjoyed and wasn’t sure I would....but you gotta do what you gotta do! 😆

So cycling now then hitting the double whammy - there’s a dude in here who’s very noisy and is farting all over the place - what the??? He may think I have earphones on which I do not. Joys.

Crazy busy weekend

5 days since my last list. Erm. Sorry.
This weekend was good, busy, tricky from the diet side of things but I did ok. We had two brunches, a birthday party and a dinner on the cards. It Durant usually happen like this and as my husband’s brother was in town, there was extra entertaining. The biggest challenge was a birthday lunch at this crazy Korean restaurant; hardly any veg, lots and lots of meat coated in lots and lots of sauce and the whole thing left me feeling quite ill. I ate pickings of grilled onion, some carrot floating amidst the meat and then bits of grilled something or other. No alcohol. Strictly water and tea. No cake at the birthday parties. No nibbling. Keeping it clean people!

Looking forward to seeing what’s next on the training front tomorrow.

Off for a swim now!

End of Week 7





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