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Day 3
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The final third of the program I was inconsistent with workouts,lesson and blogs. I kept diet ON, and haven't gained weight. I'd allowed for this with a country move and taking the program as support for other moving parts.

Reach is great. I'd do it again.

Still Reaching

Got a prompt to post! Still reaching but not yet in a Kenzai Uk routine. Just enjoying each stretch I do undertake as a self-care during transition.

Hope the team is hanging in there to the finish.


....Reach workouts have suffered!

However I'm pleased to say diet is strong.

Workouts are intermittent.

Blog police calling on posts and photos

Reach pose pic on way to try no2 sons new school (which is unhelpfully in a different location but same time as no1 son). I did like his version of challenging pose. Note to self: next time ask him for ideas of an original pose to monitor progress.

Has your life ever taken an unexpected twist? Can you imagine how things would be different if this twist hadn't come along?

As an expat I'd been working around the globe in change management mostly in Financial Services. It was exciting, exhausting and like a being on a treadmill set by someone else on fast or random. Achievement and a lurking feeling of unfulfilment if I stopped for a moment.

I took corporate career break (which turned into career escape), and moved to Hong Kong to start a family.

My older child has special needs. At the time it seemed like the end of the world that he would have a difference that would make life harder, unfair even. The label didn't seem to do justice to what a bright light and talented human he is.

Roll forward 8 years and learning to navigate parenthood with a child who is differently wired has brought a wealth of new skills and purpose for me too.

Going back to Uni to study Pyschology is a step towards my dream business of providing services to advocate, empower and support families with children who are differently wired.

If I didn't have these circumstances, this new career path would have not been born.

Just realised I'm one question behind, I've been resisting writing this down!

Q: Think about a time when you life knocked you down. How did you come back to equilibrium, and what did you learn from the experience.

I had a stalking/harassment experience. It started online and then the person physically showed up in my home.

For a few months it really frightened me. I took many steps to uphold my personal safety boundaries. Taking action with support from police, lawyers, social media reporting to more more unconventional things like Feng Shui of my home and energy healing for myself. However, despite lots of action I still felt like I had been robbed of peace in my own skin.

Over time, what this experience brought me was a deeper understanding of the role of my "Intuition" in my own safe keeping . That my belief system that " I am safe because I trust others" needed refining " I am safe using use my Intuition wisely".

By increasing the role of Intuition (listening to my inner voice) in my decision making, it's made me more sensitive to the energy of the environments and people around me.

It kept me safer as I become more aware of potential threats. I still remain someone who values openess and trust,
and enjoys connection with a diverse crowd of peope. However, I give myself more time for "knowing" before making decisions about accessing different levels of my world.

And weirdly all of this has brought me more peace and a expanded sense of safety (I'm my own anchor) to explore the world with confidence. Which teaches me there are no mistakes, only lessons. The most confronting situations, the ones we benefit the most from learning.

Unofficial Break

This week I've been on somewhat of a Kenzai detox, haha like no Kenzai.

Food is mostly fine. However no workouts and lessons.

I think the vague agreements I made with myself about not over doing the stretch with Tattoo healing, let me give myself a free pass with all movement.

Upside I honoured myself by getting my first Master's application in which I had been agonising over finding the right words etc. The next two applications will now be easier to do.

Back on it today, tight food and a final hike of my favourite Hk island side trail to say goodbye with a few hoofers like myself. Some Reach at the Top.

Tat Ooooo

Got my first tattoo last night (along the side of my upper ribs).

A little diver, who symbolises deep diving into things, head first always looking up. She knows where she is going, her intuition guides her.

She needs two weeks rest - no heavy exercise, sweat, friction or pulling to settle.

For Reach I'll pick n mix the stretches and replace anything over head with some abdominals which are fine.

Ps I look forward to a program this year to tone those abs to show case her strength. Any suggestions for which prog is esp good for abs??

I like the Tree Pose. Grounding, strong in the legs and soft in arms.

Interestingly I'm quite stiff with all the evening deep long stretches. Openness its has its price!

Half way thru, I feel ready to tackle a more Yang/Big Energy program in July.

I've had Reboot/bailed KB3/Reboot/Mind/Reach ....which is what I needed for injury/illness recovery and emotions around relocation.

Maybe the Run (10k) for the summer. It will be chaos between houses, kids off school and without playdates to start.

Also it's the rare pleasant weather season in UK to be outdoors for people like me that grew up in sunshine.

I think Run (Escape) will be just the thing!!


(1) When you look at your life, what trends are moving in the wrong direction?

Time on the phone around the kids

Procrastination around Masters program selection from my short list

(2) What trends are moving in the right direction?

Friends and Family
Consciously accepting more requests/invitations which bring energy. Declining/modifying those that drain/flatten energy.

Health and Fitness
A gentler approach to Kenzai goals spread across a year vs a short program bringing more sustainable health improvements - weight loss,fitness, body image and health scores

Increasing equity in parenting efforts and switcheroo in who leads on which portolio, bringing new skills and versatility to all.

Overall happiness has been trending upwards (despite upheaval from country move in 20 days) over last year

Sun salutations

Cute lesson today

I would like to visit those statues of the salutation poses broken down in that airport in India. Bodies in motion rock before strapped into long haul cage!

Feel stronger in these yoga practices everyday

Also like Mind I experience appetite/craving reduction with these workouts. I'm close to alcohol and sugar free since Nov (thanks back to back Kenzai) and overall weight, mood and energy benefits are visible.

Enjoying the continuing of being on Life membership (my families Xmas gift to me). And not experiencing boom slump on and off programs.

Reach ...

...is a peach!

Feels spa like on the body Vs the hammering it gets in Kenzai Body progams.

Enjoying the physical nurture and the increased well being I feel with deeper longer stretches

PMs still hit or miss if I get them in, so where I know it's unlikely I'm doing while on calls earlier in the day. Possibly sounds a bit weird but hey ho feels good

Sacred Space Lesson

Loved it. Moving to London need to reconfigure it as a mobile space with less privacy (going from house to cottage)


Already in London. My fav one from a friend, super spongey like moss under foot.


Trust that your intuition is leading you where you need to be. Let go fears and take action towards it.

3. Movement

Tiny bow to Mother Nature

4. Sacred Object

I'd like to say my Buddha but dog bombs it every time. So Canine Divine, who is practically a Kenzai Trainer after all these years of critique ans coaching from the side lines.

Midnight snack....

.... Sneak downstairs.

Disable alarm.

Open fridge.

Binge on.....

two raw mushrooms (gag) and celery stick.

You know you are on Kenzai when!

This week's task is above Question.
Tackled it during evening stretches...which seem to getting longer and longer (!)

Where I am in life right now is on a pathway to exploring more openness in myself. As many years as the lead parent, off and on working and trailing spouse for a decade of expat stints with moves at short notice.... It's now my time to have more openness to myself and thoughts, desires, dreams and goals outside family life. In a stable location of my choosing. And in action for myself.

Today I embrace more openness to what's in my life's purpose, stepping into those very shifts that bring up fear and putting all my possibility into action.

Today's lesson

"Approach your Skillful Movement and Evening Stretches from this place of gratitude. Being able to devote these few minutes a day to improving your body is a gift"


I'm really enjoying the nighttime deep stretch.

It's the perfect time to slow down and reflect on some gratitude and give back to my bod.

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