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Cannot believe how fast the days flew by. I was not at my best this round of Reboot, in hindsight I should have just stuck to the Life workouts. Anyhoo, jumping on to the Kenzai Fusion beta on Nov. 11 and I am going to take it easy until then. Thanks for your patience, Sara, and all the best to my teammates. Hope to train with you again soon!

Could be doing better

Last week was ok, maybe 75%. I am just not keeping strictly to the diet unlike in Sculpt when I really nailed it. The workouts are going fine though so fitness is still good. Not being the greatest teammate which is always the case when I am running a group. Going to comment to you all now.

Tough week

Week two started off good...and ended up not so good. I started feeling a unwell on Thursday and so, so hungry. I tried to keep it to vegetables then ate cookies. Same for the following days, started with good intentions and finished the day far from the diet. I have no excuse except for a general feeling of being not 100%.

Luckily, every day is a new day! I am going to be early, properly hydrated and finishing with fruit snack tonight (not banana bread which is only sort of like a fruit snack). Two more weeks, I will do my best.

Where do I work out?

Usually I work out at home. I no longer jump rope so I do my youtube video for cardio then move onto the bands. However, these every day ho-hum workouts allow me to do more fun stuff with ease. My friend and I took our kids to Cheung Chau island for an overnight trip. There is an outdoor adventure park there and we were the only ones! We climbed trees, did an archery battle, bubble soccer, tree tops course with zipline and raced model boats around a man made pond. It was so much fun and I could totally keep up with the kids. The next day we swam in the beautiful beach, so clean and lovely then took the ferry home. Yay!

Workout done

Day 1 of Reboot! Have signed up to keep more or less on track although this week is my birthday week and I have some fun things planned so the diet will start in earnest in Week 2--just to be totally transparent!! Looking forward to a good month of workouts followed by another round of Sculpt in November.

Love the program! 

I got up nice and early to do my 1000 reps and get the belfie done before rushing off to dim sum with a friend from out of town. He picked the perfect time to visit, I had been craving dim sum all week and we had 12 people round the table so I could eat lots of different dishes! Heaven!

My legs feel super strong! I notice it in yoga when I can hold the warrior poses down low. Dancer pose? Bring it! People think yoga is all about flexibility; however, you also need strength! I've done the HIIT/Zumba class twice now and can totally keep up with the other women and feel good after. Not quite the DOMS of the barre but a nice, overall feeling of having worked out my legs.

True confession time: I completely rested on the last 4 rest days as I was doing physical labor lifting and carrying while distributing new uniforms for my kids' rugby club. 32 degree heat in a hot environment for 4 hours left me exhausted. I did not jump rope the entire program due to my knee and did a high impact workout from youtube instead. I did 5 or 10 mins each day and called it good. I am sure I could have shaved off more fluff had I done more but I am satisfied with my results.

Butt had definitely changed from spread sort of horizontally to now lifted up and defying gravity! I wear my daughter's old denim shorts around the house and they fit completely differently now! My legs have so much definition, I am thrilled. I want to walk around in stilettos every day so people can admire my calves. Upper body including abs feeling nice and strong, too.

Have not been the best teammate, I struggle with this when I am training my own groups. Sorry for this, I always start with great intentions then...

Happy to be done with a program for a while. Will enjoy having a few dinners out and then back to the grindstone. See you all on the blogs!!


Another week has zoomed by--I work in a school and once both my kids (different school) and I are back, the time just disappears. It seems that almost as soon as my head hits the pillow it is time to get up again. My older child is making her own school lunch now and keeping her canteen money. Yay, one less lunch to make; boo, one other person in our small kitchen in the morning. I have a fantastic KB group entering into their final third and a KB2 cohort kicking off on Monday! Time to put my time management skills to the test.

In other news, I took a new yoga class on Tuesday and it was a real workout! So many of the postures required leg strength, which I've been working on and I could hold with only minimal discomfort. Afterwards, I was wiped out! I did not do the barre exercises as I could hardly get up off the floor.

Another co worker described me as an advanced yogi, not a label I would give myself. In my mind, I compare myself to my sister who was a ballerina and continues to dance and I am nowhere near as flexible as her. I guess that does not mean I am not strong and flexible in my own right!! Funny how these labels stay with us and it was a good reminder that sometimes they can use an update.

Food wise, still hanging tough. Had a tiny bit of friend's spinach dip on my sourdough at lunch time and ate homemade kimchi which was a bit salty but good. I had an upset stomach for two days so missed a snack and couple of egg whites. That is about it.

Off to a Zumba and HIIT trial class today, let's see how that goes. Final week coming up, ready to finish strong!!


I went out for dinner with my friends on Wednesday to a place I was invited to in Week 2 but said no as I knew there would be 0 kompliant options. It was a cute Malaysian kopitiam in Sham Shui Po and we shared load of dishes. So tasty! Overall, the laksa place in Central still has the edge on the laksa but the other dishes were good and the company helped. I can honestly say I did not over eat at the restaurant; the dessert place put me over the edge. So much sugar right before bed seriously interrupted my sleep so not sure it was quite worth it. Back on the straight and narrow for the remaining 2 and a bit weeks.

Not loving the long strength days though I do like the results. My butt and legs are really feeling the workouts and I am much stronger in my yoga class. Amazing what consistent exercise does for the body!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Feeling good

Yesterday I started my weekly yoga class again. I was so hungry before and after so I ate a banana and some extra carrot sticks. I did not eat the special treat someone brought from Japan or the mango pudding cake that someone brought in for a celebration. Enjoying the feeling of having clothes fit rather that constrict me so it makes just saying no a lot easier. Butt feels more lifted and mid section fluff slowly melting.

I have a friend who will be going back and forth to Vietnam for a year and he brought us mangosteen and passionfruit which I've been enjoying for my evening AMAYW. Photo is frozen banana blended with homemade yogurt and topped with passion fruit. So tasty!

Yogurt came out great!

Taking advantage of the last week before work officially starts to do my workouts in the morning. My legs are feeling it! I won't be able to do the long alt cardio starting Monday so I may be forced to do some ridiculous air jumping as I still cannot do the jumprope with proper form. If only I had access to a place with a big mirror so I can see myself.

The yogurt I made came out great!! I got a tip about using powdered milk to help it set and it seems to have done the trick. 12 hours in the little machine and a good 6 hours in the fridge = same as store bought skim yogurt. Now I just have to get into the habit of making it every couple of days.

Had a bit of a diet fail as I misread the base protein points at lunch and was giving myself a little extra but that is fixed now. Not doing full veggie, it is just nice to have the option. The hunger pangs are gradually subsiding and I am happy to report nothing outside my grams have passed my lips. We have catered lunch on Monday and Tuesday and I will be bringing my lunch to avoid temptation.


Had a lovely, albeit very hot walk around for free cardio on Saturday. Went with Namrata M from my KB group and we caught up about our summer activities then commiserated on the diet. We split up for lunch as she is on program and I went to my favorite laksa place in Central. Yum! Omg, the laksa is good there.

My kids start school on Wednesday so we are enjoying the last few days of no structure. I batch cooked some veggies last night, including severely over baking some sweet potato after not setting the timer and I have fruit in the fridge. Ready for the next 5 weeks here.

Last but not least, my lovely neighbor brought back this yogurt maker from Europe for me! First batch went in last night, I made it with skim milk and no sugar so let's see what comes out.

Me 1 Gravity 0

Not even one week in I am already feeling the changes in my butt. Feel less saggy. At my age, everything it literally heading south like it says on those funny/not funny joke birthday cards. What those cards make you think is that is what happens when you age, not much you can do about it. There should be something on the back that says your muscles are still there and if you work them out properly, you may not get back to the north but at least to the equator, haha.

Diet has been less stellar--we are still in week 1 I keep saying to myself! 1 Beer and snacks consumed at pool with friends, bowl of ramen with older child when out with older child yesterday. Roll on Monday and 5 weeks of eating clean. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Hello there, muscles

Finished two days of workouts, each set done properly and to the max vs. flying through while sort of moving bands and limbs in the right direction. Result=sore butt, arms, shoulders and chest. So something is happening.

Food choices 80%. I am Kondo-ing a tiny back closet with all kinds of cr$p in it. Like a clown car, I could not believe what was coming out of there. Feeling accomplished although apparently I needed 3 pieces of TJ chocolate covered caramel to reach this goal.

Tackling chest of clothes today, following workout, then pool with my son and his buddies. Love still being on vacation even at home


Day 1 done and dusted--after forcing myself to get to the gym! Today was a general strike in HK so my husband came home after not being able to get to work. We all hung around and did this and that until finally at 2 pm I managed to get going. I am doing alt cardio as I am healing from an injury and I need to relearn how to skip with good form but this it taking longer than I expected and I get bike it is for now.

We just returned from a two week holiday in Mongolia. I didn't over indulge there but it was not very Kenzai friendly--we ate a various combinations of potato, carrot, meat and flour (bread/noodle/dumpling) and/or rice every day. Everything was prepared fresh by necessity! It is good to be back to my regular diet.

The exercises almost finished me off and these are just the beginning. The previous time I did Sculpt, I ended up with a fantastic belfie that I'm still proud of so I hope to top or at least match it. To do that I need to be strict on the diet. Willpower, preparation and trying to avoid pitfalls is how I plan to get through these 6 weeks. Oh, and finishing off all my Trader Joe purchases from the US so I am not tempted. Luckily, we have Leah G. in the group so I know she will keep me honest!! Great to be with you all and let's get on with building our booties!!

Fell off the Reach train... 

So, I am writing this grad blog even though I have done about two stretches in the last three weeks. Turns out I was just a bit ambitious about participating in a program as well as training it.

I love Reach so much and I do the morning exercises without fail. In addition, I’ve made friends with Pigeon which helped me stretch out my hip which was causing me pain in my knee. I’m taking a month off now for full on vacation and will be back for my usual refresh program in August. Reach for the starts, Team!

Photo: me and my SIL at the end of our hike along the Columbia river.

End of Week 5





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