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Sculpt demos on YouTube

Hey Guys,
I've put the demo videos up on YouTube so you all can access them whenever you want. Take a look at the group introduction message thread. I'll put the links in there.

mistakes and omissions

Thanks to all my Sculptors for catching the mistakes and omissions. If you are in doubt, barre exercises are always 1 set and the reps go up by 2 each week. (Wk1 - 16, Wk2-18, Wk3-20 etc.)

I'll keep those weekly videos coming so let me know if there is anything you'd like me to review.

Here's my list so far
1) Demo pull throughs
2) Demo tucks
3) Demo arabesque - correction from last week's video
4) Talk about pulses

Don't forget to add those calf stretches as needed. I rolled around on my foam roller last night and it felt wonderful!

fancy dancy

I went dancing again last night and boy oh boy am I feeling it today. My quads were quivering all over the place and my glutes were screaming. Such a good hurt. Gotta be sure I stretch before and after dancing too. I'm no spring chicken anymore ;o)

booty burn

It feels good to be working my body in a different way. I have been running for my cardio lately because it's too hot to take the dog out much later than 6am. I'm finding that I'm quite sore today though. I did dance for about 3 hours last night too so that could be part of it. Need to make sure I get my stretch on! So pumped to be running this Sculpt beta with so many awesome trainees!


Hooray for the latest round of KB2 grads. These guys have worked so hard over the past 3 months and it shows. Yay Fairweather, congratulations you guys!!


All set for my flight back to Denver. Getting some wired looks as I peel my egg over the trash can. 😊 #kenzaiproblems

broke my rope

Well it finally happened. I am impressed it lasted as long as it did honestly. Any suggestions on a new rope? What kind do you love?

Why weight? 

I know we always tell trainees not to bother with the scale. It doesn't show you the real picture with what's happening in your body. I know that, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I wanted more. I question why the doctor weighs us at every visit, and why people are so obsessed with this number. I decided to use this KB2 journey as a little experiment and I weighed myself twice a day nearly every day (I missed a few days because I was out of town and didn't have a scale) Still, it's pretty telling.

I realized that what I ate and drank in the evening had a direct correlation on what my weight was. It seemed that the evenings presented the most variability for me. I was pretty consistent during the day. At night, depending on my hunger, I might have had more fruit or tea so it really was those evening intakes that made a big difference. Sometimes as much as a 5lb swing from morning to night. On nights that I went out dancing and didn't have tea or as much fruit, my weight was lower. Once only increasing by .5lbs from morning to night.

You can look at the chart to see the day to day but here are the big numbers as I see it.
Starting: AM: 147.6 PM:152.1
Half way: AM: 144 PM:147
Final: AM: 142.5 PM:144.2

Total lbs lost: AM: 5.1 PM:7.9

I fluctuated a lot throughout the program most consistently staying around 145 lbs. It wasn't until day 58, that I dropped below 145 at night and that was only for a few days. Then it happened again on day 85 and remained for the final week. That's a long time with little to show on the scales.

BUT my clothes were consistently getting more loose, I was seeing more and more muscle tone and my face was getting thinner. I was finding improvement with my cardio and needing to increase the level of resistance on my bands. Clearly, I was making progress and shifting mass but the scales were singing a different tune.

So my take aways are that weight is a number that can be used for baseline data and periodic maintenance. It is not a measure of health or fitness. It does not define me or my worth. I am powerful and I crushed 90 days of workouts. I have re-solidified healthy eating habits and feel good about the way I look. Oh and only one person commented on my changes. Just. 1.

But I wasn't doing it for them. I did it for me, because I wanted to feel good. Mission Accomplished.

Thanks to Malia for being our awesome trainer. To Richard for being my in-house support and partner in crime. Special shout out to our killer Willow team. You guys rocked it! I am so impressed with the community this KB2 group developed. Congratulations everyone, we did it!!!

Day 87

I'm loving these cycle workouts they are beasts but I feel so strong after that 3rd cycle. Can't believe there are only 2 days left. These 3 months have flown. Big finish Team!!! Yay!

May? Is that you?

This was my cardio scene yesterday and today. Nice, cold, snowy runs. Can't be mad when it's this beautiful out. Just bundle up and go.


It's an interesting thing, perspective. We can lose sight of it rather easily. Sometimes it takes a literal shift in location or company to help you gain some back. Living where we do in Colorado, there are a ton of super fit people around. I don't mean just in shape people, but athletes come here from all over the world to train due to the temperate weather and the benefits of training at higher altitudes. The general lifestyle in my area lends itself nicely to those who love being outdoors and active. Hence, loads of super fit people. So looking around at the other moms at my daughter's gymnastic class I'm nothing special. Sure I'm in yoga pants and a tank top too but I don't have the nicest arms, or great, trim shapely legs and bum. If I'm honest, I'm one of the larger women there. Now, transport me to upstate NY for my Grandma's funeral. My sister exclaimed that I had lost "way too much weight" and look emaciated (she's prone to exaggeration). My Uncle picked me up, shook me a little and said "I would never have even recognized you, you're ity bity." My aunts kept commenting on how I was only eating fruit and drinking coffee while everyone else had doughnuts, bagels, and juice "well it's no wonder she's so very thin." So I got emaciated, ity bity and very thin, over the course of 3 hours. I know these are 2 extremes and neither are very accurate. Still it gave me pause. How can I feel so very differently about my body just based on the people I'm around? Not gonna lie, going to NY was a confidence booster. Given my genetics and body type, I will never be one of those super trim moms at gymnastics class. I'm beginning to understand my body more and more and appreciate it's strengths and weaknesses (scoop push ups.) My body is changing. It is strong, fit and healthy and that is something to be proud of. Perspective regained...for now

new PB

Nothing like a little rain to speed things along. Beat my old PB by 10 seconds. Wet sneakers and a stinky, wet dog are motivation to get the run over with quickly.

This past weekend with my family was exhausting but my exercises weren't compromised. It was a nice escape, "sorry I can't talk right now, have to go work out." Diet was mostly on point but in a moment of weakness a frosted cookie found it's way into my mouth.

I'll catch up on all of your blogs over the next few days. I hope week 11 is treating everyone well.


My Grandma passed away on Monday night. She passed peacefully in her sleep. She was 95 and lived a wonderful life. She and my Grandpa were married for 73 years! Their commitment to one another was exemplary. They lived a rather simple life. Grandma never drove, she walked to the store and cooked nearly everything from scratch. She was a fist generation Italian living in upstate NY. I have such fond memories of playing in her garden as a child. We would pick ripe tomatoes, off the vine and eat them on the spot. Grandma taught us how to cook, make fresh pasta and pizza and cookies. Oh so many homemade cookies. My college roommates loved November because that was when Grandma started her Christmas cookie operation. It wasn't long after Thanksgiving when a giant coffee can wrapped up in masking tape would arrive filled with assorted cookies. Perfect fuel for final exams.

I'll be flying back for the funeral so apologies in advance for radio silence on my end.

Press on Willow Warriors! Week 11 is on the way!

Jasper - day 90!!!!!

Yahoo. Big congratulations to our Jasper group! The first KB group to graduate in 2016. You guys crushed it! Enjoy some time off and we'll see you back for Kenzai Life!

For everyone else. Set your stream to "everyone" and check out some of the Jasper trainees! Use their transformation as motivation for what your program can look like!


Good morning mountains.

It's going to be a busy Saturday out of the house and I knew the pup would be neglected. Being the great mom that I am (ha!) I got up at 6 to take him for a run so I could be back and do a little work before the rest of the family was awake. Boom. I'll hit the workout this evening.

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