Kevin T.

Kevin T.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 3 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 3
Program progress:

Want to be as active and as present as I can be and for as long as I can be for my kiddos. Here we go!

hard to believe

Less than 2 weeks left! Let’s go!!

travelling again

Just back to Hk and managing meals and workouts ok. Need another. If push.

great compliment

Went to the club today. A place where the receptionist would have seen me everyday it minimum every other day last year.

I was meeting someone there for a meeting and mentioned to the receptionist. She said no problem and asked for my name. I said Kevin Tranbarger. She looked up and said WHAT!!! I thought when you walked in you might be his younger brother. You shaved and you’ve lost so much weight.

I wanted to give her a kiss. But instead just laughed and said thank you. She asked how I was doing it so I showed her the app. She wants to lose a few herself.

I feel 100% back into it after 3-4 very tough weeks. Non stop here on out. Strong finish!!! Let’s do this!!!

Managed to check in all the stretch bands and rope etc. gonna hit it in a few hours.

I took my son camping and fell off the plan hard. Missed my workouts for 4 days. Didn’t follow eating for the same. Even drank one night.

I’m a utterly embarrassed but dug deep and back on the plan today. Feels great to be back on.

Wish I had reached out when I was cheating. When I needed the help.

Gotta stay in it now.

Having a cook off tonight. Salmon with zucchini and yellow squash. Each cook 1 portion Kenzai compliant.

Winner gets bragging rights.


Had a fun night this weekend. Walked along the kowloon west district waterfront and found a spot to have my homemade box lunch. Gotta make it fun!!!

Strange as I feel less sore when I’m not working out but for some reason the workouts seem to be getting more difficult even the same exercise.

Really had to push myself today.

Wow what a jump

Those workouts really take a jump. I was struggling but made it through. Will be sore tomorrow for sure and workout will he even more difficult.

Let’s keep at it.

Week 2 on its way

Week 1. Done. Dusted. Tougher than I’d thought it’d be.

Week 2. So far the diet is great, more than I thought. About to go hit the workout. Fingers crossed I can plow through it.

Keep going!! Head up!!!

Feeling better already. The soreness has gone and eating much easier. Have a feeling this is the clam before the storm.

I feel sore already. Can’t imagine what will feel like when the workouts ramp up.

Boom day 1 done

Great start. Actually bit as easy as I thought it would be reading some of the blogs. Got lots of work to do.