Kerry D.

Kerry D.

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Congratulations everyone! Thanks for your company over the last 90 days, big shout out to our two beautiful and amazing support.
While experiencing a massive set-back I feel I’ve gained so much, especially from the amazing lessons. My attitude and focus on food, I feel, has changed for life. Eating clean is my motto! Thanks Kenzai..looking forward to Kenzai Mind.

Cruise Mode

With limited ability I’ve gone into cruise mode. Missing the strength workouts, can notice my back and arm muscles loosing tone. Largely doing cardio most days and being very good with diet, had a few wobbles and indulgences last week as we had visitors and a wine tasting event. Taking the long road on this journey and looking forward to the next program in Nov.

Still Here

Two weeks tomorrow since breaking my left scaphoid, fortunately no surgery required but do have to wear a cast for 8 weeks! On top of this, came down with a virus which floored me for 5-days.
Feeling better today, completed Day 57 albeit slightly modified - felt great! For the last few weeks have been very diligent with the diet, seems to be working as definitely lost weight. Clothes are becoming loose. Hope everyone is doing well!


My indulgence meal became a comfort meal after falling at tennis and breaking my left scaphoid. Very annoyed at myself. Hoping once I get a proper cast on I can keep up the exercise albeit slightly modified...push-ups might be difficult.

Indulgence meal was a Hawaiian Pizza, which is Ham, Pineapple and Cheese. Was delicious!! Perfect balance of saltiness and sweet, washed down with a coke! Don’t normally drink soft drink but my energy was really low - it perked me up!

Because I really want to see what I can achieve! I really want to call on that Grim Enthusiasm for the next 45 days and see what transformation my body can attain....hopefully a flat stomach!!!

This last week have leant heavily on the dairy quota, most days going over, probably substituting dairy instead of veg. Going to have to go back to measuring out my milk at the start of the morning so am more accountable. Doesn’t take long and feel better for it.

Dig deep the Aussie’s say ‘Come On!!’

On and Off

It is becoming apparent I’m best to knock out the strength training first thing in the morning. A few days this week I have played tennis (accounting for the cardio) and thought I would do the strength later in the day...alas it doesn’t happen as the day catches up to me.

Diet is also up and down, if anything I find I’m not eating enough!! Having a late breakfast , then late lunch..then a little fruit in the evening and a boiled egg. Seems ok, less calories going in and more calories burned, but not sure I feel as positive overall.
Clothes are feeling looser but is very gradual.

It is around this time when I start feeling and looking better and so subconsciously my mind wants to sabotage my commitment, saying it is ok to have this and that...but I know this can be a slippery slope.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Found this little clip on You Tube and thought there might be some tennis nuts, like myself, who might be interested in the skipping suggestion in the first 1min of the clip. A nice alternative to mix up your skipping.


Didn’t go crazy but certainly loosened the discipline this week with the diet. Photo comparison between end of week 3 and 4 reflect this - not a lot of difference. However I do feel a difference in my sports tops.

Kenzai Cafe

Ahhh it is so challenging to eat right when on the run. I don’t know if it is just Australia but seems every Cafe imitates each other - carbs, carbs, carbs, protein and a incy bit if vege. Salad options are largely pre-prepared with lots of dressing/mayo, so often not a good option. Difficult to know what is the best choice out of a bunch of bad options. Wish each Cafe had a Kenzai menu or at the very least a Kenzai meal.

Right from the get go this morning I was busy, so fell slightly short on my vege and carb intake in the morning which followed onto every meal for the day (fell short). Is largely due to time and lack of it. This then led to some out of schedule and off menu items in the later part of the day - smallest bit of licorice, smidge of butter on a vegemite sandwhich (late afternoon) and a bowl of nutri grain cereal and milk after dinner.
The upside is none of these items made me feel satisfied and didn’t really taste very good...really are better to simply have an apple so to dissipate the craving. Think mainly I needed an energy boost.

Easiest to hardest

The easiest part for me is getting on with the workouts, I have a nice little set-up at home and enjoy the feeling once completed. Love having so many vegetables, and my body is responding positively to not having so much dairy in my diet (Flat White Coffee’s) levels increasing daily. Oh and the other thing I love ...are the extremely well timed lessons. Were you asking about things we love? No, ok that is an extra.
The toughest part is having to chop vege when I am tired and the kids are having left-overs. Seems silly writing this as it isn’t that arduous and I love vegetables. The other thing I find tough is the 45s high knee sprints instead of the skipping (can’t skip for medical reasons) - ahhh these are tough by the 5th and last one.

Extra Egg

Went for a breakfast catch-up with my friend this morning. Had my portion of vege and coffee with the kids then my egg and carbs at the cafe...but my serving came with two eggs. They were so nice I couldn’t leave the 2nd - oops. Should I eliminate or have less protein for the rest of the day?
Solved my coffee having a Macchiato when I need a coffee fix. Is rather nice, can’t understand why I haven’t done this earlier.


Stocked and ready for the week. My fridge is a rainbow of colours at the moment.

Love breakfast on this program..but know my downside is lunch which then flows on to dinner. Never seem to get my grams of protein in at lunch......but am determined to get creative and come up with some tasty solutions.

90 Day Count Down

Seems so far away but am sure it will go by very quickly. Grateful for the slow start..know it will get harder as we progress.
My garden is flourishing g at the moment with these little gems - snow peas. Make for a delicious snack/alternative to junk. Now just to find a way to cut down my Flat White coffee intake from 3 a day to 1 or none - any tips team?

Rain Check

Hi all..going to say goodbye for this Program but hope to see you next month. Traveling with kids on different time zones and sporadic internet connection is proving challenging. Keep up the great efforts!!




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