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KB1 graduation post! 

wow - and just like that it's all over!
a mixture of happy and sad feelings - I will miss the daily check in on the app to complete the work out and check my grams (always hoping for an addition carb gram here or there!)
such an effective program and i've learnt diet is more important than exercise for weight loss and the exercise is the chiselling to top it all off - fitness off course is a massive bonus to feeling great and energetic. and SLEEP - oh boy, this is key to a healthy happy life!

egg whites... hmmm - well, we had a love hate relationship
I love how just 1 week of egg white dinners can make a difference in the mirror and also how I needed zero imagination or time to make my dinner but hated how boring they were and the restrictions it had - especially sitting opposite my husband at dinner with his full plate of normal food!

I'm looking forward to choosing a new program now
see you all around on various new chapters I hope

what with diets, workouts, dog walks, orphaned triplet kitten bottle feeding, school work, food shopping, washing, child rearing, working, getting dressed and having clean hair - my blogging has taken the back seat!

but I'm still here trucking along!

how's everyone else?

I’m back!

Great week in London
Wow it was wet and cold!
Back to the program now x

I'm off to London on Tuesday morning for the best part of a week with the whole family on a school recce
hoping to get a few fresh runs in along the embankment but doubtful off the full strength work out as time will not be mine to control!

food... hmm - not sure my mum is going to be up for preparing me egg white dinners. But will be mindful and keep away from carbs in the evenings and stick to breakfast and lunch

so long for now team,
I'll check in when I'm back!

food diaries

Here’s a dinner/tea shot!
More colour than usual as I’ve combined my afternoon fruit ration with my dinner fruit - no bananas in the house so plumbed for a pear 🍐

Happy Tuesday people!

my hardest day -

is a Saturday which is day 2 of our weekend.

I start really well on a Friday, my husband takes the kids to their football and netball clubs at 9am and I get on with my work out then we all have breakfast together when they get back; I'm done a dusted by 10:30 so we can make plans for the weekend.

On Saturday I just want to rest!
But I do swap the shorter Sunday cardio for today and then on Sunday (today) I can do a full workout as it's back to work and school today. I really miss our weekend meals and cooking for us all to enjoy together. The Rugby this weekend was a large feature in the house - I managed to stay on point but had more fruit that I could count!

indulgence 2

If I may... can I use last weekend as my chosen indulgent? I’m sorry to bend the rules, but I don’t feel deprived right now and I’m happily back into my eggy white dinners! I feel a diversion now might be a bad idea
Thank you 🙏🏻

half term

Hello team,
I had a non kenzai complaint weekend last weekend food wise - kept to the workouts, but by my own choice so it was guilt free!
we had great friends staying and went out to celebrate with other friends many anniversaries!
Back to business on Sunday and this week is going well despite half term full of pizzas, homemade cakes, picnics on the beach and general lack of routine.
I even did my work out at 7pm last night which is unheard of- I’m a morning Lycra wearer. Today is panning our the same way and I don’t feel anxious about it- little wins!

Hope everyone else is going well. X

midway blues

another downbeat note from me I'm afraid, but I really need bolstering up and encouraging because I'm on the verge of throwing my egg whites as far as I bloody wall can.

I get that afternoon sadness when I realise that I won't eat properly till breakfast the next morning

I don't know whether its the new decade I've just started but nothing seems to be shifting...
I'm religiously eating my, let's face it, really abnormal and depressing white dinner (with the exception of last Friday night which was still healthy but 'normal' and actually gave me the guilts - so wasn't really worth it in the end)
I'm sticking to my daily grams and I am not looking any different in the mirror.
I am however, feeling stronger and I feel lighter and firmer but that's not good enough for me!
too harsh?!
I guess I was expecting results by now after having such great success on this program before
have I forgotten how long it takes?

clearly I'm expecting miracles! I'll try to get back down to reality and chug away

I hope the rest of you aren't quite as fed up as me. Thanks for listening!

on a positive note, I'm enjoying the work outs very much and I haven't updated my iPhone thanks to all your notes about the app glitching so, for me at least, the app is still working and chiming away at me like a pushy, bossy trainer!

have a good end of week people x

breakfast diaries

I’m still resisting the avocado at breakfast and enjoying them for lunch (instead of both!)
Here are my tomato 🍅 feasts!

these egg white dinners certainly make for a lighter feeling in the morning but BOY I'M HUNGRY in the morning! so much so that I race through my workouts much quicker so I can have breakfast asap.
and the will power that I use when my children are enjoying their jam on toast, bowls of yogurt and porridge is HUGE

but - I fell off the waggon this week as I made them macaroni cheese for supper... it was hot and creamy and steaming...
I just had to try it.
There was no stopping me...and then a few more mouthfuls - oops.
I did well not to give myself a full portion (although acknowledging it and actually serving myself a bowl might have been better than guiltily diving into the serving bowl with a fork more than a few times) and had my regulation supper a couple of hours later as the leftovers sat their innocently on the oven calling my name.

I moved on and hoping no major harm done.

how hard is it to continue to cook for our families while sticking to the diet?


A surprisingly filling supper for night 1, week 5
Then a mug of herbal tea on the sofa. The upside already is not worrying I’m going to run out of proteins for supper this week!

social life

what social life?!
ha ha - just kidding ( a little bit)
I'm not going out in the week - too tired TBH
and weekends are my favourite time to be at home with the family, walk the dog without rushing, pool time and keeping PJ time to an absolute maximum!
I have certainly made choices about not going out in the evening because I'm on Kenzai - lunches are easier as there are great salad choices here in Abu Dhabi - evenings are full of temptations which at the moment need to be kept out of sight!

change in gear

these work outs are definitely getting harder.
that 4th set often finishes me off!
but, I got that nice/awful muscle pain inside my butt cheek (technical terminology) over the last couple of days and moving around was a little restricted!
looking forward to some muscles appearing soon (tell me they will!)

happy Sunday everyone x


After my thoroughly disappointing photo I have rethought my breakfast and gone for a less heavy one.
Usually there’s 1/2 an avocado on toast. Today I choose 150g of only tomatoes as my veg.

Any views on this dramatic (!) substitute for the norm?





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