Katie F.

Katie F.

Thanks Kenzai 

Great to have completed another round of re-boot. It did just what I hoped, helped me lose a good couple of kgs and get me back into healthy clean eating and regular exercise. Looking forward to holidays this month and celebrating 40 years on this planet. Thanks Kenzai I am sure I will be back again soon :-)

Week 3 lets go!

I have to confess, I had a few glasses of bubbles at my friends 40th lunch on sat, it definitely felt rude not to. But I tried to watch what I ate to some extent. And I had heaps of water so I felt completely fine on Sunday.
Other than Saturdays blip I have found the diet to be easy to stick to and keep telling myself this is what I am suppose to be eating. Workouts going well, body feeling a bit heavy from working out every day so I had a full body massage on Sunday which was awesome! Failed the lunch photo challenge sorry, will try and dig out an embarrassing one for the next. Hope everyones weeks go well!!

Almost half way

Re-boot is actually flying by. Happy to say I've been 100% compliant with diet and exercise, however I have a 40th Lunch to go to tomorrow so not sure how that is going to go.... I have had a really sore upper body this week from the arm and shoulder exercises. I just cant manage that Hang Time and never have, I replaced it with burpees to avoid falling flat on my face...


As the title suggests, my 40th is next month so what better way to start my 40's feeling and hopefully looking in better shape. I have yet again lost my way with exercise over the past few months, so great to have Kenzai to give me a kick up the backside and be a bit more disciplined with exercise and food. Hubby is taking me away to Hawaii for a week sans kids at the end of June so definitely have the motivation to stick to this as best as I can. Picture is me on my balcony post workout with the Auckland Sky City in the background. Lovely Autumn day!

Thanks Kenzai 

Thanks again Kenzai for getting me back on track again. The chisel program was worthwhile for me however I probably didn't push myself in the last 1-2 weeks as hard as I could have. I was starting to get a bit over the training every day and felt it ramping up and challenging and so I missed the odd day towards the end. In saying that, I did lose a couple of kgs and definitely feel more toned up which is what I wanted. I enjoyed the cycle workouts the most I think because they were quick, I hate workouts that drag on. I was also recovering from a shoulder injury and I couldn't perform many of the arm exercises with the resistance bands.

Hoping to keep up the Cycle workout as much as I can and also stay on diet Mon-Friday. No doubt I'll be up for another Kenzai programme in the near future as they do get the results. Thanks again for all your support!

Cruising along

Dropped off the radar on the blogs sorry. Its been busy, train, eat, work, kids, eat, sleep and repeat.... however did have a long weekend and went away for cple of nights. Snuck in a few wines for my indulgence but I did milk that a little too much ie a cple of wines both nights. My skipping rope has been been giving me some good whipping as punishment. Man that hurts!! I missed a cple of workouts but been 100% on diet still. I think i have toned up and trimmmed down a little but i havnt gone as hard as the program says, ie, i cant face 3 cycles so just sticking to 2 for sanity. Will try and keep up the discipline, but some days the motivation aint there at all! Hope eveyone enjoys there last week and gives it all they got, I’ll certainly try my best :-)

Ups and downs

Had a pretty good week after my last blog post of hitting a rut with training. Body recovered, energy came back and i ploughed on through, however, after saturdays switchfoot jumps i could hardly walk yesterday, my butt muscles were killing me. Sitting, bending and walking were a challenge. Today is only a tad better. I couldnt do yesterdays workout and i will have to see how my day goes if i can even do todays. Anyone have any tips on how to fast cure muscle
Pain from new exercises?

I also went to an amazing Body world Vital exhibition on he weekend which was fascinating, so incredible to see all the body muscles, bones, organs and what lies beneath our skin in real life.

Car crash

My body feels just like that crashed sports car in todays lesson. The past 2 days my body has been so sore and tired that i’ve had no energy during workouts making them really hard to get through. Today was tough, i had to skip 3 of the arms exercises as i just couldn’t face it. I feel like the reps and sets are so long and when i think i’m at the end i have to speed skip for a minute. Sorry for the negativity but i’m already dreading the next workout, and the next, it would be nice if theres were 1 or 2 days rest for the body in amongst this hard training. I feel like i’m really out of my league here 😞

No pain no gain right?

Just this minute finished day 6 workout and i found it really hard today. I have a shoulder injury which is limiting alot of my movement, I dont want to over extend in case i really buggar it up again. In saying that i’m working up a sweat and feeling burn in other areas so still all good. Muscles been a bit sore this week but sounds like everyone is in the same boat there.

Got my diet and it looks like a lot of food, more than what i had on my strict kenzai body diet?

Loving the healthy Kenzai meals and not missing carbs for dinner at all.

Ganna go for a run tomorrow followed by a Mothers Day massage, so looking forward to that. Good to get the first week done.

Reboot getting me bk on track 

Glad i did the reboot last month it was good to have something to get me going and get me back into shape a little more. Was good to do it right before a beach holiday so felt a little more comfortable in my swimwear too. This past week on holiday i have definetely overindulged but it was worth it. Was also fun doing reboot with the fam dam aswell. As much as i will try to stick to kenzai way of life most of the time I also like the concept of work hard, train hard and play hard :-) will def be keeping an eye on future reboots to keep me in check. Tnx Kenzai.

Ticking along

Weeks going pretty well, i missed training yesterday though as felt really blah all day. Body felt tired and i have a niggle in my shoulder so going to see physio as its hard to do the shoulder exercises at the mo. I had a gin last night and a piece of chocolate but they both didnt taste as good as they use to???? Otherwise im on diet and finding the food quite hard to get through i've missed a cple of evening fruits as im too stuffed to eat any more, hope thats ok.

Namaste Kenzai Reboot!

Not sure if I'm too late getting my location pic up but this is taken from my apartment balcony where I currently live (Bangalore India) last time i did Kenzai Body i was living back in New Zealand so its a little different this time round. The training is a little harder as its just so hot all day long, the food is also a little bit different but Im really enjoying the incredibly cheap fruit and veg and having a housekeeper who does all my food prep so i cannot complain at all! Also she is introducing me to some beautiful spices and and rice dishes that are very Kenzai compliant so even better! I had a function on sat night and i wasnt very compliant, my skipping rope whipped me hard yesterday about half a dozen times and i think it was punishing me for it. Back on track now and im looking forward to a 100% compliant week. (The orange around my neck is my rope!)

Hello again

Looking forward to Reboot and getting back into the swing of things again. I finished KB this time last year and prob only been following Kenzai way of life at 50% since. So am looking forward to ramping it back up again with Reboot and giving it 100! Nice to see some old faces again after so long! Happy training :-)

We did it - woo hoo! 

Wow, the 90 days do actually fly by, well defo towards the end anyway. I am really proud of what I have achieved from this programme and I have learned more in the past 12 weeks about my body, health, my diet and training than in my entire life. This programme really worked for me and goes to show that even though I thought I was reasonably healthy 12 weeks ago - in fact I actually really wasn't. I was going to the gym twice a week and achieving not a lot, that coupled with my daily over indulgences, no wonder I wasn't shifting those love handles. I am glad to see the sides of them gone now and will be doing everything possible for them not to return. I have lost 5kgs ( I know I shouldn't be weighing myself, but!) I am the lightest I have been since I was 16! I think for the first time ever I will feel comfortable wearing a bikini - goodbye tankinis!

Thank you Kenzai, Patrick for creating such a great concept, the blogging and the social media aspect (which I was skeptical of at first) really adds to the addictiveness of the programme, and the daily lessons, its truly motivating. Getting personalised diets each week is fantastic and the workouts are really cleverly done. Well done for creating such a good product I hope you do really well out of this.

Sharmali, Malia and Team Chara thank you all so much for all your consistent support, advice and encouragement throughout the past 12 weeks on the blogs. Was really fun to share this journey with you all and am blown away by everyone's achievements, well done you guys are awesome.

Want to say a Big thank you to my big sis Cristy S. who got me on to signing up to this with her. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to buy those clothes on the weekend 2 sizes down so thanks so much for getting me on board. You completely nailed this programme and you look so amazing - check out your abs! I take my hat off to you as it would have been so hard getting those results with a 6 month old baby - sleepless nights, interrupted workouts but you did it and it has so paid off - I'm really proud of you. x

Also want to thank my big brother Mike for discovering Kenzai in the first place, if it wasn't for Mike then none of us would have achieved this, so thanks Mike (and his gorgeous wife Camille) for all your comments throughout the programme too. I cannot wait to see you guys at Christmas - might have to arrange that skip-off after all!

Thank you also to my brother-in-law Tim who is always so supportive and always giving really good advice and tips with food and exercises and having a laugh with. You guys were living proof for Cristy & I that this programme was going to make changes for us. We really are Kenzai geeks our family arn't we - I feel a group photo coming on!

To my gorgeous girls who will never read this but thank you my darlings for letting mum have some selfish time to get her workouts done. And to my husband who also prob won't read this, sorry for the increased weekly food bills but thanks for taking my weekly photos :-)

I have felt a little lost these past cple of days so am looking forward to receiving my maintenance diet and exercises and getting back into it again, so on that note, Thanks again to everyone I've met on Kenzai, I wish you all the very best for what lies ahead and hope you all have a fabulous Christmas.

Love Katie xx

Got through todays workout 15 minutes shorter than normal and was still working up sweats and deep burns. Hope this is the way forward!

End of Week 3





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