Kat W.

Kat W.

Kenzai Body | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:

And suddenly we’re doing ‘real workouts!’
Need to plan more time...
Hope everyone else is fitting them in
What time of day are you all training?


Wow- the kenzai ap is super helpful.
No more counting reps for lunges etc
And how satisfying to click ‘done workout’ and see the neat ticks 🤓
This has changed my workouts! Thank you ap developers!

leave a 1/4

I was always told ‘eat everything on your plate’ and ‘don’t waste food’ as a child growing up and I hear myself saying the same to my children - luckily within reason now, letting them leave bits of they have done well with key ingredients!
I also read somewhere once- don’t treat your body like a bin... this hit a cord and I don’t feel so bad about throwing crusts away or half eaten biscuits or fish fingers - which would have always just been popped in my mouth 😱
But I am struggling to leave a whole 1/4 on my plate! It just feels rude and odd because I’ve bothered to cook it - my husband thinks I’m a bit strange but has such good self control when he’s had enough to eat, he just stops... 🤷🏼‍♀️

So there’s my reaction to leave a quarter!

Ooo! woke up today, day 2 with that nice/but not nice familiar feeling of sore muscles!
amazing how only 3 sets of 10 squats on day 1 and then 3 sets of lunges can reawaken those sleepy (soft) mussels and get them fired up again!

It feels great to be on a fixed exercise routine again.

After a long summer, it's going to be a struggle but I'm excited!

right - day 3 here I come

unfinished admin  

Oh I’m at the bottom of the class...
kB2 was a welcome challenge and I had a great team who all brought different bits to the blogging table!
I loved it of course, didn’t get the ripped body I was aiming for- but life got hold of me and sometimes the better of me.
However (said with deep voice) I’ll be back- next week in fact!
I’m going back to basics and can’t wait to get started
See you all again next week

hello team!

10 days.... naughty me! so sorry
but you know how it is - wake up, work out, eat, work, eat, sleep - REPEAT
I'm counting the days till we fly out of the desert for cooler climes and trying to finish projects as well as think what we need for 5 weeks away from home
excuses, excuses - I know!
you're all never far from my thoughts
(nor is the next egg white)

Tough work outs!

You’re right... these final week work outs are TOUGH
I thought my daily work out (WOD) previously at the gym was extreme... they were a breeze compared to these!

ouff... the humidity levels here are sky high! it feels like running through mud it's so tough
I do 5:30am - 6:30am to beat the heat, but who am I kidding... it's still 33degrees and 80% humidity in the middle of the night!
but getting the exercise done and can't believe were in the home run now
hope all the team are feeling ok and getting through it

So hungry!

Loving my big lunches with 160g of protein and still 90g of carbs because, boy am I hungry by midday!
Egg white dinners don’t cut it when it comes to satisfying- but I know they are working. Only had 4 in a row for me (I was on holiday last week...) and I’m waking up feeling lighter (and ready for breakfast!)

And as I haven’t shared my food for a while... here’s my lunch🤣
Salmon is heavy!


just a quick note to say HI! I'm back from Oman where we went for the Eid holiday which was a bit like half term for the GCC countries
amazing hiking and gorgeous temperature up the Haj mountain range, a lovey change from the humid 40degree heat of the cities right now
back to serious exercise and clean clean food now as there were a few indulgences up the mountain...

everyone is looking strong! well done team


it's 30degrees at 5:30am here... and starting to feel sticky with it
but I love that feeling watching the sunrise and getting the exercise done!
had a lovely dinner with friends and a weekend of boating and swimming - diet wasn't 100% accurate but healthy choices and I feel good this morning
we have a week off school now for Eid and we're off on an adventure in Oman abseiling and wadi hikes
I'll post some adventure pics!
have a good week everyone :)

Stuck in a rut

I’m feeling a bit demotivated by my photos... no change at all, especially last week where I feel the most flabbiest - I think my starting photo is better!
But I’m fitter and stronger ... however no one can see that!
Don’t they say the camera never lies?!

I'm back

so I survived the UK trip and got in 2 runs around Westminster/pimlico which was so lovely! thankfully the jet lag meant I was up and out before mum went to work so she could stay at home with my daughter!
the sun was shining and I loved it!

diet was fairly clean as thankfully (for Kenzai - not so much for me!) a planned night out was cancelled
airport and aeroplane food however...

great to be home and workout done and clean breakfast eaten

how's everyone else?

Hello team
I’m enroute to London now, have been enjoying working out and kept the diet clean - didn’t weigh my food yesterday and could barely sleep for the guilt 🤣 need to relax a little?!
No carbs for me at dinner time now
Anyone on the egg white dinner yet?!
I have a weird excitement/trepidation/nervous feeling for when this diet will hit my dashboard!
Bring on the 🥚 ! I feel I need them....

stressing out

so I fly to London on Monday (7 hours day flight) with my daughter and then we have a mad 3 days staying with my mum and traveling all over the place before another day flight home on Friday. I figure I can do Monday morning session (if I'm packed and ready...) but then - HELP!
I just know I won't have the space/time/time to myself to do the cardio part of the exercises (staying in a tiny flat where my jump rope will most definitely hit the ceiling and there is no room to swing a cat... let alone a jump rope)
see image for illustration of available space
I will pack my bands though and try not to elbow anyone in the eye while doing some reps... maybe in the bathroom?!

any tips from you seasoned travellers on how to stay active when traveling?
as for the diet... the food in London is good ... and I'm staying with my mum and, well - we all know what mums do when their children and grandchildren are in town - FEED THEM!

should I treat this as a sabbatical?!