Keshma Z.

Keshma Z.

down with fever

Missed exercise for 3 days due to fever and now back on track.. fingers crossed it doesn’t come back as everyone at home is sick.

let’s reboot day 2

I am love been back on Kenzai program... I am surprised to see my consistency with jump rope.. but it’s challenging at same time .. getting tired easily.. but I m sure I will pick it up soon.. I m already thinking about this week’s challenge pic spot :)

Good luck to all.

out for almost 2 weeks

I was out traveling last week and did good on diet and walking but will coming back and sit through 7 hrs air plane ride .. I got a severe back spasm and was on bed rest for 3 days .. I can walk now but the pain is still there. So need to take a break from running. I m so sad as program is almost over and I can’t finish strong.
Hope rest of you all are doing good.

one week at a time

Diet back on track and running on track :) my running is improving slowly.. running more miles in 1/2 hr than last week. Slow and steady

back from vacation

Being on vacation means your diet goes on toss but I managed to get workouts done for 3 days out of 5. Back to workout and diet .. slow start but trying to be on track. Hope everyone is doing good.

Had a busy week at work but didn’t miss any run/exercise except today. Traveling tomorrow to Banff national park. But I am looking forward for hiking which we plan to do 3 days. Have a great weekend everyone!

slipping on diet

Busy week day and my son’s bday.. slipping on diet since 3 days. Trying to eat more fruits and veggies but ate one slice of pizza and small piece of cake :( feel so guilty after that. But moving forward will not succumb to temptation

week one done!

Late post for week one but glad to move on to week 2. Need to stay up with diet so far so good!

Need to post my week one pic soon:)

day 2 done!

It was a nice run! I never knew I like running and it’s best cardio exercise.

Day 1

Hello All.. so excited to part of this program. I have completed Kenzai Body and Reach. Looking forward to Kenzai Run!

Day 1 was good. My diet is off since 2 weeks and want to get back on track. I am not sure whether I can run 10k or not but looking forward for runs in this amazing weather!

Can't Believe It's Over 

Finally made it to end with few ups and down and missing few days of workout.

Thank you Ward and the group to help me keep going !

reaching towards send

Can’t believe reach towards end of program. I need to upload pics!

blogging after long time

2 week’s were very busy with family visiting and last weeks for kids to start the school. But did my stretches as much as I can. However diet is not going good.

Back to reaching my goals:)

slowly reaching!

I love doing all the exercises and slowly I can see the change in body. More and more all the poses are doable and body is getting more flexible! Amazing to see how body can change.

reach for massage

After weeks into reach program as my body aches .. I went for a body massage and never felt body is more flexible now :) everyone should go for it if possible!




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Kenzai Body

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