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Achilles doing better

I laid off the rope for a few days and did stationary bike for two days. Yesterday and today I jumped rope for about 5 minutes as the gym in our complex is a long way away and is almost a workout in itself to get to. I don't have time in the morning! Still, I am feeling and looking a bit more like myself so all good.

Tonight is a long scheduled evening of serving the homeless in Hong Kong with Impact HK. It is pouring with rain and I am reflecting on how lucky I am that I only need to be out in it for two hours and not 24/7. I may have to have a bowl of noodles afterwards though. I need to be strong!



Not such a great week as I am getting Achilles pain. It used to be just stiffness in the morning but now it hurts during the day. Today I did not do the jump rope, I speed walked for a few minutes to warm up before the bands and 8MA. Have also added stretches and strengthening exercises to my routine to rehab it for a bit. Looks like it is biking around the complex or stationary bike for me for a while. Also buying new shoes tomorrow.

This sucks but sticking to the diet in any case and continuing with the bands. I am getting older now (sigh) so I guess I need to take these pains seriously if I want to keep working out. This never happened in my twenties :-(

Not sure if it is emotional eating but I was starving today. Ate an extra banana and could not stop eating potato at dinner. Could be worse, I was staring down my son's gluten free cookies in the pantry but managed to resist. Going to get ready for bed now so I am not tempted into the kitchen.

Lunch challenge & sleep

Yesterday I toted my little salad off to work and was pleasantly surprised to find there were undressed, chopped vegetables for salad! We have quite a few vegetarians on staff now and one vocal meat lover left so looks like this is how things will be, at least for the next year.

For protein I had chicken from the green chicken curry and carbs was white rice. I could not resist two small pieces of beef, totally worth it and I washed my plate right after finishing to make sure I did not go back for more. Looking at the photo, I see I was over on protein...which is what happens when you serve yourself when starving. All the more reason for weighing your food vs. eyeballing.

One other exciting piece of news is last night I slept through the night without even waking up once! I cannot remember the last time this happened. I feel really good today. Let's hope the weather holds for the BBQ. Have a good weekend, team!

Nailing the diet

Yes! Nothing has passed these lips beyond what is prescribed (except for a little Nando's hot sauce, because flavor). Tomorrow I am taking the challenge to eat out. Except I will be eating a catered lunch at work. To be on the safe side, I am bringing a small salad as I know the food and all the vegetables are covered in sauce so I guess I am slightly cheating. I am going to eyeball the protein and carbs--it will not be the cleanest meal but it's the only chance I have to do this.

Saturday night we are invited to a barbeque so I will be switching my lunch and dinner. No alcohol for me, I have ordered lots of sparkling water so I will be all set.

Exercises going well as are the 8MA. Feeling great! Even when I wake up in the middle of the night and am starving, I am kind of happy because it means my body is back to running efficiently again :-). Always look on the bright side, right?

Posting some photos of my food.

1/4 done

So, every time I think I will just have a small bite of whatever, I remember my weekly photo. It is working like a charm. I am still in the midpoint between feeling great from good eating and exercise and hangry and achy.

Happy to report I am 14/15 on the 8 minute abs and today I even did the planks. I forgot when I signed on to the 8MA challenge that it included I have never had a six pack in my life and this is probably my one and only shot. Still quite a bit of fluff to go in that area...

Work out area

I usually work out in a children's playground up the hill from my apartment. The ground is covered with sprung tiles which makes the jumprope easier on my knee. The bummer is the tiles have spaces between them so if the rope catches, I trip. I try and find the perfect spot (see main photo), and do my best. It isn't covered though, so when it rains, I go to my previous workout spot (second pic). Previous workout spot is lovely, smooth stone. I knocked out 2 perfect 30 minute jump ropes there. It is covered so ok in the rain. The hard stone did my knee in, however, so I try and avoid it if I can.

Almost a week under my belt. Diet strictly adhered to, even though I had to get ready for bed at 8:30 to avoid the fridge. I've noticed the effects of gravity on my body recently, ugh, so I need some muscles back.

I am at 12/13 on the 8 minute ab challenge. So far so good. Looking forward to some free cardio tomorrow.

My name is Kim

Hi everyone, I am here in HK looking out at some grey, thunderstorm-y weather. I Reboot every summer after my holidays when regular exercise pretty much goes out the window despite great, fantastic, definitely this year intentions. My goal is to get fit enough to finally attempt KB3 and the usual, good habits, exercise daily. etc. My ideal would be to get all the results with none of the effort but having tried that I can guarantee it does not work, hehe.

My possible roadblocks are time management so I am committed to getting the workout done in the morning. As for food, I liked everything except raw tomato in salad when I was a kid and this infuriated my mother who did everything she could to force me to eat it. Turns out I did not like the nasty, hard weird tomatoes we got in Japan back in the day. Went to Australia and ate a real one off the vine and now I love them. Right now my favorite food is any kind of spicy noodle, mostly because it is very un Kompliant so I rarely eat this type of dish. I love fresh fruit and all kinds of veggies, thankfully, as this is what I will be eating...

Nice to meet everyone!

Time for good choices

Soooo, I have a beach day out planned for tomorrow with a good friend. Was going to bring both kids but the older one got a babysitting offer (rare as hen's teeth in HK as everyone has a helper) so she is not joining. Aside: spend years getting child to be a useful member of society and the moment this happens, she is off doing her own thing. The irony!

Anyway, since it was going to be day 1 of the diet, I was thinking I could just start the diet on day 2...right? Logged on to read some lovely, supportive comments from the kommunity and now I am packing my fruit and kale salad and grilled chicken. The time to start is NOW!

Moment of truth

Got my starting photo done and it shows me exactly the work I need to do :-(. Yep, made the current body out of lots of small decisions that added up to muscle loss and general softness. I can fit into my clothes but they don't fit right. Let's see how I do over the next few weeks. Jumping rope will help as will sticking firmly to the diet. Repeat to self: sticking firmly to the diet!! I need your help, team!

Day 1 done and dusted

Up bright and early to get my workout done. This is my third or fourth time Rebooting so you'd think I would remember some of the exercises but no, each time it is a new adventure. I am doing 15 mins straight skipping, though, not counting the trips as I am jumping on weird tile in the playground to save my knee. Also, I am doing 8 min abs every day in lieu of of the ab exercise--thanks for the challenge, Ward!

I've been home for a week and eating a bit better so already feeling more like myself again. Also making a bit more of an effort in the kitchen as things were getting pretty dire in June, same things over and over! Hoping to jumpstart my fitness so I can tackle KB3 in September.


We are at the end of our vacation, I know that because I have just signed up for my annual August Reboot. This year, I’ve eaten enough to finally get myself on the KB 3 program in September.

We’ve been traveling in France where the food is great but so rich and low on veggies. Yes, yes, I could go and find a market, I know. It’s just not as easy or convenient when the kids are hungry and need to eat.

Two more days till we fly back to HK, I’m feeling ready.

Photo is Omaha Beach, where the Americans landed on DDay, 1944.


I did my final workout today, Tuesday, as I had to rest up before Dragon Boat Day. Chisel turned out to be a great program to do in conjunction with dragon boat training as paddling requires explosive power just when you feel like your heart might actually stop. Our team placed in two races, earning us two roast pigs in Sai Kung yesterday. I was in the women's small boat where we came from behind thanks to our strength and great timing! Yay!

I did every workout bar one free cardio day; however, I was also paddling four hours a week so I am giving myself a pass. I had a couple of off piste meals with friends who kept showing up from out of town but otherwise ran it very tight. My weight has not changed but my body sure has. Makes sense when I think that the weight loss starts about now on a 12 week program.

My goal to look fabulous on my reunion trip means I still have to hit the rope and probably K Life 5 to counteract the farewells that I have coming up. Have yet to figure out how to navigate dim sum while remaining even remotely kompliant so if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

This program is certainly not for the faint of heart! I will be glad to see the back of my 5 am alarm--used every trick in the book to keep that up :-) and watching folks on MP let me see that everyone else was struggling along with me.

Thanks to Kenzai for coming up with the terribly wonderful program. Hope everyone has a great summer!!


Blog police got me this week! I had a long week with dragon boat practice on Thursday night and again on Saturday morning. Also started getting a cold around Wednesday, one that is sort of there making you feel crummy but not bad enough to take off from work. I couldn't sleep very well and it contributed to me being very tired.

On Saturday morning I pulled my right oblique muscles badly during practice. It hurt so bad but I had to keep going for the remaining 30 mins (team sport etc) and now I am paying for it. My side hurts when I get out of bed, when I push against something, when I check behind me to change lanes while driving...

I did Saturday's workout today and could not manage either ab exercise and the jumps I had to do with my hands on the ground. It is true that we use our core for almost everything!! I am bummed because I was starting to feel and somewhat see my abs so I wanted to work on them. Hoping this heals up quickly--not looking forward to tomorrow's cycle.

Saturday night I had my indulgence when having dinner with an old friend from college. Erin was an undergrad and worked on a program I helped run while studying for my master's degree so we've known each other for quite a while and manage to stay friends even though we do not see each other that often. She was transiting through HK with her husband who she got married to earlier this year. I thought to myself that I would not have a drink but that quickly fell by the wayside and I had 2 beers and one cocktail. Dinner was Sichuan food, I kept my portions small. We went on the Star Ferry and I had a McDonald's soft serve for dessert. Way bigger than the suggested indulgence, I know; however, I felt it was worth it to belated celebrate Erin's nuptials.

Two more weeks, team. I am feeling great (apart from the pulled muscle) and I know a lot of fluff has gone already. Yes, we can!

Going strong

My body is starting to feel the positive effects of the diet and exercise! Clothes fitting so much better which makes the diet easier to follow!! My daughter had several friends over for a barbeque on Tuesday, a public holiday. I ate my egg white dinner for lunch so I could eat more at dinner. In the end, I was too busy cooking and serving so I ate one plain burger in a bun and a few veggies so I was under on grams. No alcohol passed these lips!!

Last night my son's school had it's annual fundraising event. I am president of the PTA and it was a lot of work to put together. I am glad that it's done. As everyone was eating I hid behind the curtain on stage and ate my egg white and veggies :-) Again, no alcohol passed these lips!!

My workout is done for today and we are off to Cirque du Soleil tonight which is always extra motivating. We are eating dinner with friends so I will make good choices. No dessert of alcohol will pass these lips!!

Have a good weekend, team!

Farewell day out

Yesterday was my much anticipated day out with some girlfriends, one of whom is leaving Hong Kong at the end of next month. The real downside of expat life :( I did my cardio and viking longboat (legs bent after a while) and set off at 9:20 am. We crossed the border over to Shenzhen ate dim sum, did some shopping, went to a spa for the afternoon for massages and ended with Sichuan food (one beer to wash it down). I gratuitously ate a Twix on the way home just because I wanted something sweet.

We got home after 11 pm so very late bedtime though I am up now and workout is done! Not my best but done. The massages yesterday really helped my feet, feeling good albeit really sleepy.

Now to nail down the remaining 4 weeks!!

End of Week 5





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