Keisha B.

Keisha B.

Here we go!

So its taken for my husband (Daniel B and Matty B) and bro in law to do Kenzai Body 2 for me to follow suit. I have been doing workouts and following diet for couple of weeks missed a few workouts but overall been good. I've lost few kgs and got to my weight that I was starting Kenzai couple years ago. Looking back on past photos gives me some inspiration. My fitness had really deteriorated over past year but is returning back fast and feeling a bit more energy for sure. New speed rope is great and nice and light.

Back on the kenzai train

Back on board with a strict diet and workouts 3 x a week for the moment. Diet has been progressively been getting worse of the last 12 months or so with no workouts. Not surprising that im feeling the benefits already and still loving the rope. Not missing protein at dinner quite enjoying the diet. Hoping the motivation can continue into the the next few weeks.

Time to Kenzai

So its been a while, quite a while time to pick up the rope, started last week with 3 days and standard diet. Not too sore. Here we go!


Last week I struggled with diet and exercises the weekend was a right off. Had a uncle come and stay with us for 5 days which involved lots of beers and was difficult to get motivated. Having said that I feel more motived this week and off to a good start - hoping I can keep it up.

First week back

I'm back! Starting challenge into the second week as my husband and I went away for our 10th wedding anniversary and that week was not kenzai compliant a few big walks but too much food and drink. Worth it though. Been 4 days in of solid diet and workouts going well. Sore today .

Here is the shot of my workout area not much to look at but it does the job.

Good luck everyone for the challenge and weeks ahead.

The routine!

My Routine is mon, wed & fri workout days followed with 100% diet. I've been getting bad headaches the day after a workout. the same thing happened whilst doing kenzai body and eventually stopped. Must be my body adjusting to working out. My quads are screaming and just about every other part of my body is sore. Todays workout i was not able to do diamond push ups and opted for normal ones and side v sit were awkwardly done with lots of grunting . Last Sunday , 2 days after workout I had issues driving my car from soreness .... Geez !

Hope your all having good week :-)

Week 1

First week and my diet has been spot on. Fruit has been good here so made huge batch of fruit salad to last the week.

I opted to start at 3 days at somewhat fit to ease into things and will say that the workouts are definitely challenging but I like the variations keeps things interesting. I've just finished my 2nd workout this morning and it took a while to get through it all. Geez the plank hydrant was hard for me and my stomach was aching (is this right). I was a bit shocked to see the workouts but have managed to get through them. - slowly. haha.

Back to it!

Glad to be here amongst it. I've found over the last 6 months my exercise is just not regular and diet has been hit and miss. I've been having an indulgence day for about a month now, Kenzai Life has been on my mind. Just printed off my diet/exercises for the week ahead - here's hoping it all comes back pretty quick.

Final Post 
Img 0459

The journey began for me August last year when my good friend recommended my husband do the program.  He said it would be life changing and well – it was.  My husband formed some serious bad ass exercise habits, and was eating the best I’d seen he was like a new man.   I was the support team on the side line pushing him and I was learning along the way.

1 year had gone by and I could tell that what my husband learnt was now engrained in him and the workouts had not slacked off in fact he was taking it to the next level.  I knew then it was my turn to do the program I was ready for it.

The last 90 days have been both challenging and rewarding and I’ve absolutely loved the structure.  My body has changed shape and I feel good, clothes just sit better.  I am satisfied with my progress and I now am the fittest I’ve ever been. 

The best part of the program for me was that I was able to do it all at home.  For me this is it, no turning back.  I will be continuing with the workouts and skipping, I love it.   I am amazed at how good it feels. – to be fit.  Pre pcp I had never really experienced how good you can feel by exercising.   Who knows I may even consider re-peak down the track. 

I have spent the last few days in Sydney which was a lovely trip however, I was glad to get back home to my comforts of my morning skipping, my delicious omelette, my fresh fruits and my transformed dining room/exercise cave.  Eating out will never be the same.  There is a new rule at home my husband has made – its this …   I must walk first in front of him when walking up our stairs. ha ha. 

Big thanks goes out to:

The Pavo team - I would like to thank all my Pavo team mates who helped me get through the journey.  Reading your blogs kept me smiling and motivated.  Without you guys I could not have done this. 

Ward - Huge thanks and total respect goes to you Ward for your encouragement, sense of humour and awesome attitude when things were getting tough you pushed me along the way I thank you for this. 

Patrick - You are a legend.   The program has changed my life for the better.  You have given me the tools.  You’ve taught me that I can take time for myself and because of this I am a better person not only for me but for my family.  

Steve – You told me that it will be so good and it is.  I knew when you introduced me to this program that it was more than just about losing weight.  Thank you so much Steve.   

Husband dan – Thanks for skipping along side me in your skin coloured undies  when things were getting tough and encouraging me all along the way.  PS.  I’m about to sign you up to re-peak he he.  

Support team – Matty B and my sister Carly.  Thanks for your support and also now its your turn guys. Good luck Matty B your in for a great journey.

Not ready !

Can't believe were nearly done. Where did the week go? Skipped this morning fine with exercises to do tonight feelings are I don't want it to end yet. Im officially on holdays now. Headed to Sydney tomorrow time to pack yay!!!

Last few days of workouts has been great and I'm sure my form has improved. I got one of the days in the wrong order and did day 89 at day 85 - oops.  This was the legs workout.  I am still aching from that workout 2 days later which I'm happy about.   Skipping in the morning, exercising in the evening i've found is the key to a good day overall for me.  

My mind is so clear and focused at the minute, but my body is sore and tired. Tonight whilst doing the side captains I felt and heard a sort of crunch noise in my ab area. Hoping I'm not starting to fall apart!!!  What was that.  Any hoo not that sore so so it can't be bad.

Last few days team - don't want it to end.  Keep it up everyone!

Chill Keisha !

Enjoyed the change in exercises today all to failure was good not to have to count through each set. After the planks I thought I'd have a 2nd go at skipping i went to jump and my legs felt heavy and shaky lasted bout 2 minutes. My bodys way of saying chill have your tea and go to bed. Headed to Sydney this weekend few nights away with the family looking forward to this.

Day 84

Today I skipped 21 minutes no rests, a few trips.  Today I felt strong throughout skipping, noticing I am skipping quite quickly but still able to hold a conversation and even sing.  After the set I sat down and pulled out the exercise sheet and read 2 x 9 minutes and thought wow I've come a long way, I felt proud.  I was considering swapping my rest day but opted to have my usual rest day and leave the exercises for next week.  Next week could become quite hectic with school holidays, arranging baby sitters and kids swimming lesson/squad in the evenings but I am sure I'll be able to handle.   Last night we went to our apprentices 21st birthday.  I got talking to one of his friends who i'd been told was extremely fit and he does boxing.  He mentioned he does quite a lot of training and that included skipping,  My husband ears pricked up and he said Keish is skipping 21 minutes each day.  He looked quite impressed .  Not bad for a 36 year old mother of two.  BOOM!!

Feeling pumped team, so close hope everyone is ramping it up.  Good luck x

10 days to go....

Managed to get up early and get the skips done this morning.  I struggled first 2 sets but did ok on the last set.  Exercises will have to be done tonight as off now with kids swimming after school.

Needing some new inspirational tunes to get me through the next 10 days.  Any ideas peeps?

Chat soon.


Skipped 7 min x 3 no hassles here!  Exercises were done which I thought would drag out and take forever, however it was the opposite. Feeling awesome.   The reps have increased but I've really noticed I can tolerate the harder workouts now.

My husband (ex pcp skipping freak) came home this morning as it rained so work was called off he got into his groove got the rope out and skipped for 32 minutes. He had several beers Friday and Saturday night and was terribly hung over yesterday.   I had a laugh though listening to him grunt, and yelling out C'MON and YEAH!!  Our household has become most entertaining since the introduction to PCP.

Not long now team!

Final Photo

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