Kasandra V.

Kasandra V.

Day 90 

I can’t believe it’s the last day...  it seemed so far
and now I don’t feel ready for it to be over.  I plan on continuing on
with the diet plan and exercise though I might give myself Sunday's off. 
This was a great program - i tried to stick with it as much as i could but
had some troubles from time to time with work travel but still feel happy with
my results.  This is by far the best type of plan/diet i have ever come
across.  It’s not a fad diet, not unsustainable in terms of
"forbidden foods" (which isn’t realistic in real life).  This is
a way of life: moderation, back to basics and play and simple exercise. 
Thank you PCP!

Day 83

Day 83 already?!?  Wow. Not sure I'm ready to get off the program. :( its been nice to have some structure to my diet and exercise. 

Day 81

Can't believe it's nearly over. It seemed so far away at first but now it seems like it came too quickly.  It's been a great experience. 

Day ??

Again I lost track of time! It's been so busy at work. But still here and trying my best. It's been a hard few days. I think sales jobs and traveling and keeping up with this program has been a challenge.  But still happy  I'm in the program!! 

Day 64

Had some trouble with the diet last week while traveling but back on track now. I had to add some extra carbs last night and this morning for a 21k run/hike. I also didn't do my exercise today because I had so little energy after it. But tomorrow back into the rythem again. Still a lot of kilos to drop before say 90! 

Day 59

trying to get back into the groove.  traveling this week so diet will be
hard to maintain with dinners i have to go to but plan on throwing in
an extra cardio session a day (20-30 min) to help balance things off. 

Day 53

Feeling a bit low today. Was feeling thinner and then someone told me today it looked like I had gained some weight back. I missed a handful of workouts but haven't gone off the program with regard to food.  Wondering if it's all the late food. Granted its veg, egg white and yogurt for evening snack but it is more than I have for dinner and I eat because I've been feeling hungry at night. I felt like I was doing so well and now I'm feeling deflated. 


Wow I lost track of time! It's been so busy at work, incredibly long hours and my workout and blogging has been suffered. I've managed to stick to the meals though and some of the workouts but missed some too. It's amazing the fear that sets in now if you don't exercise daily. I'm horrified thinking I might have gained some weight back bc of it. I'm not weighing myself though. It will depress me of I have gained weight.  I'll do my weigh in at mid month like I have been.

Day 39

Been struggling - not so much with the diet and exercise (although the jump rope continues to be a struggle/frustration), but more with overall health. When I'm not sick I feel great! The issue is that I seem to be getting sick far more often since I started the program. Might be a coincidence I don't know. I normally have a few colds a year but in the past 6 weeks I've had two pretty bad cases of the flu.  Its as if my defenses are down - but I'm eating healthy. It's odd. Anyone experiencing the same? 

Day 32

I'm still struggling with the bloody jump rope!  I'm not coordinated enough I've decided. Can I do star jumps instead....?

Day 26

Wow, has it really been 8 days since my last post?!?!  Yikes! It's been busy time, traveling a lot for work but still stuck to the exercise plan and did my best with the diet. Think I did ok actually. A few fruit snacks skipped because they weren't available. I thought i had lost some weight (haven't weighed myself but felt lighter). Recently did the clothes test and nothing felt looser so feel a little frustrated/disappointed. But now that I'm not traveling for a while I want to really focus and hope to see results soon. 

Day 17

feeling really guilty for over eating.  It wasn't as bad as it could've been but i think at a work dinner i might have eaten more veg than i was supposed to and wasn't able to eat my mid afternoon fruit nor my after dinner fruit.  I'm in a hotel and ran out of the fruit i had been saving.  Need to find fruits to have available while on this trip.

Day 15

Got sick on my Tokyo trip but was able to stick to exercise amd diet. Unfortunately was quite ill my first day back and wasn't able to do the excercise and still feeling low energy but will try to do the excercises.  Sleep has been minimal since I'm up all night coughing and stuffy. I'm hoping for a better start to next week. 

Day 11

Off on my first business trip since we've started. Nervous how the diet will go - not because of my confidence to keep it up, but because I'm not going to be able to control food options when put with clients, etc. I'll use my best judgement but nonetheless a bit concerned going into it. I did pick vegetarian option on the flight, per Patricks recommendation. 

Day 9

So far feeling ok with the diet. Cravings have been manageable. Not used to eating these carbs (bread, rice, pasta)! I had tried to cut them out for a while and must say, it's nice to have them back in my diet. :) I do miss a glass of wine with dinner though!

End of Week 12





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