Kimberley W.

Kimberley W.

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Since joining Kenzai I have truly started to enjoy eating yoghurt. Hated it all of my life and now I'm a complete convert.

Hope the program is going well for everyone.

Fell in a Hole

Hi Everyone:

Well, things were ticking along and I went for a walk in the woods with some friends. Chatting away, enjoying the fresh air and snowdrops and fell in a hole. Not a big one but big enough for me to twist my ankle and hurt my knee. Super clutz!
So, I've been taking it easy. The ankle is better but my knee is not. Hoping things will be better soon.


Hi, I am Kimberley. I'm arriving to the group a bit late but I'm happy to be here. I've done Kenzai before but had an international move from New Delhi, India to Bucharest, Romania during the tail-end of the program so I didn't achieve what I was hoping for with that one.

I'm now 90% unpacked and the family is settling in so, here I go! Wishing everyone on the team my very best!

Just landed!

Hi All:

Happy to be starting the program and having a super fit 2019! Good luck everyone!

Looks like everything is going great for the team, well done! So happy to read it! On reading it, the diet for regular people and the It’s Too Hard lessons are right on the nose. This program has definitely taught me a lot. We are now 2 weeks from our move across oceans and continents with a million things completed but somehow a million things more to do! This is an extremely emotional time for the whole family. I am hopeful I can keep working on this program more productively after we are all settled again in our newest country. So happy y’all are doing so very well!! Go team!!

Bio Lab

Interesting lesson on the ‘morphine.’


Hey Guys,
Sorry the world is upside down right now as we are preparing for a sudden international move. I am running to fall behind. Hope y’all are all doing well.

I’ve been out in the wilds of Rajathstan which has been fantastic for spotting leopards in the wild (not a national park). While there was no gym it was an active trip. I’ve been off the diet as well as there was only local food available.
So, getting back to it. Will try and stick to things as much as possible but it is looking highly likely we will be moving countries soon so it will be manic the next several weeks. This was unplanned. Will do my best at this juncture because of disruptions already experienced and expected upcoming disruptions just hoping I can make it to the end of the programme. Not expecting to have a ‘Kenzai’ body but want to learn as much as I can in the meantime.

Abs killer!

Wooo- metronome, plank and push ups still super tough!
Hope it’s gong well for everyone!

Back in the Saddle

Hi Everyone, sorry I’ve not been around. As you know I was pretty fed up last time I blogged and then I hopped onto a plane. I did pack my kit with the intention of doing my workouts and there was even a gym in the hotel but I have to say I just didn’t do a darned thing. Also have to say that while I didn’t eat non-healthy stuff, I didn’t stay on the diet either. Being outside the country with access to safe food (& beef), I just didn't want to not eat it. Plus, I was out with colleagues at night and there was no way I was going to order 1apple, 1 egg white & 200ml of yogurt!! Not sorry about it either.
Did and do have a massive head cold that has been with me at least two weeks now (sneezing, coughing, sore throat, etc) which didn’t help on the workout front but I do take full responsibility for checking out on the program. I was busy all day, every day and into the evening which was great but exhausting at the same time. Things are quite mercurial here right now as we may actually be moving country as early as the second week of November which was not on the plan when I started the program. Nonetheless, I am not going to give up. I will finish this program even if my results are so good. So, time to press re-set!!

Sunday’s lesson

Hoorah! Some acknowledgment that this may not be going so well for some of us. Feels better than the constant ‘your body is much better now’ mantra.

still nothing

still no change not even on measurements.

No Difference!!

Hey Guys,
Getting pretty sick of this at 6 weeks I’m not seeing any improvement in my body. Yes, I am better at cardio and am likely getting stronger however 6 lbs off in 6 weeks sucks!!! I can lose 2 1/2 a week on a myriad of other diets without the exercise. This program is dominating my life and I’m getting pretty pissed off with every lesson about the amazing results I should be sssing and how people should be noticing when there’s been nothing discernable at all. I’m doing this program. I’m showing up every damn day (except the week I was sick and still stuck to the diet if not excercise). Even at 5 weeks I should see SOMETHING!!!!!


Anyone feeling an uptick in cravings? Since the indulgence, I’m struggling a bit. Not given in but I fancy chocolate. Also super hungry. I know I can have some extra veg but it doesn’t appeal. Hoping it will die down soon.


Wow! That was a tough one. Made it through the first set. Then rest, then only 1/2 way through second set. Managed about 3/4 of the third. How did y’all do?

End of Week 4