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Kelly M.

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Day 3 of exercise is in the books. I am enjoying reacquainting myself with the bells.
In response to Thomas’ questions to the team.

1. What do you want to get out of this training?
Get back into a routine. Daily exercise and tighter diet. I’ve been ill recently so exercise has taken a back seat. Back to my favourite Kenzai program to re-establish my will to get up in the morning and hit the gym.
2. What do you need in order to make that happen?
Key #1. Wake up and get out of bed at 6am. Really important for me to establish the morning routine because life gets in the way when I leave it till after work.
Key #2. Sleep. Getting to bed by 1030 makes a big difference...especially as we get deep into the 6 weeks. When I did Nate’s beta program I remember the last 2-3 weeks were a big step up.
Key #3. Support. All of you in the group and most importantly, my daughter, Alexia, who joined our group without telling me...huge motivation to train with a family member! And of course, Desi. She is doing a reboot now so we are exercising together and sharing the work of making a healthy breakfast before we head off to work.
That’s it from me...7:30 in HK so time to move on!

Kettlebells 1 - 2nd time

Having been part of the beta group in 2016, this is my 2nd time around. Having suffered with illness the past 6 weeks, I am looking forward to getting into this program and reacquainting myself with the bells!
Good luck team Firedrake!


This morning I did my first full workout in 6 weeks! I have been suffering from shingles (face) and the side effects and it has really knocked me back....I even stopped any golfing for 3-4 weeks!
So this morning was a full K-life workout in the HK heat.
Feeling tired...but good!
Next step is to jump into a program...

Hi Team Abraham,

Unfortunately, I have found myself lacking in time and personal drive to finish the 1/2 marathon program. I was very motivated to start but work travel and other activities have gotten in the way of me properly committing to this program. The runs at the end of last week hit home that I wasn’t in a good position to finish strong. Even though I have a long Easter break where I will have time to exercise, my schedule in the 2nd and 3rd weeks o& April looks daunting!
With regret I am going to bow out for now but I am keen to re-engage with the K-run 1/2 program after the heat of the HK summer has past.
Good luck everyone. Will be following your blogs.


Back on program

Good morning team. Looking forward to starting a new challenge after a few months away.
I have been keen to test myself at longer distances although the lead up to this program has been sub-optimal as I have been more focused on golf than running!
So I completed my first run today...not quite the required 40 mins but I figured I better ease in since I have only run once in the past 3 weeks.

Crawling across the finish line.... 

After a decent start, some illness, busy times at work and other activities got in the way of fully focusing on my Reboot program. I was fairly good with eating and avoiding indulgences but I missed a lot of the set exercises. Fortunately I played plenty of golf and ice hockey so that has kept me moving.
So I’m heading into February more active and and with better eating habits than at the beginning of the year. Next step will be another program, hopefully K-run because this is best time of the year to run in HK.
Sorry I wasn’t a better teammate but I was happy to follow everyone’s progress and pleased you have all kicked off 2018 with a healthy start.

Throwback Tuesday.

Darker hair...any other changes?
Bigger change is with the young girl in the photo. You will find her in the iron group.

Eating out Challenge

Vietnamese restaurant...I struggled to get the right amount of carbs but plenty of veg with sauce on the side.

Good Eating...

A weekend at home so the fridge is full of healthy food. Ratatouille, steamed broccoli, grilled chicken and steak. A weekend at home is good for the diet.
Last night was a healthy “pierrade”, grilled meat and veg on a hot stone...see photo. Yum!

Week 1 challenge

Most of my workouts are in HK. The gym and my sky garden are my regular spots. I much prefer the space of the sky garden but mornings I don’t have a choice because it’s not open. Photos of both are attached.
....almost forgot my favourite workout place in HK....Kai Sai Chau golf club...also attached!

Reboot - Let's do this!

my first proper exercise in a month as I have a lingering cough/cold that won't go away. I will ease into the first week and hopefully with the help of some meds I will shift this bronchial infection and be fully ready when the harder workouts come up.

Good luck team! Enjoy rebooting!

Poor finish - couldn’t shake the cold! 

It has been ages now since I went into the last week of K-run and started to feel the effects of a lingering cold. Here we are 6 weeks later and I’m still not 100%.
So I have decided to start a reboot program to get myself back in a groove and I will redo Run in a month if I am able to shake the cough and cold.
Disappointing, but I am not anywhere near ready for a 13km run so best to restart when I’m ready.

Apologies to team Severn but I am going to have to take an extra week to finish the program...but finish I will!
I’ve been suffering from a cold this week then I had a couple travel days that got in the way of my I will shift everything back 7 days and complete by next Sunday. I will also be in Phuket at the end of the week so I will be motivated by some new surroundings!
Great job finishing the program team. I will be right behind you!,

11k. Done!

Great to get those 11k day late but all ok. I did my usual first 1.5 km uphill to start and I have to say that all almost paused for a rest at the end of that section. I fought through the pain and things levelled out after that. I was running in a gentle drizzle throughout most of the run. This was ok until I got to about 7k. Then the rain started falling quite hard so I got properly soaked by the time I was finished.
Ready for a nap now!

A decent run this morning...I ditched the headphones and the glasses! Felt strange...a bit like someone who had lost a limb but they say they can still feel an itch! I reached up many times to adjust the headphones and the glasses strap, only to realise there was nothing there.
Pros: not having the annoying Runkeeper lady telling me “time X minutes,total distance y km, average pace z”. I think I will switch off the audible alerts because that was a pleasant change.
Cons: not learning anything. I usually listen to history or golf podcasts so I kind of feel like I wasted a 30-min window to learn something.
I think I will go unplugged when the surroundings are beautiful enough to capture all my attention. Otherwise, podcast it will be!

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