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Kelly M.

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Happy 2020! time to put a bow on 2019 first!
I finished my Reach program in November but with travel and end of year activities I have been out of touch with my fitness goals.
So to wrap up the Reach program, I have to admit that the 2nd half was a little hit and miss. I really enjoyed the multiple stretching sessions each day and I will definitely be going back to the basics of this program in the coming year, supplementing my strength and cardio training.

Looking forward to the new year. My fitness goals include improved cardio, strength and flexibility. In the coming weeks I will think about the key results that I can use to quantify these objectives.

Now it's time to sign up for my first Kenzai program on 2020!

Back in Asia

Hi Team,

i have been in a bit of travel mode the last couple weeks so I haven't been very diligent on the blogs. I am really keeping up with the lessons, which I find very informative, and I never miss my morning stretched, which i find to be a great wake-up. For the other 2 sessions I have been doing alright but I do miss the occasional one, especially when I am out with friends and family in the evening.
I have come back to Asia for a few weeks, where I will be spending most of my time in Phuket. I'm really looking forward to finding my rhythm as I will be on the golf course in the morning and in the gym in the afternoon.
Big push to the end of this program and I intend to maintain the stretching even after we finish.

Catching up on the blog

Hi team, funny thing is that I am on the Kenzai app several times/day, with the 3 phases of workout for Reach but I have been really bad about getting my blogs up!
I have enjoyed the regular stretching and new skills acquired but I have to say that some of those evening stretches are pretty painful. It always feels good after but when I am into a stretch for 4-5 mins it can be very “achy”.
I’ve been travelling a bit so I’ve had to find soft spots to hit up the stretches but generally I find that Reach is a good program if you’re on the move.

Catching up

Hi team,

Sorry to be off the blogs last week. Aside from this weekend (visiting family), I have been getting in my sessions. Really enjoying the morning stretches but the evening ones are painful!
However, I completed a 1-week intensive language course on Friday so I was quite focused on my courses, practice and homework. Tough going back to class after 30 years away!!
I will get another blog up soon to answer some weekly questions and I will post my photo.
Back in London later tonight so the next few weeks should be easier to stay on track.
I’m also looking forward to getting back on the golf course because I have been away from it for 10 days!

I’m going for the maximum time on each of the nightly stretches but many of them are quite painful during the first minute. The pain subsides after I finally ease into the stretch and then it also takes me 10-15 secs at the end to come out of the stretch.
Love these stretches but there are definitely painful moments!!

Beliefs and Philosophies

Now that I am officially into the program, time to catch up on the week 1 task....

tough question to condense into a blog post but I would say that my core beliefs/philosophies are:

- be kind and fair to others
- workout and rest your mind and body every day
- Enjoy Life
- Live in the Now


Hi Team Padmasan,

Great to catch up with everyone and join the team on this Reach adventure.

Sorry I am late to the blog-fest but I just completed the Kenzai Mind program on Sunday so I was doing the Reach exercises and following the lessons on pdfs with the help of my trainer Cece (she's awesome), that she sent through by email. Now I can finally join you on the blog and follow lessons and exercises on the app/website.

First order of business is to answer Ward's intro questions.

Who are you?
Kelly. Canadian who has lived outside the country for almost 30 years.

Where are you?
I just left HK after 7 years and I plan to spend my time in 3 places, London, England, Phuket, Thailand and Ontario, Canada.

How do you spend your time?
I have just stopped working full time after almost 30 years in the financial services business. I am spending a lot of time golfing while sorting out a lot of things for my "semi-retirement".
In addition to Golf + Kenzai, I also play hockey, tennis (a little) and I plan to get back into biking now that I have left HK (too scary there!).

If you had a magic egg white what is the one thing you would change about Kenzai?
Tough question....I guess I would make the app more friendly to use but I know that is happening already.
I would also like more variability in the diet. It seems like every time I am on a program it is always the same diet that comes up. This makes it less motivating to post the weekly photos when you know that it won't impact the diet anyways.

If you were stranded on Desert Island...what one desert would be there for you to eat from now until the end of time?
It would have to be ice cream. As much as I love a properly made lemon tart, I can't imagine eating it every day....whereas ice problem!

Mind - Graduation post 

This training period has raced by very quickly and it has been quite a different Kenzai experience from the other programs.
I have really enjoyed my first steps into meditation. Although I have missed some sessions, I can really see making “the cushion” part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth. Even if just for 5-10 mins I love getting into the meditative state. I find it very calming. I will also definitely continue to use the control of my breathing and body position when playing sport, especially golf.
Thank you very much to Cece for your support. You have been a fantastic trainer. Your comments are always well considered and timely.
Looking forward to my next program...a logical progression to Reach!

Today I came back from playing was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and I wanted to soothe the aches and pains of the day in my garden hot tub. As I sat there feeling very relaxed I thought, why not throw in a meditation session.
What a revelation! The sound of the bubbles and the motor running was soothing for the 15-minute cycle and once it stopped I spent another 10 mins sitting in the silence of a sunny afternoon with my arms and legs feeling relatively weightless. It was a really great session with my breathing and body awareness taking me out of repeated thought chains back to a neutral place.
This is definitely a place where I will practice meditation in future.

Meditation in my World

I continue to enjoy the daily meditation and the variety from walking, guided, body awareness, etc. I especially enjoyed the walking meditation and I intend to do this regularly after the program.
What I have found really interesting is bringing meditation into my regular life. I have been playing a lot of golf recently and I have been using the technique of focusing on my breathing when my thoughts turn negative after a poor shot or hole. I have really felt this has allowed me to come back to the now and ignore any negative thoughts that might have accumulated.
I can see using this is many situations when my brain is full of thoughts and I just need to bring myself back to the present.

3 weeks of meditating

Now that we have reached the 3 week mark, I am realising that meditating is not quite a habit yet. I have missed a few days...not because I don’t have 15 minutes to spare but I will get to the end of the day and realise that I haven’t carved out some quiet time to have my session. By the end of the day I find it is too late because I just fall asleep during the meditation if I do it after 8-9pm.
The next 3 weeks I will focus on finding the right time to do my meditation and sticking to it. I am leaning towards as soon as I wake up. I need to associate meditation with brushing my teeth!
Really enjoying my sessions and the lessons that teach us about this practice.

Hi team,

After 2 weeks of daily meditation I have a few observations about how it is going with me.
1) late meditation = sleep. In the evening or at night, even if I am sitting up and meditating with my eyes open, I invariably fall asleep.
2) thought chains and breathing. I am starting to get the hang of cutting off the thought chains with a focus on breathing. I just did a 9-minute session where my brain went through several themes but I was able to disconnect each one through my breathing focus while letting another unrelated theme popup after 10-15 secs. Is this how it is supposed to go?
3) body positions, etc. This has been a bit of a revelation for me. I didn’t realise that it was important to be sitting up with eyes open and hands positioned in a certain way. After trying it out, these changes make sense...and getting the right posture and position helps me to fall asleep less frequently!!

Looking forward to the next steps. I am catching up on a few lessons so I haven’t tried walking meditation yet. I will find a nice quiet spot to do this in the next day.

Mind Intro

Hi Team,

I’m looking forward to training with everyone on this slightly different Kenzai program. I’ve done many of the programs over the past 6 years but this will be the first one that is not focused so heavily on body exercise.
For a brief intro, while sticking to some of the recommended questions...

- How do you spend your time?

I have recently finished a 7-year period of working in HK so I am spending time in Europe, Canada and Thailand before I settle back to the UK in Q2 next year.

- Why Kenzai Mind?

I have dabbled with meditation in the past, without any structure, so I am interested to take some time to get a better understanding of this “mind exercise” and put it into regular practice.
I also didn’t want a structured exercise program right now because I am spending a lot of time golfing so I want my exercise and stretching to be more golf focused on the days I am not playing or practicing.

- What scares/excites you about this course?

I am excited to try something real fears!

- What's your favorite season? Why?

Tough question...every season has it’s benefits. I will turn this around and say the seasons I don’t like are summer in HK (too much humidity) and winter in London (too wet). I enjoy everything else....even bitterly cold winters in Canada!

- Are you facing obstacles to this training cycle? This might be injury, travel, or even some cosmic dissonance of some nature.

I will be travelling throughout the program but since I am not working I don’t see this as an obstacle....and I’m not a big cosmic dissonance guy!

I attach a photo of where I will be spending much of the time during this program.


Day 3

I was still linking up successive thoughts into a chain while focusing on deep breathing to bring me back.
It was great but like when I have a dream I struggle to remember the thoughts from any of the chains.
...and I still fell asleep towards the end of the 5 mins!

Day 1 and 2 reflections

Well, I have done both days meditation and the consistent theme is that I fell asleep doing both of them!
I am aware of the connection/linking of my thoughts when I sit down and meditate and bringing my thoughts back to the present was ok. I find it difficult to just clear my mind of any thoughts.
Great to train with you team Mozart!

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