Keith C.

Keith C.

A journey of 90 days 
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Whether it was an uphill climb or a slow walk through a dark valley,  the pathway has been challenging but one I would do all over again for these results.  I was full of doubt in the beginning that what I saw others accomplish could actually be results I would achieve as well but as days passed by I realized that transformations were happening both physically and mentally!  I started with simple goals of getting a flat tummy and becoming a bit more light on my feet on the tennis court.  Both of these have been achieved along with many others things that if I continued down the list I would be writing for hours.  Thanks to my good friend who asked me over and over to join her on the journey until I finally registered and kept me on the straight and narrow whether it was her softly spoken words of encouragement or PCP compliant menu delights from her kitchen.  Patrick always had the right message for the moment and Sarah was always there to keep me going whether I was suffering from a cold or flu and struggling or smiling about some personal discovery along the way.   Now that I have reached the end, I have accomplished another goal I had from the beginning.  I have in my possession a new mindset about health and fitness and how I can achieve that in simple but accurate means and ways.  As I complete this education process, I move on to never being caught in the habits of my old ways ever again.  I look forward to where I will be physically and mentally at the end of the next 90 days.  I am confident that it is all upwards and onwards from here!  Thanks to everyone who has shared the journey with me.  It has been an awesome ride!

Day 89

It is really amazing that tomorrow is day 90!  Time to fire the PCP crew and walk out back into the mean hard world and do this right!  Everyone has been amazing!  Thanks for the support and for helping us find new direction for health and fitness.  It has been a tough finish with the supersets killing me.  But we have persevered and ready to graduate!  A colleague grabbed my arm today and was surprised by the hard bicep she suddenly had in her hand.  Time to buy some new clothes so I am not mistaken for being homeless!  It has been a great run.  Thanks to the PCP alumni who encouraged me to join and my good friend who I owe a lot to for doing more than encouraging me throughout the journey from registration to the end.  Thanks P!  The photo of the fat man can come down now!  For all you naysayers who read this now.....I WON!

Less than a week now!

I remember thinking around day 7 wondering how it would feel about this time in the journey.  A week can be a long time and then again it can fly by but feeling great and doing my exercises and keeping up on my diet.  I am in Bangkok and before my PCP days, I would frequent the 7-11 convenience store and load up on all kinds of stuff I would consume by the pool or after the tennis.  I walked passed it today and realized there was nothing in the shop I actually wanted to buy as it all falls under the fake food category I no longer want to let in my body.  Actually even the yogurt is the sugar laden stuff that I also have eliminated from my diet.  Less than a week now and ready to finish in style!  Keep it up everyone!

I headed down to Bangkok for the Easter holidays last Wednesday.  Got a few grumbles from people handling my luggage as like a true PCP'er, I threw in my gear to ensure I was ready to complete my PCP final push with excellence.   Jumprope, pull up bar,  stretch band,  push up bars, scales and measuring cup!  Thank goodness customs never get curious about it!  My PCP gear is about 5 extra kgs in the luggage but having it with me is well worth it.  What used to be a bit arduous has become like a habit for me and definitely a priority.  On the flight  it was quite easy just to bring along my own freshly cut apple for my fruit snack and pass up all those calorie laden offerings of food on the flight.  Once I arrived at the hotel it didn't take the hotel staff long to recognize that I had some special requests about food but generally very willing to assist and help.   I was literally the envy of the table last night as I got my 50 grams of rice with grilled tiger prawns and steamed green vegetables.  How more PCP could that be!  Yes, I still am not back to drinking alcohol.  I just don't want it so the beverage of choice was hot lemongrass tea.  I really enjoyed it and proof that this is sustainable if I only think about what I am putting in my mouth.   I played tennis yesterday afternoon and more comments about how I am moving quicker and lighter on my feet this year compared to last.  And even more comments around looking better without the extra belly on the tennis court.  But even with all this coming from the people around me,  nothing compares to how great I feel about myself and the changes that have come about with a little concentration over such a short period of time.  I have got through some personal challenges and illness along the way, but it has been a remarkable journey with lots of great support from true friends and colleagues and going to ensure I finish this strong!  I was pleased to see another colleague just joined up in the recent new group.  Much success to everyone!

Hey Patrick and Sarah,
I have to take this opportunity to raise my virtual champagne glass to you both and say thanks again for leading us down the path to greater health and fitness.  I think you have added years to my life and I am grateful.  I was in the gym tonight and saw my personal trainer I worked out with for several years and didn't see much change at all except in my bank account when the money went out of it to pay for the personal training.  I know I am not alone amongst my fellow PCP friends with this experience.  During the last 79 days on the program, occasionally he would see me doing my PCP exercises and make comments around I was losing too much weight and shouldn't lose my muscle mass with such a diet and such light exercises.  He never expressed any support at all for the program.  Always something wrong with it!  We had made a gentlemen's bet shortly after the program started that I would get on the in body analyzer at the end of the program and compare the results from when I started.  He was full of doubt then and thought I am sure that there would be nothing positive come up from my efforts.  As the weeks have passed, he has got less vocal and more observant.  Since he is heading out of town for a diving trip for Easter and won't be around at the end of the program, we both agreed tonight to view the results on the in body even though we are still 11 days away from the program finishing.  When I saw the results I was not surprised as Sarah and Patrick had prepared me for what he was about to tell me.  Just a confirmation to how good and accurate the PCP program has been for me.  Here is a snapshot of what was confirmed tonight:  muscle mass increased by 4% (trainer was shocked it hadn't reduced dramatically) body fat cut in half from 24% to 12%, dramatic strength increase in the lower body thanks to all those squats and crazy leg exercises, body weight reduced from 85.8 kgs to 72.8 kgs (13 kgs lighter).  My waist is down 3 inches since the beginning of the program and the analysis of nutritional evaluation, weight management, obesity diagnosis, body balance, body strength, and health diagnosis all normal for my age and height.   Spot on for recommended body weight with an above average fitness score.  I was ecstatic watching the trainer mumble under his breath how sorry he was for the discouraging words he uttered weeks before.  I doubt he is totally converted but definitely stumped on what he thought was the path to better health and fitness. Of course, as an almost graduate of the program this has been the best investment of my whole life.   We have turned the bend and the finish line is in view.  Ready to push through and complete the program but what I have gained will be a real life changer.  I for one will be never going back to my old ways!  Thanks to Patrick and Sarah and all the PCP friends who have been there for me along the way through the highs and lows keeping me going to where I have got to today!  Am I satisfied?  TOTALLY!

Day 74

Happy to be over my recent chest infection and back on my full PCP regime!  Just a little farther to go now!  Looking forward to crossing the finish line!

Battle continues!

I think I wrote about my cold I somehow acquired on my business trip to Tokyo last week in my previous blog and thought I had conquered it but got weaker the last few days and then back to the doctor yesterday who announced that it had moved to my chest and I had quite a chest infection going on.  I have been put on horse pill antibiotics and told to rest so my PCP train goes off the rails for a few days as I get myself healthy again.  I want to finish strong so hopefully the meds will help me get back on the PCP train.  

Sunday PCP

The cold that was brewing earlier in the week hit me with full vengeance on Friday.  I guess what was lying dormant in my chest started to move and it has been a battle for energy and strength since.  Sunday brings me hope that I am getting better and the exercises I haven't been able to do with the reduced health will get back on track.   I have been doing well to stick to my diet plan through the tough days but as of today have to say farewell to the apple dinners which were getting routine.  Some interesting changes in the diet and eager to see what happens the remaining short time training.  I haven't weighed myself recently but the clothes are piling up that I can no longer wear.   It has been no alcohol since Jan 13th and that seems so long ago but haven't really missed it at all.  I was asked by a good friend if I had ended my fast yet the other day.  Like Patrick's note, even when you tell them they don't seem to get what eating well and taking care of yourself means in these modern days.  Another colleague in a similar line told me I was too skinny now and needed to start eating meat again.  After coming this far, not a bad cold nor people who just can't get it can put me off pushing on further.  My resolve remains strong. I still have some stubborn belly fat to declare war on before I finish my 90 days.   I think it is time to start posting not only my weekly photo but the side view as well.   Let's see if I can get to it soon.  Here's to another good week ahead!

Amazing that another milestone has come and we are still plugging on....I like many others have had my share of valley challenges.  I had a nice little routine with my organization of my exercises and diet plan and it was really running like clockwork.  Then comes along a business trip to Tokyo and though I am still maintaining - my organizing got thrown a bit out of kilter for a few days and I began to think about stopping till I could get back to home base and my comfortable routine.  Then I realized that after day 90 more business trips most likely will come and I will need to adjust and maintain my lifestyle of health so I better start learning the ropes of reality now!  Have been suffering as well with body aches and a headache that is coming and going but fighting it with medicine and rest.  I had to cut my exercise out today until I felt like I could do them with some proficiency without hurting myself or my body in a reduced state of health.  I do want to say it is amazing though for all the benefits from PCP.  I had a fatty tumor in my shoulder that the doctors investigated about 6 months ago and decided it was nothing to worry about and we have been monitoring it along the way since.  I am happy to report that it is gone now after 60 days of eating good healthy fruits and vegetables and ridding my body of some of those free radicals.  I am eager to go back to the doctor and show him what has happened.  Even with fighting off a cold and feeling less than 100% this really makes me smile and happy I made the choice to do this.  Thanks to all the friends and colleagues who have supported me in the journey and day 90 is just a little further down the road.  Not stopping now!

Grim Enthusiasm

Yes, a week of grim enthusiasm....challenges increased around getting the exercises in and getting my food eaten in between all day meetings at work.  Grim definitely....but glad I have made through it.  Today was the grim not so enthusiasm as I was very tempted just to stick the exercises because of various excuses in my mind but I pushed myself to the gym and got it done.  Though it didn't feel like what I wanted to be doing after a hard day on the job but it felt good to get it done.  PCP moves to Tokyo and business trip for me next week.  Need to think and organize so I keep the progress going!  It is time to keep the show going!

Day 50

I have enjoyed my weekend.  I was inspired by my tennis coach as he told me today that I was moving faster from the base line to the net!  I was playing in Bangkok and the temperature on the court was 35 degrees C.  Pre-PCP it would have totally wiped me out but after two hours on the court in that heat, I walked off feeling great.  Wet but feeling great!  PCP could end today and hearing my coach comment on my improved performance has made it all worth it!  I am faster and lighter on my feet which was one of my early PCP goals.  All is cool with the exercises though they are not in any way easy and diet is always a surprise.  Each Sunday morning is welcomed with me wiping the sleep out of my eyes discovering what items have been reduced or taken away.  A moment of renewed resolve always settles on me and we move on ready for the challenge! Glad I love my yogurt as I have blogged before because I still have it in the menu and even got increased portions.  For all you curious birds who are on the other menus, my carbs and protein are down more and fruit is no longer part of my afternoon snack.  Got to love those veggies....not complaining just sharing.  I totally trust the PCP team and Patrick that they know what they are doing cause I have seen the results of their work on others who have passed before me on this journey.  My curiosity is peaked what my 90 days will bring!  From what former PCP'ers have shown in their weekly photos, the next few weeks are when the results start really coming forth!  Bring it on!  GO TAURUS!

Welcome Blaze!

Hey remember the days 47 days ago when we launched!  What enthusiasm!  What expectations!  Well considering the ups and downs since we are still plugging through and the resolve is still strong!  We are going to do this!  Exercises are getting more and more challenging but plugging through them and diet is a joy!  Love my little treats in the day like my yogurt and cold glass of milk which I am still at awe that I would even say such things before PCP.  Great things are happening with my physical and mental outlook!  I am faster on the tennis court and looking like a homeless man in my oversized clothes!  Holding off on buying the new wardrobe just yet as more of that stubborn body fat is going to be skipped off me sooner than later.  Just uploaded my week 7 photo and liking what is going on even though I think the photo doesn't really show it all.  When a colleague walks by and says, you are really looking good Keith!  It is worth all the work!  Go Taurus!

Halfway Point Done!

I want to say thanks to all my PCP colleagues and friends who have encouraged me along the journey so far.  It wouldn't have been as enjoyable or as successful without them.  Especially my particular colleague who sits quite close to me and keeps me going no matter the mood of the PCP day.  Has tolerated my roller coaster moods from the changes going on and has helped me plow through when the resolve was beginning to weaken.  Most of all, when my food choices were getting to the boring side of life she came along with some fantastic tasting PCP compliant preparations and shared them with me to add little spice to my day!  A special thanks to Patrick and team!  You guys are fabulous and so happy our paths crossed!  I have learned so much about health and fitness from the experience!  Thanks again everyone....we will be to day 90 in no time!!  No reason to give up now!

Day 39

It seems like we are reaching another milestone here.....39 days is in some ways quite amazing to think about it and in others ways,  we still have a lot of work to do before getting to the 90 day goal.  I am enjoying the exercises.  My physio told me a couple of years ago that my knees were not really going to last and I had pounded the pavement long enough so I laid off the running and the leg exercises for a while.  I am encouraged though now going through the exercises that the strength is coming back to my legs and I am thrilled seeing myself do things I thought I would never be doing such as the pistol squats, creeps and floor jumps.  One of the colleagues saw me today in the office corridor and had to say he had heard I was half the man I used to be!  And continued mumbling about, how he really had to find out more about this thing.  I took the opportunity to tell him how great it was.  Not easy but great!  I had a presentation that worked right into my meal schedule today so I was pushing lunch time up a few mins and was really hungry when I finished and was excited to dig into my afternoon snack of fruit and yogurt.  My fellow PCP'er sitting close to me, lost all composure watching me as I dug for every little last bit of yogurt like it was going to be my last meal for a few days.  It was such a treat.   I am finding my fresh fruit and vegetables so delicious.  I will never ever take them for granted ever again.   So generally from here, challenged still to find the best time to balance my day job with my PCP schedule but still getting it done.  Exercises are good and I love the intensity and variety as well.   I would love more to eat but maintaining the plan accordingly and on target with the quantities and the meal and snack arrangements and am seeing the benefits from my perseverance.  I wish the rest of the PCP gang smooth sailing through the rest of this week.  Bring on day 40......!

Day 35

I so appreciated the message from Patrick this morning.  It seems my difficulties started a little early and I was wondering what was going on this week.  It was tough with the intensity ramping up with the exercises and finding myself short of patience and dealing with irritability which I normally don't experience in non PCP environments.  Thanks for making us aware so we can handle it better.  It does look like this is where it gets tough.  Time to get that second wind and push forward!

Final Photo





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