Kendal P.

Kendal P.


So we had a hurricane come through and lost power and that disrupted my food and training schedule greatly. Then I went on a week long trip with my son in Europe and forgot my equipment. Tried to stick to diet best I could. So not a great reboot for me sadly:-(

Getting Back to It!

Back to Kenzai and it feels good! It's not such a shock to my system as when I did the first program for three months, I think my body knows what is happening and is happy! I am not doing the jumprope since last time I had a bad reaction to it, so subbing with other cardio. The strength exercises are great and I'm getting the diet down. I had a mini cupcake yesterday....but otherwise doing pretty well with the diet! I am excited to already see a change in my face, and look forward to the results at the end of the month:-)

Still Going

I'm still training, not as consistently as I would like, and diet is almost all kenzai with a few slips over the last five days of no school for my boys, no routine, and family visiting for Thanksgiving. I still choose fruit when hungry or open a yogurt. I am definitely going to continue the diet with a few cheats here and there when I am out or at someone's home for a meal. I am planning to try Sculpt in February and join as a member (my Christmas present to myself- a present of good health, balance, and well being!)

I am sorry for being so absent for my teammates! I wish you all the best on your journey!

A Slide and Rejolt

I want to first say how my friend Amy Happ convinced me kicking and screaming to do Kenzai with her. I am not sure why I finally agreed, but I think it is because I had gained 20 lbs since moving back to US and hated seeing myself in photos and couldn't fit into most of my clothes.

I have had some setbacks with the program and not having a helper to cook and prepare (and clean up!!) the meals has been a challenge too...but I have kept going and I am SO HAPPY I did!! I truly love this program and eating clean is how I will eat from now on. My body is happy, my clothes are fitting (some too big!) and my confidence is way up! I'm turning 42 on Saturday and feeling very happy and blessed. I am going to go full steam ahead to the end! Go team, yay!!

slowly moving along

Hi team, I have had a busy few weeks involving some travel, and while all of you have been very good about Kenzai when traveling, I have not been. I gave in to a slice of chocolate cake and some gnocchi with cheese😳 I have been exercising, but not always logging in, but will be more consistent moving forward- I want to be by the book now until the end, it's not far!! I have taken it easy on cardio waiting for labs results and to speak with my neurologist, but I've been trying to get through the strength training and have been pretty good about staying on diet except here and there, which i feel okay about because I need this to be sustainable after Dec 4! I hope all are well on this journey, go team A!!

Last week while jumping rope I got an instant searing pain in my head that lasted a few minutes. I had to stop jumping rope and hold my head, searing intense pain like my head was going to explode, I have never experienced before. I get miagrines from time to time, this was NOT a miagrine. I was hydrated and had eaten breakfast. This was 2:45pm my head was still aching even after two doses of extra strength Panadol and coffee and loads of water. I was extremely tired (slept for 2 hours in middle of the day) and just felt off. My mom told me to go to urgent care. At urgent care they told me I might have had a mini-stroke...they sent me in someone else's care to the ER at the hospital. I had a CAT scan, an EKG, exams, bloodwork, and finally a spinal tap. After six hours the doctors still had no explanation other than could have been a leaking brain aneryism....I am following up with a Primary Care Doctor on Tuesday.

I decided a few things after this experience:
1. I am done trying to jumprope- alternative cardio is the way I will proceed forward.
2. I need to get my will done asap just in case anything happens to me, my three boys need to have things in place to take care of them.
3. I am going to take a break for the exercises for a week, but stick to the diet.
4. That I am thrilled to be on Kenzai because I am healthier and feeling stronger and will continue with the program.


Kenzai Lifestyle

I haven't written in awhile, but I have been sticking to Kenzai, except for my indulgence which was making oatmeal cookies with my kids, I ate some of the raw cookie dough and then binge ate about eight cookies, I truly couldn't stop that brings me to why Kenzai is so important for me...I deal with my emotions by eating. I ate my way through my separation and divorce, and still when I get very anxious, nervous, stressed, unhappy, I turn to food to comfort me. Kenzai has forced me to give up that crutch, I now have to deal with my emotions directly, which is a good thing! A test was last ex got re-married, this gutted me. I didn't turn to food though. I had a beer and a glass of wine, but that was it.

As far as social life...I didn't really have much of one prior to Kenzai...a working single mom raising three little boys on her own 24-7, not the ideal person any man wants to date. I instead filled my "spare" time with, you guessed it, eating out!! my life focused on wine dinners, beer dinners, foodie dinners, any event involving food really. The only man I have found that I really liked was equally as obsessed with food and wine as I was, perhaps the attraction? Except he went to the gym religiously! I'm honestly not really ready I think to take that plunge into dating, still can't believe I could trust anyone again. I am hoping with completing Kenzai I will have my body back and confidence to try to put myself out there, to believe in myself, and in a potential partner, and a future that isn't just by myself. Anyways.....

Only down 6 lbs overall, but feel like I have more muscle tone, and have been receiving compliments from co-workers and friends. I think the real difference will be seen in weeks 7 and 8, and I am willing to keep to diet and workout and wait!

I hope all on team A are doing well!!

Two great developments this week- I tried the jump rope again and no pain!! Also I am skipping really well!! So I am thrilled to not do alternative cardio and be able to do the jump roping like everyone else:-)

Diet has also improved. I have been adding a pinch of salt when needed and using a teaspoon of olive oil when sautéing, this has made a world of difference in taste and satisfaction!

I still haven't seen many changes in my body, but I am committed, and look forward to see how week 4 goes:-)

Two weeks in...I still can't jump rope because of the intense pain in my upper back thighs. I had sciatica when I was pregnant and I'm worried that pain could be the start of it again...I cannot risk it being a single mom and only caretaker of my three boys (their dad literally lives halfway around the world). So I have been doing substitute cardio. This makes me feel very separated from the team, which I'm sad about. I am fitting in my workouts daily and I am proud of myself for that. If I retain anything from this program, I'm hoping it's the daily exercise routine.

Food...I'm miserable. The prep time is immense for me, but I'm making it work. I really really can't imagine sustaining this type of eating post program. I miss flavor. I miss good food. I know I am doing this to get in shape and lose weight and that is why I am sticking to the diet, but I am miserable, which is how I know I will never keep it up post program.

I know many have adjusted and figured out how to make the food more appealing, but it's just depressing to me. I can't say I'm very happy on the program in terms of diet. I have lost weight, but I've also lost joy. I'm going to not blog this week, I don't want to complain or bring any team members down, we are suppose to encourage each other, and honestly I just can't right now. I will stick to program, don't worry. I wish everyone the best with Week 3!

Day 10 Not So Good

Wednesdays are always very busy for me and today was no exception, but I prepacked all my meals and snacks and stuck to diet. However totally down about it all, I think because last night I made a favorite recipe "Chicken Paprika" for me and my boys, but used the salt free broth and then Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and sautéed the chicken without oil, and it tasted awful. My kids loved it over rice noodle pasta, but I just hated it knowing it lacked all the yummy flavor it should have. I know my taste buds will adjust, but I miss salt, I miss comfort food like hearty soup when it is raining outside. My friend made this amazing soup at her house for our parent meeting with zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, and sausage in a chicken broth, it looked and smelled amazing, but I had to eat my flavorless quinoa, carrot, squash and chicken mixture. The soup would have been fine except for the salt. They also had freshly baked bread and three kinds of amazing desserts. I didn't break though. I have been down ever since. I love cooking and baking and always said no to Kenzai for theat very reason, because that I truly love food and flavor and cooking itself with a nice glass of wine and music on in my kitchen is how I unwind after a stressful day. I know that's how I packed on the 25 lbs, and I need to find something else to do instead. I can't even think of doing the exercises tonight, I feel so sad, like the joy is gone. I'm not even craving things, I'm fine without chocolate and pizza and cheese, but I'm miserable not getting to use olive oil to cook and salt. How long does it take for my body (and mind) to get use to bland food?

my new best friend

Sorry Amy Happ, you are out, Mrs. Dash has taken your place! 😜

It actually is starting in my second week...there are SOOOO many things I can't eat anymore!! I'm saying this in a good way!! It's kind of like cleaning out your closet and you are only left with good choices, easier:-)

Looking forward to the rest of the program, the exercise portion scares me more than not eating cheese and sugar. Still, I'm committed and excited to see how it all goes!!

Onwards and upwards!!!!🤗


My 11 yr old was my coach today and did all the jump roping and exercises with me, my youngest 8 yr old Atticus joined in for chest and otter kicks...they were awesome and told me they are proud of me for doing this program:-) I'm one happy mom tonight!

my legs hate me!

I could not get my legs to jump rope today, after 5 jumps they were in such pain (I think from the lunges and squats). I tried and tried and then gave up and jumped in place moving my wrists too for the three remaining 50 jump sets. I know it's not the same, but it didn't hurt as badly and I felt like I was at least trying. Did all the other workout, but know I will be sore. I walked two miles for school pick up right before, so maybe it was just too much for my body. I am still optimistic and trying my best!

finished workout!

Just finished my workout for day 3, not too hard, except the jump rope...I may just NOT be coordinated enough for it, I keep tripping!! Will try to do workout in am tomorrow before school run and work. Excited about this program!!




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