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I have been getting up to do morning exercises this week so that has helped to start the week right. Of course it always starts with the healthy breakfast, pictured.
On the exercise front, I am still doing my 250 double unders with each 20 minute session. I have managed a maximum 70 run without a trip so that is my new benchmark. Will be tough to get much higher because the form breaks down as I get tired.

Catching up

Hi team,

Sorry for the blog strike recently.
Last week was a travel week so I got a little messed up and lost my focus.
Back in HK now so will focus on the workouts and keeping the diet on track.
Compliance was poor last week so I owe a lot of double unders to repent for my sins!
The bright side about missing some workouts last week is that my knee was quite painful from a meniscus problem but feeling stronger now. In fact I will test it tonight at an ice hockey game!
Update photo to come.

Double under update...

Moving up to 250/session this week. I also managed 50 consecutive in one session so my next target will be 60.
That’s the good news...the not so good news is that last week there were a few unplanned indulgences. People in town, dinner, know the drill. Thursday was a slip up but time to steady the ship this week.

Double under challenge

Here’s a challenge for the 2nd half of the program...nail the double under.
I always make DUs part of my skipping because 1) it breaks the monotony ans 2) it gets the heart really racing. Kind of like interval training when running.
I’ve been adding 25 each week for the past 5-6 weeks and now I am up to 225 per session. Really puts the burn into a skipping workout.
There are tons of websites telling you how to work on this skil but here Is 1 example that I searched for...

Good luck with the Double Unders!

Although I always complain about having a holiday in the middle of the week, it does give a chance to 1) catch up on some admin, 2) break up the week and 3) focus on Kenzai.
So this morning was Kenzai time. Sleep in a bit, solid workout (with Desiree), healthy breakfast and catch up on the blogs.
Actually, I love a Wednesday holiday!

My egg white pancakes

I decided to try myself. Worked out well! Need cinnamon for the next time.
Good weekend of eating and workouts. Just need to focus on sleep now!

Family support...

The photo below shows a fantastic breakfast that my daughter and fellow Kenzai trainee, Alexia, prepared for me after I got off a 12 hour flight from Hk to LDN. Of course there was also the training session before that she motivated me to do...that is support!
Unfortunately, my proper Kenzai training suffered for the next week as I played golf every day. Lots of exercise, though, so I am thrilled with the week. Now it’s time to lock in the exercise and nail the diet!
Also had to add 1 photo with my kids at the fantastic farmers market near our house in London!

Missing in (golf) action

Sorry team, but I have been off the grid for 10 days as I have been traveling in Europe (London + Paris) and singularly focused on playing golf (6 rounds) or watching golf (3 days of Ryder Cup). I have done a few of the workouts, as I have traveled with rope + bands, but I have been fairly consumed by chasing around a white ball.
It has been a fantastic time with a lot of exercise but from tomorrow I will be back on program, as I return to HK.
Diet has been off but I have tried to restrain my food and alcohol consumption.
Updated weekly photos to follow but I have attached one below overlooking the golf National course outside Paris. Stunning place to watch a brilliant European victory.


Alternative cardio, yesterday was walking 10k in the hot sun, up and down hills with 10kg on my back. A beautiful day for golf in attached.
Today was not so nice so I did my workout indoors.
Good week. Didn’t miss any exercises and diet was about 80% on target.

I have to say that completing KB1 in 2013 and being in great shape for playing ice hockey competes with completing my first triathlon (2010), despite being a crap swimmer....
However, the winner for proudest fitness moment has to be motivating my kids (23 & 25) to follow me in the healthy lifestyle and fitness choices that Kenzai brings. Despite being in their mid 20’s, when choices could be fast food and partying, they are both living balanced, healthy lifestyles....staying ahead of the game!

Easing into the program

Hi Team Fir. I got back from a trip on Friday so it was tough to get straight into this program. Ready to go now, though. Fridge is full. I plan to get into the morning routine this week and hope that the work schedule accommodate.
Looking forward to training with you all. This program will be motivated by my desire to be in great shape for Christmas.

It’s been too long... 

Back to school for the kids means back to the gym/Kenzai for me!
First bit of homework for me is to write the long awaited graduation post for my kettle bell program.
I love the kettle bell program and I started this one very well. Unfortunately, life (=work) got in the way for the 2nd half and I stumbled across the finish line.
What I love about the bells program is the pace of the cycle workouts and the extra challenge of bringing some weight training into a Kenzai program.
I didn’t like the size of the group, though. We had more than 20 people in the group and I found it hard to connect with such a big crowd. Not very motivational for blogging.
Looking to jump into KB2 for the next 3 months so I will commit to a better effort this time around!


Whenever I think of kettlebells I can’t help but casting my mind to my favourite anti-hero...Coyote...launching his kettlebell-shaped bomb at Roadrunner. What a trooper! The most persistent vilain. Never gives up...and if he did Kenzai he would be an excellent blogger!
What’s not to like!?

My bell...

A little behind with this particular challenge but here is a photo of my small bell (8kg) in Phuket. I was away for a short break, enjoying the workouts in a tropical paradise....with lots of rain!

The easy part of Kenzai....

As much as I have wavered in terms of exercise, sleep, sweets, alcohol, etc, 1 thing has always remained consistent...breakfast!
5 years of veg + eggs + carbs...never get tired of this and it sets up my day. Today’s version is below. Avocado, tomato, wilted spinach and poached egg on English muffin. Awesome!
Day 4 workout done. Time to take on the day!

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