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catching-up on training

The psychology of those ‘allowance’ tickets is indeed powerful. I missed one and now absolutely want to catch it up over the weekend (and yes I can ‘hear’ Patrick saying: you never really catch up!) to keep my ticket for weeks 3 and 4 as I will be travelling and on holiday.
I will give it a try : 2 workouts in same day will be brutal. Possibly a life lesson!

On the diet: I have been nailing it and feeling extremely proud for it as work has been very challenging this week (managing food intake with stressful week is a real challenge for me: I slip without mindfully noticing :()
Some KB1 déjà-vu: lying in bed and thinking ‘shoo forgot the evening snack... again!’

Thank you very much all for your comments and blogs. It is great.

Back Sculpting!

I enjoyed Sculpt the first time so I am back to shape my backside and myself up!

In the last couple of weeks, I finalised a mortgage, exchanged contract for buying a flat, changed role (for Jan and finalising negotiation of a very large contract) and.... meditated.
I meditated almost daily and it is so true that (1) daily practice makes it easy and (2) make you feel different. I experienced several types of meditation: many guided, music and candle meditation.

Meditation is indeed hard: observing the thoughts, concentrating on the breath and focusing on the moment is really hard when there are so many things going on. However, it became moments in the storm and really was unbelievably helpful: one night as I kept waking up, i meditated to yoga nidra and the next day despite the lack of actual sleep, I felt rested.

Sorry to have been out of the loop and will catch up on some of your posts now

.... Though I am still on week 3 workouts.
Swimming last night (with my diving club) and training this morning. The hard bit is really to get back on point...
Reading your blogs tonight was motivational... Thank you for showing the way.


Travelling this week and two major work events so work-outs and diet have been off-the-rocker.

Back home tonight and will focus on getting the rest of this week on point (it felt so good end of last week!)

Good 1st week after all!

After a very slow start, I worked out well this week-end and it feels really good!

Though I did a good-paced 30’ walk, today’s cardio workout was not out: I did 1h of Pilates which soothed very nicely my lower-back stiffness.

Good day :)

Diet almost there. Workout done and even a blog!
Reading your comments and others' blog is helpful.

Good luck to all for those final 2 weeks

Week 3 - short update

Difficult on the diet front this past week end, better since then but missing many grams and sleep. Ok on workout 80% and loving the ballet moves

I can definitely feel the end of the 'honeymoon' period for Kenzai Sculpt but hanging in there!

Lunge to high step

Described as 'just' two lunges back to back: Not! It burns and I needed a pause half way thorough the 2nd one!

Definitely a great exercise for the bum and legs!

I can reach and touch the ground now! 

I had a lot of difficulties in completing KR: a few due to the program a LOT due to conflicting priorities in my life during the program. I will focus on the program for this graduation post.

Everybody says it about KR: it is a different kind of program. There are also lessons on this! During KR, you push your body in a different way and it does require a mental shift from achieving 'deep burn' to 'long stretch' !

I loved the morning stretches as they woke up my body nicely. I also loved to be able to do yoga poses daily through the program. Having done yoga classes for several years before KR was a definite plus, it helped understanding how the pose should feel. The descriptions are good but when your body is stiff, it can be very difficult to figure out on your own what is the next less-perfect pose (without being in 'poor form'). I also bought a few additional pieces of equipment: 2 yoga blocks and a yoga belt which helped me.

What I found really powerful in KR was to do the exercises in an 'ambiance': i put some relaxing music, a candle on and it helped me stretch deeper and also relax in a welcome and powerful way, even during the evening stretches (which I initially found difficult/annoying because too long). My head would stop buzzing from work problems and I could sleep like a baby afterwards no matter what!

What made it difficult for me to stick to it is having to split the training throughout the day: one part first thing in the morning, one part in the evening and the middle part can be done whenever. I also missed doing more active training and, with work stress, I lost in fitness and gained several pounds and % body fat :( during KR.

Although my fellowship was poor, I enjoyed the training and my flexibility has improved (see picture, I was 10cm or so away from the ground on my initial assessment!).

Being more aware of its actual differences could have helped me while discovering how it unraveled was also nice! Any way, I do recommend KR, it is a different kind of program but it was really effective to increase my flexibility.

Thank you to my fellow Kenzai Reachers for their support and to Ward for his encouragements, advice and support.

Fell off the KR wagon 😳

.... and getting back on it this week-end with a good start this Saturday 😊

Yes : Progress!

I am enjoying the morning stretches though I have found the seated ones uncomfortable and this morning : progress! No discomfort or awkwardness in the seated trunk!

I was travelling Monday to Wednesday on business so KR start has not been stellar. I was on my own in hotel room, I did the assignment, I started taking notes and it felt too tedious and could only take a few pictures. So I will redo it with some body around to make it a real baseline.

However, it was still interesting to do as I could notice already certain part of my body being more flexible: my back (of all places despite big regularly painful!) while my right side is much stiffer than my left on every thing. Strange!

The week-end and business trips/meals are the trickiest for me on Kenzai. With a party Friday in a pub and galette/gouter Sunday afternoon, i had to to some thinking. On Friday, I had a very long and tough day so at the end of the day, having read the article on willpowerthe day before was a saviour! I replenished in relaxing with some music and eating my Kenzai food before going to the party and I was 100% clean there: no temptation on the nice bread (my weakness!) and cheese and I drank sparkling water all night. On Sunday, I did also well at the party. The 'not so good' was Saturday night with a dinner in a lovely French restaurant: I did not go overboard but definitely not Kenzai compliant 😳

I'm back and really pleased to have such a good and fun program to get back into the groove of fitness and healthier habits.

May 16th, 2016





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