Keshma Z.

Keshma Z.

evening stretches

I loook forward to evening stretches but they are tough! Now I understand my body is so stiff. Also, after 3 days by whole body aches but in good way :)


I just complete Kenzai Body so joined late to the group. I am loving all the stretches, I never knew my body is so stiff :( .

I am from California Bay Area. IT Auditor by profession. Mother of 2 young boys. Traveling and trying new foods makes me happy. Most of my time I spend with my kids if not work :)

I want to explore more of Kenzai's programs and Reach in particular to help me be more flexible.
I get busy with work and kids so sometimes I put my exercise as last priority but trying to change that consciously every day.

You have to sing karaoke, what song do you pick? i will pick any bollywood song :)

Its feels good to REACH out to you all.

joining today

I am joined late to this program.. looking forward to some wonderful stretches :)


Can't believe i m done with Kenzai program, my last few days where non-compliant as I was travelling but i am proud of the change and overall success of the program. My cholesterol numbers were down and i could feel the change in my body! would love to do another program as well.

almost there

I can’t believe Kenzai is about to end! Strong finish everyone:)

summer is here!

I like doing exercise in morning due to weather. Also looking forward to more outdoor activities and show off Kenzai body:)

swollen ankle this week

This week is kind a slow as I had swollen ankle this week due to jump ropes. It’s better now but I do feel pain while judged by Patrick.. doing other exercises but feels incomplete:) hope rest of you all are having a great week!

this week’s diet

I like this week’s diet.. maybe I like to end the day with fruit:)

family emergency

Had family emergency since Tuesday, hopefully shld be on track from tomorrow. Don’t feel too good eating non-Kenzai food. I can feel the change in the body resisting outside food. That’s a Kenzai effect:)

After 3 mins jump ropes and leg exercise, I can’t feel my legs. Also I can’t continuously jump for 3 mins but will get there. Happy Monday everyone!

week 7 wohoo!

Can’t believe.. we are on 7th week... I am loving the exercise and very focus to workout every day. I love early morning jump ropes !
However diet for me is still a challenge.. to be focused and consistent.. I manage 4 to 5 days but I tend to slip a day or 2 .. maybe cave into temptation to eat a sweet or eat something which is Kenzai non-complaint. The change I have seen is that i m more aware what goes in my body and I do tend to limit to minimum. Like yesterday for Mother’s Day I was tempted to eat a cupcake but ate 1/2. Slowly trying to be more mindful :(

back on track

Was sick entire weekend.. wouldn’t workout and diet was also not followed but I couldn’t eat much as I had fever and cough. Back on track today with both exercise and diet. Looking forward for a great week:)

today’s lesson

I like the ending of today’s lesson.. the voice in your head which will be giving you excuse to skip exercise... what’s was happening to me today but I am determined to move head and complete my exercise today :) happy Friday everyone

thank you Kenzai!

I did my blood work yesterday and my cholesterol level and glucose level are under control. My cholesterol is under normal range after a long time. I was not on any medication coz I wanted to bring change in my lifestyle with diet and exercise and Kenzai helped me achieve that.

The goal is to be consistent now:)

indulgence day

Sorry for the late blog.. but I was surprised to see indulgence coincided with work outing day.. so did have 1/2 glass of wine. There was little bump in diet due to guests visiting for a day but rest of week was great. Exercises one thing which has been consistent through the week. Jump ropes are getting faster now :)




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