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Kevin G.

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I can touch my toes!!! 

This program has totally changed my attitude to flexibility. I just had accepted that my genes meant I was not flexible so just move on. But no if you work at it progress can be made and has been made. This is the start and I honestly am committed to making further progress.

It has been amazing looking at the the pre-program pictures. I knew I had had made progress but totally blown away by how much. As I had mentioned at the beginning I would rather show a picture of myself naked than one of me trying to touch my toes but now I have to revise my opinion on that.

So thank you everyone for your support, especially to Ward. Hope our paths cross again in another program.

Cape to Cape done

Had a great 6 days doing the hike. The last two days I didn’t have cell coverage so had to make do with what I remembered from previous exercises plus after a long day of hiking all I wanted to do was to eat and sleep.

Yesterday was a travel day so no stretches apart from the morning stretch will try and make up during the week.

Here’s to the last two weeks team.

Hike and Reach

On the Cape to Cape Track, Western Australia, 125km from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin for 6 days. Last night I couldn’t get a signal so had to improvise with my stretches but other than that have done on all my exercises. Certainly has been a god send after a day of hiking to stretch aching muscles. Living on
dehydrated food has NOT been on plan.

Powering on

Really loving this reachy stuff and by crikey I need it. Satisfying to see progress that has always stopped me in the past when I have tried to do something about it.

Next week I am hiking the Cape to Cape Track in Margaret River, Western Australia. About 125km with tent and de-hydrated food for 6 days so that'll be my diet out the window. I am reckoning that after a day of hiking the stretch routine will come into its own.

Let me introduce myself

Who are you?
My name is Kevin and I am father of three teenage children. I am married to Andrea G who is also doing Reach.

Where are you?
I am a Scot living in Singapore and have lived the majority of my life in Asia having been educated in the UK.

How do you spend your time?
I work in finance, which has high levels of stress. That said I manage to keep a good work life balance with the family and lots of exercise. I love hiking but limited opportunities here in Singapore but will be hiking the Cape to Cape in Margaret River next month. Looking forward to doing some stretching by my tent!

If you had a magic egg white what is the one thing you would change about Kenzai?
Not sure I would change anything. I LOVE IT. I started my Kenzai journey just over a year ago and regret that I hadn't discovered it earlier. My health is so much better for it (and touch wood it continues) and love all the extra energy it brings me.

If you were stranded on Desert Island...what one desert would be there for you to eat from now until the end of time?
This must sound like heresy but I am not much of a pudding person. I love a great cheese platter with a desert wine or port, so if that is allowed that would be my choice.

Are you working with an injury?
I had a knee replacement just over two years ago. I pretty can do anything but I don't have full range of movement so the Seiza is a no no for me. Subbed in the quad stretches.

Will you run the diet strict or relaxed?
I am going relaxed but will continue to do my thrice weekly spin classes and a pilates class as well.

Time Dilation - so true

It is almost spooky that the daily lessons seem to be so prescient and todays was almost too eerie in articulating how I feel. So coming into the weekend I was looking forward to the half way mark hoping to get a big psychological boost for the second half. But no, all I could think about was that it was going to be the same again - tough workouts and restrictive diets. Don't get me wrong I am loving this and already seeing the results coming through but the mental fortitude required is so very high.

So reading today's lesson was a huge boost. What I was feeling was not unusual and is to be expected, so take one day at a time and everything will be fine. Although I never thought the answer to how I was feeling would be in a black hole but then you learn something new everyday.

Onwards and upwards team with one step at a time.

Day 5 and Why?

I posted yesterday and it seems to have disappeared.

So at the risk of repeating myself this has been tough so far. Don't why I should be surprised but the clue was in the title (Blast) and the duration of the program (28 days). That said I am really enjoying it as I'm more a cardio person than weights so this right up my alley.

Why is very simple. Having done KB1 finishing in November I have let myself go a bit. Not catastrophic but enough to feel a little tight around the waist band. And no way do I want to get back to what I was before KB1 so I thought I would nip in the bud and get ready for strutting my stuff on the beach when summer comes

Harry the Hound

Had a tough Personal Trainer for the Day 2 Beach Blast. He was not impressed with my Lunge Twist Jump and as for the Showgirl...


Off for a weekend with the family on a beautiful tropical island. Managed to lacerate my hand on barnacles. Thankfully despite multiple cuts didn’t need any stitches but no exercises for me today.




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