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Kenzai Sculpt | Day 19 (Member)
Kenzai Sculpt
Day 19
Program progress:
Feeling good

Yesterday I started my weekly yoga class again. I was so hungry before and after so I ate a banana and some extra carrot sticks. I did not eat the special treat someone brought from Japan or the mango pudding cake that someone brought in for a celebration. Enjoying the feeling of having clothes fit rather that constrict me so it makes just saying no a lot easier. Butt feels more lifted and mid section fluff slowly melting.

I have a friend who will be going back and forth to Vietnam for a year and he brought us mangosteen and passionfruit which I've been enjoying for my evening AMAYW. Photo is frozen banana blended with homemade yogurt and topped with passion fruit. So tasty!


Taking advantage of the last week before work officially starts to do my workouts in the morning. My legs are feeling it! I won't be able to do the long alt cardio starting Monday so I may be forced to do some ridiculous air jumping as I still cannot do the jumprope with proper form. If only I had access to a place with a big mirror so I can see myself.

The yogurt I made came out great!! I got a tip about using powdered milk to help it set and it seems to have done the trick. 12 hours in the little machine and a good 6 hours in the fridge = same as store bought skim yogurt. Now I just have to get into the habit of making it every couple of days.

Had a bit of a diet fail as I misread the base protein points at lunch and was giving myself a little extra but that is fixed now. Not doing full veggie, it is just nice to have the option. The hunger pangs are gradually subsiding and I am happy to report nothing outside my grams have passed my lips. We have catered lunch on Monday and Tuesday and I will be bringing my lunch to avoid temptation.


Had a lovely, albeit very hot walk around for free cardio on Saturday. Went with Namrata M from my KB group and we caught up about our summer activities then commiserated on the diet. We split up for lunch as she is on program and I went to my favorite laksa place in Central. Yum! Omg, the laksa is good there.

My kids start school on Wednesday so we are enjoying the last few days of no structure. I batch cooked some veggies last night, including severely over baking some sweet potato after not setting the timer and I have fruit in the fridge. Ready for the next 5 weeks here.

Last but not least, my lovely neighbor brought back this yogurt maker from Europe for me! First batch went in last night, I made it with skim milk and no sugar so let's see what comes out.

Me 1 Gravity 0

Not even one week in I am already feeling the changes in my butt. Feel less saggy. At my age, everything it literally heading south like it says on those funny/not funny joke birthday cards. What those cards make you think is that is what happens when you age, not much you can do about it. There should be something on the back that says your muscles are still there and if you work them out properly, you may not get back to the north but at least to the equator, haha.

Diet has been less stellar--we are still in week 1 I keep saying to myself! 1 Beer and snacks consumed at pool with friends, bowl of ramen with older child when out with older child yesterday. Roll on Monday and 5 weeks of eating clean. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Finished two days of workouts, each set done properly and to the max vs. flying through while sort of moving bands and limbs in the right direction. Result=sore butt, arms, shoulders and chest. So something is happening.

Food choices 80%. I am Kondo-ing a tiny back closet with all kinds of cr$p in it. Like a clown car, I could not believe what was coming out of there. Feeling accomplished although apparently I needed 3 pieces of TJ chocolate covered caramel to reach this goal.

Tackling chest of clothes today, following workout, then pool with my son and his buddies. Love still being on vacation even at home


Day 1 done and dusted--after forcing myself to get to the gym! Today was a general strike in HK so my husband came home after not being able to get to work. We all hung around and did this and that until finally at 2 pm I managed to get going. I am doing alt cardio as I am healing from an injury and I need to relearn how to skip with good form but this it taking longer than I expected and I get bike it is for now.

We just returned from a two week holiday in Mongolia. I didn't over indulge there but it was not very Kenzai friendly--we ate a various combinations of potato, carrot, meat and flour (bread/noodle/dumpling) and/or rice every day. Everything was prepared fresh by necessity! It is good to be back to my regular diet.

The exercises almost finished me off and these are just the beginning. The previous time I did Sculpt, I ended up with a fantastic belfie that I'm still proud of so I hope to top or at least match it. To do that I need to be strict on the diet. Willpower, preparation and trying to avoid pitfalls is how I plan to get through these 6 weeks. Oh, and finishing off all my Trader Joe purchases from the US so I am not tempted. Luckily, we have Leah G. in the group so I know she will keep me honest!! Great to be with you all and let's get on with building our booties!!

Fell off the Reach train... 

So, I am writing this grad blog even though I have done about two stretches in the last three weeks. Turns out I was just a bit ambitious about participating in a program as well as training it.

I love Reach so much and I do the morning exercises without fail. In addition, I’ve made friends with Pigeon which helped me stretch out my hip which was causing me pain in my knee. I’m taking a month off now for full on vacation and will be back for my usual refresh program in August. Reach for the starts, Team!

Photo: me and my SIL at the end of our hike along the Columbia river.


So, Friday was Dragon Boat Day. Our team came third in one of the races which meant we won a roasted pig. It was a lovely morning followed by a junk boat in the afternoon. This was one of my indulgence days I earmarked from the beginning. I just did not want to worry about grams and I knew I would have a glass or two of bubbles to celebrate.

The weather had not been great all week so we were so lucky to have a beautiful day. It really was Hong Kong at it's best. I only managed my morning stretches that day, left home at 6 am and I was too tired when I got back to do anything but shower and lie down.

Four more weeks of Reach-ing, hoping to get my forehead on the floor in the forward bend. Onward, ever onward!


Everything ticking along nicely here. All exercises done, even on Saturday when I woke up feeling dizzy and sick. I am putting this down to perimenopause as it's been happening on and off. When I google the symptoms, perimenopause pops up and then a line that says although this is a common complaint among women there has been little or no research done on it. Anyone know an enterprising grad student who would like to be a hero to women of a certain age by conducting such research?

Anyhoo. We hosted a swimming and bbq get together on Sunday and lucked out with the weather, after an entire morning of heavy rain. I already planned ahead with lots of kompliant options (think giant tupperware boxes full of chopped veggies). My downfall was the homemade Thai sausage, pictured above. I ate more than my protein grams of this as it was so good. Apart from that, I ate several spoons of homemade hummus and babaganoush so really it was ok. What I did not have: alcohol, dessert or chips. Calling this a win.

Older child took photo again this week and complimented me on my forward bend! Shows improvement, she said. Massive praise coming from her, hehe. Loving the Sun Salutations, need to work on breathing.

Have a good week, Reach-ers!

Photo: F. Mori


Finally went to a good physio (sports medicine, not old people like the one I went to initially) and got my knee sorted. Turns out I had a tight piriformis muscle that threw my whole right side out of alignment and that affected my sciatic nerve down my leg and the side of my knee. Last September this flared up when I started KB3 and I had to switch out to KB2 and I've been off the jumprope ever since. Looks like I will be back on it shortly! The physio said it was dragon boat related, due to the positioning of my legs in the boat. Now that I know the stretches I have to do, it should not be a problem going forward.

So far 8/8 for workouts, diet nailed down with only two misses last week--the aforementioned spring roll and then a tofu jigae lunch I had with a friend. I hid in my bedroom while my family ate take out pizza Sunday night #winning

Feeling a difference already after only one evening stretch. These muscles still remember! Roll on Week 2!

Picture from


Hi Virasana,

In reply to the intro message, sent by me, I am replying to the questions.

1) I am Reach-ing in Hong Kong which has gone from cool temps (lower 20s C) to humid, sweaty summer in about a week. Only now am I remembering I need to get the a/c units cleaned as they started dripping when we turned them on. As a result, my husband is sleeping in my daughter's room and I am on the top bunk in my son's room until Saturday. Joy!

2) I did my first Kenzai program in 2013, when it was still called PCP. Lots of people I knew did it with great results and Trainer Sharm's great blog and photos finally convinced me. Subsequently I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and I fully credit the Kenzai lifestyle for playing a huge part in making my treatments tolerable and for getting me back on my feet in terms of getting back into good shape. 4.5 years cancer free, yay!

3) As a family we've recently been watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix. The first season is the weakest so hang in there. Otherwise it is a funny and strangely heartwarming show and only about 25 mins per episode so you can watch a few and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.


Not 45 mins after bragging about the halo on my last blog, I ate a veggie spring roll my helper made for my kids' dinner. I love spring rolls, like last meal before execution love. It was so good and it was veggie...right? Well, the torment I felt after showed me that one moment on the lips was not worth the aggravation. Back on the straight and narrow.

*The photo is not of our spring rolls, they are from Dartagnan off the internet, but my helper's looked just as good.


I am getting ready to do my skillful stretches before Dragon Boat practice. We have a social team at work and this is my third year. Finally, I got a compliment from the coach! I know my form is better as I no longer get a blister on my thumb. It is so lovely to be out on the water in Sai Kung at night.

Yesterday our school hosted the HK Battle of the Books final. We ordered special catering and I did not go near it. Ate my fruit then lunch after the big event. Our team placed 3rd which is quite an achievement and everyone was so tired afterwards. I could have used an adult beverage or two but did a youtube yoga video once I got home instead. I feel my halo is slowly coming back toward my grasp, like Thor's hammer.

Don't forget to comment on your teammates' blogs! We are all in this together, right?

Hello on Day 1 of Reach! As my older child took my photo, she kindly reminded me that last year I could get my head onto the ground--not any more! So that is my goal this time, in addition to doing something about my muffin top :-0 As accountability I am going to post weekly photos of my torso in addition to my pose. Turns out going on vacation and eating all the food leads to clothes not fitting correctly. With summer coming up, I have to do something about that, especially since hoping the fat would go away has not worked.

Although I am the trainer for this round, I want everyone to keep their eye on me to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow. The only giant pitfalls I foresee is my son's (primary school) graduation which is a day long thing involving a buffet and the post Dragon Boat Day junk which we all go on after our races. Both of those qualify as life events as far as I am concerned so I am going to give myself permission to indulge on those days.

Alright, team, let's Reach!

Worked for me! 

Well, I got up early this morning to do the 30 min meditation in order to be undisturbed. Not early enough as my son got up at some point and although he was trying to be quiet he started clanging around in the kitchen and I could hear the low voices from this podcast. Needless to say the soft thoughts coursing through my head turned frantic.

How long do I need to put up with listening to this? How am I supposed to focus? He is supposed to be using the headphones I got him!!!

For the first time in this program I looked at my timer while meditating. Fail...sort of.

The timer showed 2:29 left. Not so long. I immediately went back and brought my focus back to breath and posture. I thought gentle thoughts about Son, he was in the kitchen doing his morning chores and was being as quiet as a ten year old can. Felt much better and experienced an almost timeless moment as the alarm went off what seemed like seconds later.

One of the biggest takeaways from Mind is that I do not need to react to every thought that I have even when it is combined with emotion like irritation or anger. Thought plus strong emotion plus reacting rarely produces good or desired results. By sitting with thoughts and letting the slip by regularly, I can do this more in every day settings. I've even caught myself thinking 'go away thought' in an effort to hurry it along!

It's empowering to know that I can sit calmly for up to 27:31 minutes while staring at curtains. I've let go of the mantra and at this point the thoughts are in soft focus rather than urgent calls to action. Hard to explain but there we are.

Thanks Kenzai, for another great program. I put this next to Reach in terms of learning something new. I am only sorry that I was a lousy teammate as I am running a KB group and this always happens when I am trainer and trainee. See you all on the blogs!!


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year! I am just coming out of a week of celebrating the Lunar New Year here in Hong Kong. We got to spend time with friends, go hiking, go to the beach and generally relax together as a family.

This year we decided to let each family member choose something we would do all together and each person had to enter into that activity with an open mind, knowing this would be reciprocated. My son chose family video games, specifically Super Smash Bros. I have no time for video games and consider them a complete waste of time. My son loves them and I could tell how excited he was that I was going to sit down and play. I could feel my judgement creeping in and I let those thoughts pass as I focused on the controller and buttons I needed to use to do jump, smash etc.

So, I did improve over the couple of hours we all played. My son still beat all of us, no surprise, but we were all laughing so hard that winning was not even the point. I now know that Son cannot remember to turn off the bathroom light but he can remember all the powers of all 80 characters in the game and I understand the attraction to these games a lot more.

Diet reached a low point after the video game session, with me eating Cheetos (cannot remember the last time I ate these) and all of us eaten frozen pizza for dinner. I had fun eating the junk food but only during the moment. Afterwards was blah. As of yesterday I am back on the straight and narrow of daily exercise and kompliant eating.

One more week of Mind--time really flies unless you are trying to meditate for 20 mins, hehe.

End of Week 5



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