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Kenzai Body 2 | Day 44 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 44
Program progress:
On the road again ...

So I'm travelling for work again. Had a bit of a brain fart when I packed and forgot the rope and bands so I'm making do in the hotel gym (not loving the treadmill for cardio I must admit). I find exercises really easy but food so hard when travelling. Anyone have any tips? Also, how are people eating their veggies at night? We tend to dry roast them in the oven but I'm so bored of that now I need some fresh inspiration.

I seem to be having trouble staying on track on the weekend. Last week was great on both exercise and food - possibly my best yet and yet get to the weekend and things seem to go out the window. I was happy to see Kim's post today that we still aren't even half way yet because I need to get on top of this weekend over indulgence issue that seems to have set in.

Have a good week all :)

I hate to say it but one indulgence turned into many over the weekend. I was completely off the rails. Too much alcohol, cake (my sons 1st birthday) and just about everything that I shouldn't be eating. I have done my penance this week ... have felt so sluggish, gagging down egg whites, workouts have been TOUGH but finally feeling like a normal Kenzai abiding citizen again (it only took four days :)). I have been annoyed at myself for the epic fall off the wagon but similarly quite happy that I was able to turn it around this week and get back on track. The old me would have continued on the path of destruction :)

busy week!

A busy week travelling for work and then weekend so I haven’t been on the blogs and I have really noticed how I don’t feel as motivated. Goal for this week is to change that. Food and exercise have been around 80% compliant - can definitely do better. I have noticed myself getting stronger and not burning out as quickly on the reps so high fives all round. Hope everyone is having a good week.

Week 2 recap

So as I mentioned I found week 2 HARD. Despite this, I stayed pretty true to the diet until a slight whoopsie on Sunday evening (wine). I am travelling for work this week but feel I'm in a better headspace than last week. Legs are aching from today's floor jumpy thingys. Can definitely feel the exercise ramping up.

Grok wants everything

I must say I'm struggling this week. All sorts of negative "i can't do this for 3 months" thoughts and using already depleted energy stores saying no to Grok's demands for non-Kenzai friendly things. I usually find the first few weeks of a Kenzai program a bit of a breeze because its new, I'm super enthusiastic and haven't reached any Kenzai valleys yet but this time its different and I can't work out why? Anyway, despite the negativity and grok demanding various things he isn't allowed I have actually stayed on program 100% so I guess that is something right?

Great Program 

As I mentioned in last weeks post I think this is a great program. I regret not being stricter (excuses excuses) because I did see results so I’m now wondering what could have been .. . The workouts are killer and despite the lessons telling you you would find them getting easier - I never did. Having said that they are so hard that you feel amazing when you have completed them. Will definitely sign up for this one again later in the summer

I used both my tickets on the weekend ... But have really hit the exercises hard this week to make up for it. Despite not completing a perfect program diet wise I’m feeling pretty good and have noticed some changes. I’m a little disappointed because it just makes me think how good it could have been had I strictly stuck to the diet. It’s a great program though would defo like to give it another shot later in the summer.


After a great start my last week has been a bit lacklustre. I am travelling A LOT with work at the moment and while I’m managing the workouts I find the diet difficult to control. I’m flying home today and will be home for the duration so have ten days to go hard!

Its so hot

These workouts are HARD. I live in Hong Kong and it takes me about 2 hours to cool down after them (even sitting in an air conditioned office). Didn't have a great weekend food wise ... couple of wines here and there (needed). Have been very good this week both on diet and exercise front so just need to carry that through the weekend! (easier said then done :)

Kenzai Blast Day 3

Not much to say other than that the blast exercises make me feel really uncoordinated ... really feel I'm bumbling my way through them ...

can’t keep up!

After giving birth 5 weeks ago I thought Kenzai Mind would be a nice gentle way for me to ease back into the Kenzai life and also give me some much needed me time each day (even if only 7 mins). Well I think I misjudged how difficult it is to fit that time in with a toddler and a newborn. I am managing to squeeze it in but usually at unsocial hours in the middle of the night when all I can think about is getting back to bed. Next week is a new week and will attack it with new resolve!!

Not great

Sorry I haven't been on the blogs. Things are NOT going to plan. After a near perfect first week on Reboot I jetted off to LA for a work conference where things really unravelled last week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided which meant sticking to the diet was pretty impossible and we had a jam packed schedule which meant I only managed the exercises on a couple of the days. I returned to HK on Sunday exhausted and woke up Monday with the a nasty cold so now I'm wondering around feeling equal parts sorry for myself and guilty about what an epic failure I have been on Reboot.

On Location

Went for a run around the Happy Valley racecourse for my free cardio yesterday. Bit of a grey day but so much exercise is so much easier at this time of the year without the humidity. A quick pic "on Location" ...


Thought I would sneak in a cheeky reboot before the silly season begins. Day 1 exercises done and looking forward to the next 28 days (sort of ...)