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Missing post...

The gremlins have been out. I posted yesterday and it wasn’t saved so this morning I got a nasty reminder...sorry team.
I was commenting that I have a lot of work visitors recently + a busy golf weekend last week so I haven’t been as good on exercises as I could/should have been. Trying to make sure I don’t miss the runs.
Attached is my previous homework assignment...yes, this is the urban jungle of HK (Wanchai) but I can go up the hill to a flat running trail through the trees, around the corner to the Happy Valley running track or 500m to the harbour front where I can pick my way through the buildings and pedestrians to find a good path. I also threw in 1 photo of south of the island where I don’t run often enough!
For this week I will go the no headphones route to change it up. On my way to the track now.
Finish strong runners!

Change of routine...

Before listening to Matt's message I actually changed my routine a bit yesterday because I brought my running gear to work and ran home, instead of running when I get home. Good plan that I think I will repeat this evening for the fartlek.
However, changing from my standard running listening is going to be tough. Love my podcasts and I have just got stuck into Dan Carlin's Hardcore History....I think I have 10 hours left before I get through WW1!
Still searching for my mantra to complete task 1....for me it is really about pushing through the pain. Whether it is after a tough uphill section when my breathing is very laboured and I feel like stopping to catch my breath....or aching legs from too much activity throughout the week.
How about this...

One step at a time - pain is temporary

end of week 3

week 3 wasn't quite as good as the last one. I missed one of the runs so I focused on my form while I ran the 8km today. Feeling pretty good about the running. My fartlek on Thursday was uphill to start so that added a bit more difficulty but i was still able to go at a good pace durning the acceleration phases.
I am still thinking about my motivational statement for the weekly assignment.

Hill Kill

I did my 6.5km today. very tough day cause i started with 1.5km uphill. I had a couple moments when I had to fight through the desire to stop and just walk. I was able to fight through though and got my 6.5k done. Feeling pretty tired right now...
Fortunately I am off for brunch so I will refuel soon!!

fartlek 1!

Decent run. Interesting that my speed was just as fast in the final segments when I wasn't doing the 30 second speed sections. Struggled a bit with timing on the 2 minute fartlek segments.

Cross training =

A brisk walk home from work. Feels great to integrate Kenzai into my daily routine!... even if it feels like I'm cheating.
25 mins at 9:45/km. is that brisk?
Felt like a day off but I played ice hockey last night so I needed a recovery day!!

Good start to the week!

30-min run before breakfast. Leisurely pace in the rain! New diet is started so I am motivated to get a good week under my belt...
No travel excuses in week 2.


Not a great to start a program with a travel week but that's life. I was in Singapore so i managed to do a nice run around the Marina Bay but I didn't hit all my sessions. Got caught up a bit on the weekend and I was really happy with my 5k run today. It was a typhoon day in HK so the streets were vacant. Nice to be able to run in spots where I usually can't get through the crowds of people. I was pleased to run at a 5 min/km pace and really concentrate on my form. Back out there tomorrow morning.
All the best for week 2!

Limping over the line! 

The last 4-5 months have been a stress test of too much work and not enough time for exercise so I have stumbled through Reach and Reboot.
Thanks for the support of the team and Jess. I wish I could find more time.
I will keep trying to find the time and I will give k-run a chance...hoping the morning runs and nicer temps in hk will motivate me to get up for the 6am runs.

Relaxing weekend

I've been chilling in HK this weekend. Staycation at the Conrad (photo attached). I have been able to stick to exercise plan + get some good sleep. Diet hasn't been as good but next week will be easier because my long term visitor (son) will be heading back to Uni.
Kenzai lunch photo to follow this week.

Hitting the exercises

Week 1 has been tough finding my focus but I am getting back at it this morning. I have been fairly good with eating but early to bed + getting to the gym have been failures! Fortunately plenty of golf + ice hockey have kept my body moving.

Hi team,
Great to be back on a program after I crashed and burned on Reach when 4 weeks of intense work got the better of me.
Although I am still working late, I am putting it out there right now that I need to get up in the morning and get the workouts done and dusted before heading to work. Desi is going to push me to make this happen!
Day 1 was actually a busy sports day because I played hockey (yes, on ice in HK in August!) then got back late.
Good luck fellow re-booters!

Mystical experiences!

I really like the lesson about mystical experiences because I totally agree that this program is all about moving my body, getting more flexibility and learning a new form of exercise. It's not (for me) about discovering the colour of my aura!
I think my flexibility is making some progress and I am getting better at the exercises but I gave 1 fundamental question...2what is the strap meant for? I haven't used it and haven't really seen a place where I would use I missing something?

Putting it out there...

Hi Kenzai team.

Really sorry that I have been absent of late. Really struggling with blogging these days as I am hitting the stretches 2 or 3 times/day.
I am calling Reach my personal journey!
I have been diligently following the daily lessons and fully committing to the exercises but I am finding that this is taking a lot of time....maybe I am breathing too slowly on the skill movements!
Definitely enjoying getting my stretch on and feeling like progress is being made. I am now a king of the sun salutation!
Strange to be doing so little strength and cardio work, though. I will need to start doing extra cardio soon because summer hockey starts in 3 weeks so I need to have my stamina for that.
I hope you are all enjoying the program.
Will get photos, etc up tomorrow.

Thoughts after Reach week 2

Hi team Virasana,
My first thought is I've been rubbish at blogging! Sorry. To be honest, I have been good with the exercises but I have been doing everything on the app so I haven't been going to the home page and following the streams very closely.
I am getting into the morning stretches and I have tended to do the rest of the exercises in the evening. I wish the app would break the day up into 3 separate sections so each time I finish one bit of the daily exercises it wouldn't ask me "are you sure you want to quit now?"
I am getting the feeling that I am not really working out because I don't get to the end of the session in a sweaty mess. Tough to get used to. However, I do feel that the evening stretches can be pretty painful so I guess that is similar to the feeling after a cardio/strength session.
In terms of diet I have been doing ok. Lots of visitors and evening meals have been getting in the way...but no excuses for the next 2 weeks!

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