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Kim S.

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Skippity Skip

Phew, the skipping is pretty intense, but definitely feel like my stamina is getting a bit better though and am less short in breathe. Can feel my body firming up a bit, but still have some cuddly love handles to get rid of. Coming off a previous diet of LCHF and intermittent fasting and only eating when hungry, I am not really enjoying the need to eat so often in a day... I feel less fulfilled with snack times etc and am not sure this way of eating suits me. But will stick it out.

Winter in South Africa

After a long drought and delayed season in Cape Town, South Africa, Winter is finally upon us! I have been doing my workouts in the afternoon after work, but as it's getting colder and darker, it's a bit of a mental challenge to motivate myself to do them instead of wanting to crawl under a blanket and comfort eat.

Will take a bit more persistence but am still good to go.

Day 1

Excited to get started today, even though am down with a bit of man flu!