Keshma Z.

Keshma Z.

week 4 day 1

800 jump ropes were challenging and overall workout takes longer but enjoying the workouts . Last weekend I was not kenzai diet complaint however manage to get in some cardio by hiking. But back on track from today. Have a great week ahead everyone and stay strong.

650 jump ropes

650 jump ropes plus lunges.. I can feel the burn but enjoying the workout. I liked today’s lesson “Don’t forget to breathe “ :)

day 16

Slowly and steadily enjoying the jump ropes. Exercise routine is set now. Working on getting diet to be more streamlined specially evenings.

week 3

600 jump ropes were hard.. exercise is getting challenging.. so far doing well on food front after weekend slip.

I missed exercise yesterday as we are traveling due to kids spring break but we have hiked hence did lot of cardio. Plan to complete my missed set of yesterday’s exercises today. Hope I can achieve my goal by tonight! Also trying to stick to fruits during traveling but not happy with my food intake yesterday! Any tips regarding diet tips while traveling?

day 11

Very excited to complete exercise everyday. Still struggling with food specially during evenings.

day 10

So far good on exercise front but today my eating was not clean. Was tempted to drink coffee with sugar and was super hungry after workout so had to eat a toast in between and then had dinner. Not sure how to control sugar craving.

week 2

Exercise are challenging and so is diet.. getting used to it slowly!

one week done!

End the week on good note! Looking forward for next week’s exercise and diet.

Day 5 done!

Exercise done.. almost coming to end of the week.

keeping the routine!

Day 4 exercise done after work. Feeling accomplished:)

getting hang of workouts!

Day 3 workouts done! Looking forward for rest of the week.

day 2 done!

Great start with program, both days exercise done !




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