Kevin T.

Kevin T.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 88 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 88
Program progress:

The fact that he crushed me and got 4th in his age group (17 and under) and he’s only 11 pushes me harder.

Gotta keep pushing!!! Proud dad!

so much easier

When on holiday in gorgeous Colorado!

Still feeling guilty but will push hard last few weeks.

Haven’t had a good week since week 4 or 5. Am determined to make these last few good ones.

rough patch

Haven’t been able to shake the rough patch. Not proud of my last 2 weeks now. Enough is enough. No more excuses.

I really need to snap out of it. Have had a terrible start to the week and struggling.

Gotta pull out of this rut and get back into it strong.

tough week again

I seem to be 1 great week 1 ok week 1 great week. Would love to string a couple great weeks together. Keep pushing.

week 3 was great!

So much better than 2!!! I’m excited for what week 4 has in store!!!!

week 2 v 1

Week 1 was terrific but I really struggle with week 2 hoping week 3 has me back in the drivers seat and feeling great again

Was a bit under the weather week 2 so let’s see.

Up and at em!!


Want to be as active and as present as I can be and for as long as I can be for my kiddos. Here we go!

hard to believe

Less than 2 weeks left! Let’s go!!

travelling again

Just back to Hk and managing meals and workouts ok. Need another. If push.

great compliment

Went to the club today. A place where the receptionist would have seen me everyday it minimum every other day last year.

I was meeting someone there for a meeting and mentioned to the receptionist. She said no problem and asked for my name. I said Kevin Tranbarger. She looked up and said WHAT!!! I thought when you walked in you might be his younger brother. You shaved and you’ve lost so much weight.

I wanted to give her a kiss. But instead just laughed and said thank you. She asked how I was doing it so I showed her the app. She wants to lose a few herself.

I feel 100% back into it after 3-4 very tough weeks. Non stop here on out. Strong finish!!! Let’s do this!!!

Managed to check in all the stretch bands and rope etc. gonna hit it in a few hours.

I took my son camping and fell off the plan hard. Missed my workouts for 4 days. Didn’t follow eating for the same. Even drank one night.

I’m a utterly embarrassed but dug deep and back on the plan today. Feels great to be back on.

Wish I had reached out when I was cheating. When I needed the help.

Gotta stay in it now.