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Kenzai 2 done! 

Hey everyone ... Kenzai 2 is in the books! Wow. Where did the Fall go? As I look back and take stock of the year since beginning Kenzai in January, I'm extremely grateful for the focus on being more healthy. I started the year with KB 1 ... knocking on the door at nearly 220 lbs. While I haven't weighed in today... last I checked, I was hovering around 199/200. Now, did I achieve all my goals? No. But that's not really the point is it? The point is Kenzai has put me on a different road that is much, much longer than 90 days. It's the lifestyle shift that has occured. I'm committed to eating healthier and working each week to be better with my food and exercise decisions. That said, I do get to celebrate my goal jeans from last week! Thank you to each of you for the encouragement along the way. Look forward to working out with you in the new year! Have a great holiday season all!


For those of us in the USA, this week/weekend marked a time for Thanksgiving. A time when family and friends come together to spend time together ... and share good food. I will not even begin to pretend that I was 100% Kenzai compliant. Rather, I would like to reflect on what Kenzai has taught me during the year and give thanks for it. As we prepare to close out 2019, I am by far more healthy than I was when I started Kenzai 11 months ago. Net net, I’m down nearly 20 pounds and just feel better. I may not have followed KB2 as close as I did KB1 ... but I did notice Kenzai’s impact over the holiday weekend. Did I weigh every gram ... no. Did I have a few sugary treats and alcoholic beverages...absolutely. But, I looked at food and chose various options differently than I had in the past. I limited servings sizes. I chose vegetables and protein (when possible) over heavy carbs/casseroles. I attempted to limit carbs in the evenings. And more importantly ... I find myself yearning for “the program” ... for the good ole regimented Kenzai diet as the weekend draws to a close. Not because I feel like I “have to” because we technically still have one week to go ... but because I want to. I have grown to like the feeling of eating compliantly. So, that’s what I’m thankful for this holiday season. I’m thankful for my health.

OH, and because I couldn’t wait until next week’s graduation post to share the good news... we went to dinner with friends last night ... and I wore my “goal” jeans to dinner! Yea!

And with that, off to the gym I go to work off the pumpkin pie. In NYC during our final week ... will do my best to be compliant and get in the workouts!


Wow ... what a great holiday with friends! Did what I could to stay on program but wasn't strict either. I needed both the mental and physical break from "routine". Swapped out treadmills and machines for hiking in the mountains...but I did take my bands along and used them. Kept pretty consistent with my breakfasts and lunches, but dinners were a time to enjoy a myriad of favorites. But now I'm back in the swing of things, rejuvenated and ready to complete KB2. Two solid workouts completed thus far (by the way, I love these "uppercut sets"). Hope everyone has a terrific week ... and attaching two pics from vacation proving that there was a degree of exercising incorporated into the trip!

Vacating ...

Apologies all .... I missed the weekly post. I’m currently on vacation. Attempting to eat reasonably well but enjoying myself. Going on a 6-7 mile hike in the morning for my exercise ... but it’s starting to snow, so wish me (us) luck! Will write more when I get back Sunday. Cheers.

...on Halloween...and it successfully fought its way into my mouth! Doh! In all seriousness, not a horrible week. Had four business dinners back to back this week so diet was a bit challenging but tried my best. I did get all my workouts in this week except for one and felt really good about that. I feel like I’m getting stronger and see small changes in the mirror. Glad to have my veggies back at dinner time for sure! Have a great week everyone.

Week 8 is here and I'll admit it ... I'm tired. But I'm pushing through. Week 7 was better for me ... by far it was not perfect, but better than Week 6 ... so I'll take it. Downside, I did a weigh in and apparently have hit a plateau not losing much over the past 15 days. However, I think I do feel a bit stronger.

This week will have its own challenges. I have back to back business dinners Mon - Thurs this week and social dinner on Friday. So, with that, I'll have to flip my meals five days this week with apples and egg whites for lunch each day and my main meal at dinner. The workout was tough this morning...ended up walking for 30 minutes and then doing the strength training. Felt bad that I half-assed the cardio but I was just zapped.

Just keeping my head down, one day at a time.

Feeling accomplished ...

Felt a need to blog about a solid "win" today ... As usual, my schedule is a little nuts. Had a 7:20 a.m. flight this morning. In the past weeks when I've had a 7 a.m. flight, I usually land and go straight into meetings followed by business dinners typically. On these days, I usually don't get a workout in because I have to leave so early to get to the airport (and I'm not a morning person). BUT TODAY, I made a firm commitment to change that. Set the alarm for my butt out of bed, and did the workout. Was proud of myself actually for bearing down, focusing in on the last half of KB2, and just grinding it out. One day at a time ...

My second "win" today was more funny than anything. Staying in a historic town this evening (on business) in a very old inn. Next door is an old, family run candy shop. Now, you should also know that Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love everything about ... including candied apples that pop up during the season! And what did I see in the window of the candy shop next door .... see for yourself in the photo! They looked AMAZING. It was sooooooo hard. But I passed. Not happy about it. But I did it!

Have a great week everybody!

Week 6 in the books ...

....and let’s just be honest ... not my strongest showing. First of the week, I did pretty well. But on the back end of the week, I don’t know what happened. It all started with not appropriately planning my workout Thursday versus my I missed a workout. From there, it just went down hill. I didn’t exercise and I fell completely off the diet thanks to a college reunion over the weekend. I think I was just tired and needed a break. Needless to say, after four days of eating poorly with minimal exercise, I find myself craving Kenzai. So .... meals are prepped for the week. Alarm is set. Workout clothes laid out for my morning workout. Tried on my “goal jeans” for inspiration. Head is back on and focused. Bring on Week #7.


Holy smokes...what a week! Week 5 started off with a nasty little norovirus (or something) and looked pretty bleak. But hey ... great diet supplement, think I knocked a few additional pounds off (ha ha). Missed a few workouts and meals, but second half of the week came back solid...really nailed the diet and the workouts. All in all, I feel really good about my return.

After a very, very hot and humid summer ... Autumn finally arrived to Memphis this weekend. Woke up to 55 degree (F) temps. One of our trees is starting to turn in the front yard. It just put a huge smile on my face. In honor to celebrate, I had to make a little something in the kitchen (one can only eat so many egg whites and apples, c’mon)...but I kept it Kenzai compliant. Roasted butternut squash bisque. Super, super simple! 2 butternut squash, 1 onion, 3 stalks of celery, 7 garlic cloves, 4 sprigs of rosemary. Roast and brown with a little olive oil. Discard rosemary and transfer to pan with a few cups of beef/veggie stock and boil for a few minutes. Transfer to blender, purée while adding a little milk to taste for creaminess. Voila! Enjoy with a side of egg whites after a trip to the gym!

Week 5

Sorry for being tardy with this week’s post. I would’ve jumped on sooner .... but ran into a small (it really didn’t feel all that small let me assure you) food poisoning snag that sidelined me for the last three days. But after a gallon of Pedialyte, crackers, broth, and lots of sleep ... I’m emerging back into the world of Kenzai. I even managed a banana and two egg whites for dinner ... just couldn’t stomach (no pun intended) the apple and third egg white. Last week wasn’t shabby. HIt about 70-80% on diet and exercise ... I will attempt a gentle workout tomorrow to ease back into things. A little set back ... but onward we go.


Oh Week 3 ... it was almost a love-hate relationship wasn’t it?

Boy was this a crazy, struggle week. It started off rough ... I failed to get in my Week 2 photo and wasn’t exactly diet compliant last weekend while visiting friends (who are also Kenzai members mind you ... go figure). There may have been a glass of wine or two. That blew straight into 4 days of business travel where measuring grams wasn’t an option and everything had to be done by eye. But of course, I had to entertain clients/colleagues ... who wanted to drink wine ... so guess what creeped into my diet mid-week too? That’s the ugly part.

The good news is that other than the multiple wine deviations, I was pretty darn compliant with the rest of my diet (at least in what I ate). Tried to keep everything to fish, veggies, salads, etc with minimal to no processed food. I got the majority of my workouts in with some days even squeezing in a little extra cardio than normal .... in an attempt to offset my diet deviations. This past week was just difficult ... but, wait for it ..... I lost another 5 lbs since my last weigh in Sept 16th. So ... I will take it!

Though I’m staring at two more weeks of very heavy travel ... I remain committed to eating as healthy as one can on the road and minimizing the wine detours (as much as the professional social norms will allow). Sleeping better, feeling better, bring on Week 4!

For viewing pleasure ... I did make a killer salmon last night with a modified summer succotash and homemade roasted red pepper Kenzai-compliant sauce! Have a great week everyone ...


So about those lunges yesterday! Wow. I haven't done lunges in a few months and also ramped my cardio up a little this weekend more than usual. So....went to get out of bed this morning and was like "where did that muscle come from" ... everything hurt! But.....I was reminded (through the pain) that I'm making strides towards my goals. The jumps during this afternoon's workout should be just a real splendid experience (lol).

On the road again this week (as usual) .. hope everyone is having a great week


Feeling pretty good about Week 2. Only missed one workout (crazy travel day) and one slip up on diet. Otherwise, it was a solid week. Week 3 is gonna be a little challenging given I’m traveling all week. However, I will say this....I’ve been very surprised at how accommodating hotels/restaurants have become to people on crazy diets. I do need to get a little better about my water intake ... I get going and in back-to-back meetings and forget to drink water. Other than that ... nothing too crazy to report from this past week. Currently spending the weekend with our friends Matt and Amy in Kansas City ... who are KB2 grads. We arrived and they had a fridge packed with veggies and lean protein! So awesome!

Have a great week 3 everyone .... uploaded a picture of one of our dogs just for fun this week ... who doesn’t love a smiling puppy dog?!


Two weeks in a row...I hit Wed/Thurs and I’m just zapped! Anyone else make it halfway through the week and hit a slump? Sticking with it...but not easy for sure (and still sore)....


Not too shabby! Yes, I had a little wine this week as I got things under way....BUT, solid diet otherwise and got the workouts in (except for one) ... all while traveling on business. I think the thing I liked most about cleaning up the diet this week was having all my meals planned out for myself at the beginning of the week and then not having to worry about “what’s for dinner” each night. The lesson this week on a slow workout ramp was timely. I walked into the workout on Monday and was like “what is this”? By Thursday (the one day I missed), I was sore and dragging! Thank you Kenzai for the slow ramp week; it has been much appreciated.
Things I noticed by the end of the week that were also pleasant ... didn’t feel as bloated and noticed my sleep was better. All that said, Fall is my favorite time of year...especially in the South. Bonfires, cookouts, bourbon, food, festivals galore ... it’s gonna be hard ... but I just keep thinking about those goal jeans!! LOL .... have a great Week 2 everyone!