Ketan A.

Ketan A.

Kenzai Iron | Day 80 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 80
Program progress:
Antibiotic Psychotic

So the Pink eye infection has spread, if that is even possible, to other parts of the body. GRRRRRR!!!!

I'm loving the look of the weekly workouts and diet but I can only look for now. On antibiotics.

Raring to go but taking things easy now. Soon.

Pink Eye, not .

Got a serious case of the pink eye, the source of which I do not know.

No, not a full stop. Only a small comma in the scheme of things.


Yesterday's lesson was so apt - it's the punching the clock daily that brings satisfying results.

Been at it for the last 10 days since the back niggle got 'sorted', plugging away with the diet and workouts.

Notes to Myself

1. Begin new Kenzai programs with 2-3 weeks gap between programs.
2. Don't get overexcited with weights.
3. Deep pain goes away.
4. DOMS is now your friend.
5. Get your diet back.
6. Delete Swiggy app from your phone.

These notes to myself now that I am back in the game after almost 10 days of break. Lower back/hip joint much much better now. Still, some minor niggles but will get better. Last 2 days of weights went really fine although I'm struggling with ab exercises where the lower back comes into play.

Week 7 end and I'll update again. Good luck for the second half of the program to all you Iron men and woman.

Man Down!

Somehow managed to injure the left side of my lower back during a low squat yesterday. Painful and will get through this in a couple of days.

In other news, I can confirm that one's emotional state, sleep cycles and workout times can impact both diet and fitness directly.

Been up and down - want to get the next couple of months in line. But first, this hip niggle....

Walk/Run for 15 mins at the end of leg work out - This leg hack I learnt from a friend to avoid DOMS. It works!


..first time for everything.

Chizzled! Part deux complete! 

Loved this sweaty, screamy round of Chisel and loved to see the other punters slog it out over these 6 weeks.

This amazing team of Chizzlers made it challenging and possible. Love you guys and gals!! You are amazing!!!

Changes from the last time I did Chisel - Stuck with the 3 cycles this time which were doable and actually a lot of fun. Not 100% but much much better on diet. Was getting really anxious about the workouts and was biting everybody's head off around me so moved the workout to mornings. The workout subs helped a lot and I utilized them regularly as and when I felt the need (no DHT yet). And I realized that DOMS can be a real inhibiting factor.

Now on to Iron from tomorrow, wonder how that's going to be.......


In other news... As I get a year on, the belt gets an inch off.


Everything hurts after yesterday's A cycle.


At the end of the 3rd cycle, I put in a 2-minute sprint on the treadmill cause I'd not had enough!

Soon after when I stood up after doubling down for breath I could feel the blood rushing out of my head and created a controlled sprawl from where I stood. Awesome!

Update from the halfway point of the program:

1. Diet 7/10 - Not that I'm eating too many non-kompliant foods but I'm just not hungry enough to eat the daily portions.

2. Cycles 11/12 - Missed 1 B cycle

3. Body Workouts 5/6 and Cardio Days 1/3 - Life happens.

4. This is the best Kenzai group I've ever had of all the programs I've done in the past.

Go Team Go!!

1000 Words

A picture's worth.....


The dreaded DOMS is back. On the upper shoulders this time. Now after the day 9 workout am quietly watching the boys play cricket. What enthusiasm, on this hot bright day!

No words

No words


Who are you?
I am Ketan, a relative Kenzai newbie who promised to remain topless after an excellent Chisel last year. Married, with kids aged 16 and 10. Oh, and my birthday is on Chisel Day 33.

Where in the world are you?
Mumbai, in the middle of an Indian Summer with a raging sun and sucking humidity. Perfect weather to workout indoors and swim outside.

Why did you sign up for Chisel?
I loved the intensity of Chisel the last time around along with the confidence it gave me to take off the T. It's crazy, it's sweaty, and I missed it. Want to give it my full 100% this time around.

What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?
I got into vaping Juuls by the last 3rd of KB3. Bad decision! Want to get back to optimal lung/heart oxygen usage. Also, I want to see what happens to my body when you do a program with 100% on Diet. Should be fun.

When was the last time you tried a new activity?
Started to learn French in January. F***ing conjugation!

End of Week 8



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