Kenneth L.

Kenneth L.

Final Post 

Thanks for a great 12-weeks! I‘m pleased with my results. Good luck to everyone on whatever’s next!
Jess, thanks for all your help and encouragement! Much appreciated.

No complaints! I’m feeling good - starting to figure out my plan for when this program’s done. Good luck to everyone as we near the finish!

Hi! I did a lot of hiking around Bozeman, MT over the past week, and I threw in some push-ups, pull-ups, and ab exercises. But I didn’t keep up well with the exercise regimen in Week 11. I’ll finish strong, though. Glad to be back in my own kitchen...

still feeling great

Sorry for the very late post! I’m in Montana for the week - lots of hiking ahead. I’m trying to stick to the diet as much as I can. Feeling good!

Hi! I had a busy week - moving on top of the end of summer term - so I fell off the diet for most of the week. I stuck mostly to the right kinds of food, but I didn’t eat 6 times per day or follow the recommended amounts. I did get lots of exercise carrying heavy things up and down stairs, though. I ran this evening and felt great. I’ll get back on track with the diet this week.

feeling stronger

I don’t think my photos look much different, but the ab workouts and pull-ups are easier.
The elbow pain I mentioned has pretty much gone away.
I know I shouldn’t be focused too much on weight, but at the start of the program I gained 5-6 pounds, and I was happy with that result. I’ve since lost that weight again.
I’m moving on Wednesday, so I’m probably going to fall off the plan that day. I should be ok the rest of the week.

still going fine!

No complaints or big concerns from here in Baltimore.
The pain on the inside of my right elbow is still there, but mostly when I do curls. I don’t feel it during other exercises. Today, I just used less tension when doing curls with that arm, and it feels ok.
I ate Italian food the other night - heavy carbs - and felt tired and crummy afterward. The “indulgence” plan worked for me: it reinforced why eating whole foods is a good idea.
Hope everyone’s doing well.

still feel good

Hi - The program’s still going well. Sometimes I miss the “morning snack egg whites,” but I’m not sneaking cupcakes or cookies. The biggest differences I’m seeing are in my abs - those painful metronomes and side-crunches were easier on Friday - and in my shoulders, I think. Overall, I feel great. I do have a weird little pain on the inside of my right elbow that I’ll keep an eye on. Also, I should confess that I’ve been running 2.5 miles instead of jump-roping. I do 500 or 600, then run. I know my results might not be as good as they’d be if I followed the regimen precisely. Other than the cardio and some missed egg whites (I know they’re crucial but they’re inconvenient to eat away from home), I’m following the program pretty cleanly. Thanks!

no complaints

I’m still enjoying the program, and I can see differences in my back and shoulder strength. Metronomes are killer.

feeling good!

I don’t know if my photos do the trick but I can see muscle gains. I’m glad the exercises focus on obliques some days. Pull-ups feel easier than ever before I took a break from the diet the other day - I just ate less because I felt like I needed a breather- and I do find it tough to stick to the requirements if I’m not in my own kitchen, but overall it’s going well!

still going well!

Hi everyone - All’s well here. I’m starting to see some good results, and my energy’s up! Thanks for all the help. Good luck to everyone with Week Four.

Hi – I'm still enjoying the program, and I'm getting the hang of meeting the diet requirements. I'm going to be away from email and wifi signal for most of the next week (until June 22), but I've downloaded the workouts and copied down the diet requirements.
Hope the next week goes well for everyone!

traveling but back home

I didn't do a good job of planning how to meet the diet requirements while traveling over the last few days, but I'm back in my own kitchen now. I'll be away from home again next week, but I'll plan my meals much more carefully. So far, it's a lot of food to eat, but I like it!

so far so good

Hi! I'm enjoying the exercises so far – it's been a while since I've jump-roped. Looking forward to the diet kicking in next week - Kenneth




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