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Kelly M.

Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Day 21
Program progress:
Bells 2 - intro

Hi Team,

I’m a bit delayed posting my first blog because I was travelling last week and I completely missed the starting day!
Well, I have settled into the routine now, catching up on the exercise, cleaning up the diet.
My story with the bells is that I have done the first program twice so I was looking forward to finding a suitable time to do #2. I first joined Kenzai in 2013 and I have done many other programs. Kettlebells was the first one I did that wasn’t focused on body weight exercises and bands. I really enjoy the change this brings to my training.
For this program I am planning to gain some strength, specifically with an eye on helping my golf game, giving me some extra distance on my tee shots. I also think that the bells are great for overall toning as they give me a good full body workout.
My 6 weeks will be a little broken up as I have some travel plans and I will also be moving away from HK. However, no excuses as I should have time t9 exercise everyday although I may need to substitute other weights occasionally.

Good luck with the program. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the blogs!

Down but not out!!

Well, I had a great time skiing in attached...but unfortunately my last run o& a 3-day trip was a massive wipeout that saw me crash into a big ice block, leading with my left thigh. Nasty bruise!... so I have been rehabbing and off exercise since then.
I finally got back to doing something on Sunday when I went for a long hike with my daughter, and fellow KB3 team member, Alexia. The photo is from the top of the twin peaks in HK.
I have been sticking to the diet fairly well but with Alexia visiting we did have some indulgent evenings when we enjoyed the pleasures of Asia.
I feel like I am back on track now with the final month giving me a good boost ahead of the hot weather in HK.
Sorry team for being absent from the blogs but my lack of ability to stick to the exercise left me feeling out of the program.
Time for a reset!

Well, I haven’t had my indulgence yet but I already know that I will be eating some great food and drinking sake as I am heading to Japan to go skiing this weekend.
Really looking forward to seeing how 6 weeks of training has improved my strength and stamina. Hopefully ripping through the fresh Pow as my partners are left huffing and puffing half way down the mountain.
Photos to follow!


Hi Team,

Sorry for the radio silence while I was away for CNY. I had a great week in Phuket with plenty of exercise and a few diet slips. I did all my Kenzai workouts while waking up before 6 most days to hit the golf course.
Photo of my daily workout space is attached.
Back in HK now so getting back into routine. Will have to tighten the diet this week!

When time flies!

For me there is no doubt that I lose track of time most while doing/watching sport. Most obvious is golf. I could play all day and wouldn’t notice the time flying by. Equally, watching sport live or on tv and I don’t even notice the time go by.
Unfortunately, it’s not the same for working out or running...i am definitely counting the time when I’m exercising!

I had a great week of exercise, didn’t miss a session. Diet wasn’t quite so spot on as I didn’t resist the call of a few beers and some wine.
I will focus on avoiding the slips this week while getting my workouts done in the morning.
My next big challenge will be Chinese New Year. With 10 days in Phuket I should be great with the exercise but the amazing food will be difficult to resist.

Body Parts

to answer our weekly challenge, I would have to say that my knees are the body part that I would be most happy to change. I can't complain about too many other things but my knees have been giving me the most trouble since my 1st surgery 20 years ago. Time for a tune-up soon but I hope to live with the knees I've got for many years to come.

In other news. the week was OK. It was a travel week with a couple days in Singapore but I have been quite good on the diet and exercise. The only slips have been a few sweets that won't seem to go away and a couple drinks. Will try to clean up the remaining slips this week.

Don't Look Back

in answer to the weekly Q&A, the most important lesson for me is "Don't look back".
This doesn't mean you shouldn't learn from past experiences, successes, setbacks, etc. but don't live with regrets.
As an avid golfer, this is a very important mental lesson for improving in this difficult sport. People who are always regretting that missed putt, lost ball on their last drive, etc. are missing the required focus on the next shot...the most important one because it is the only shot you can influence now.
Let's go Team Wolverine...look forward to crushing your next workout and don't regret the one you did yesterday when you were tired, sick, etc.

I’ve been back in HK from London for 6 days and still waking up by 5 am. Well, I guess that is Kenzai positive as I have been getting to bed early and workouts are done before 7am!
Today’s lesson was very topical because I felt awkward and inadequate doing the full body exercises. I decided to do the pull-up sit up and after 1 strong set I struggled to get to the minimum number in the other 3.
Definitely feeling tight muscles after 2 days!

KB3 - Day 1

Well I might as well start out well with a day 1 blog!
I did the exercises this morning and I can already see this program is different! Not a long series of exercises but there were a couple tough sets.
Looking forward to the next 3 months...kind of!
Healthy eating...particularly breakfast. Photo attached
Good luck Group Wolverine!

KB 2 - Graduation post 

Sorry it’s been over a month since the program finished but I limped across the line as I had a mix of business trips and personal celebrations get in the way.
This was far from my best effort, but as always I appreciated the mix of focused exercise and clean eating.
I will be much more committed to my next challenge as I go into 2019 ready to try some new programs.
Thanks to the whole team for your support and all the best for the New Year!


I have been getting up to do morning exercises this week so that has helped to start the week right. Of course it always starts with the healthy breakfast, pictured.
On the exercise front, I am still doing my 250 double unders with each 20 minute session. I have managed a maximum 70 run without a trip so that is my new benchmark. Will be tough to get much higher because the form breaks down as I get tired.

Catching up

Hi team,

Sorry for the blog strike recently.
Last week was a travel week so I got a little messed up and lost my focus.
Back in HK now so will focus on the workouts and keeping the diet on track.
Compliance was poor last week so I owe a lot of double unders to repent for my sins!
The bright side about missing some workouts last week is that my knee was quite painful from a meniscus problem but feeling stronger now. In fact I will test it tonight at an ice hockey game!
Update photo to come.

Moving up to 250/session this week. I also managed 50 consecutive in one session so my next target will be 60.
That’s the good news...the not so good news is that last week there were a few unplanned indulgences. People in town, dinner, know the drill. Thursday was a slip up but time to steady the ship this week.

Here’s a challenge for the 2nd half of the program...nail the double under.
I always make DUs part of my skipping because 1) it breaks the monotony ans 2) it gets the heart really racing. Kind of like interval training when running.
I’ve been adding 25 each week for the past 5-6 weeks and now I am up to 225 per session. Really puts the burn into a skipping workout.
There are tons of websites telling you how to work on this skil but here Is 1 example that I searched for...

Good luck with the Double Unders!

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