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Kevin L.

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App not working

Been a few days, just me or system wide issue?

Weak finish 

Had some issues at work that got me away from the gym for over a week.. will try again next time!

This is it! - edited 

Edited because it didnt quite post what i actually wrote!

Cant believe 90days gone that quick and equally amazed that i had 6kgs to lose. Had a weak finish unfortunately with my knee blowing up from mt fuji hiking but overall somewhat happy with the lifestyle i had over 90 days. I am looking to hit the iron program next so i hope to see as many of you guys there too!

Been an awesome journey, lets do it again!

still going

gotta be honest the motivation isnt like how it used to be! Positive side is that I have dropled 6kg so far which is insane, i genuinely did not think i had that much on my body to start. I think its really the diet + no alcohol having the impact. Except days i have to go out for business events I am probably 90% in line with kenzai diet plans. On the negatives I am really struggling to push myself with skipping, not running out of air but just purely feeling 'cant be bothered'. Find muscle work outs more enjoyable and can push myself to a good failure points.


very disappointing two weeks. first week i sort of forced myself with the exercises which worked against me to drag my illness for full two weeks. last week i had to take the full week off from working out, finally seeing some recoveries. poor timing given where things are with the program. hopefully ill get back on track shortly.

Two weeks no post!

Been very busy with work but been 90% compliant with the program. Workouts are fine, nothing too demanding still but things have definitely got a bit tougher. Used to be able to catch up two sessions on one day when I miss one but no longer possible so its a good thing for me overall. Dropped about 4kgs since inception, didnt think I had that much weight to lose but obviously I did! Hoping for a rebound in muscle mass during the second half of the program.


ive sort of got myself into the habbit of skipping carb part of my daily diet. Not because im against carbs - if anything i love them - just because i feel full enough after allocates meal portion. And 60g of carbs for dinner.. give or take not gonna make me either full or hungry. Are there any known problems from skipping carb part of our diet?


Interesting changes to the program, wondering if we will have any lower back exercises soon!

End of Week 3





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