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Kenzai Chisel | Day 2 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 2
Program progress:

Will be 100% candid today, I'm a little freaked by Chisel. Fresh off KB1 and I'm diving into this with some former KB1 teammates. Looking forward to the hard work but a bit intimidated. Did reasonably well while off plan but I noticed many old habits creeping back in; so thankful for the structure Kenzai provides. Have my first workout coming up later today ... so we'll see how it goes!

“Game changer” 

Last October, I vividly remember thinking to myself something had to give. My career/job was all-consuming and I constantly felt stressed. I was the heaviest I have ever been, many of my clothes weren’t fitting well, and I just felt overwhelmed at where to start. I actually did workout, but felt like I was making no progress. Then, a couple of friends turned me on to Kenzai. I was nervous in the weeks leading up to KB1. What if it didn’t work? What next? I remember settling into that first week saying my body and mind need a “hard reset”.

As KB1 closes down, my official stats: down 16.8 lbs, 2.5” off my waist, body fat % down ~5-6%. This morning, I went into my closet and pulled out five pair of shorts. Three of which I could barely fit into last summer, two pair that I haven’t been able to wear in 3-4 years. I slid right into them, no issues. Tension headaches have largely subsided. Skin looks better and I sleep more soundly. Kenzai is exactly what I needed. Yes, I will bring wine back into my diet (duh), but I can honestly say that this experience initiated a lifestyle shift for me (I hope). I’m nervous as I leave the structured environment and support network of KB1, but emboldened to keep pressing forward. In six months, my goal is an additional 5-6% reduction in body fat and with what I’ve learned in Kenzai ... I have the confidence and know-how to get there! Thank you again to the Pegasus crew for the support and kind words and to Ward and Talya for their encouragement and training!

Closing in ...

Closing in on the last few days. Diet has been on point and I've been getting the workouts in. Part of me is just ready for a few days off where I'm not stressed trying to squeeze in workouts, remembering to eat my snacks, or weighing my protein/veggie/carb grams. The other part of me is nervous as hell given I won't have a regimented schedule to follow every day. All that said, I will definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine at some point this wknd to celebrate (while shopping for new jeans probably). I'm proud of the work I've put in. Could I have been better .... eh, probably. But I think I gave the program a solid B+ commitment and am happy with the results. Looking forward to weighing in and taking measurements this weekend and seeing what the final results are. Also appreciate all the guidance from Talya/Ward and support from the team along the way :-).

So ... I had to switch days around this week for various reasons ... that leg workout ... damn!


Things are going much better than last week. Feel more rested and I'm getting the workouts in (except for yesterday). Yesterday was a crazy work day. Couldn't get a workout in due to my schedule and had to take a business colleague out for BBQ. Tried to navigate the BBQ menu but still wasn't 100% compliant. Boy, did I feel lethargic this morning..."food hangover". Just another example of how my diet has shifted for the positive and I enjoy it.

Positive news to report. Put on a pair jeans this week and I'm now at the last hole on one of my belts ... and still had to pull them up from time to time. While annoying ... it felt so good! Maybe I see some retail therapy in my future?


So I came out of last week’s final indulgence fired up and ready to take the final three weeks by storm ......and then life hit (fml). Missed two workout days entirely for various reasons, two of the workout days were cardio only. Last night, went to a wedding and caved having some wine and a cupcake. But, to be fair, I called this as a cheat day before I joined the program. Lol. Diet has been OK this week but not stellar; I haven’t necessarily gone off script but missed several snacks. And I may or may not be having a very small glass of wine while writing this (don’t judge, I have a good on). BUT ... let’s talk about the good stuff ... I hit another PR on Peloton today (hence the very small glass of wine to celebrate). And, last night, I wore a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in probably a year. What a great feeling! So .... we’re gonna try this again. I’m going to really try and buckle down over the last two weeks for a final push. I’m dedicated to being extra vigilant on diet and exercise. Onward and upward!

June for the win!

So...June posted her Veggie curry recipe over the weekend. Wow! It is good! Thanks June for the suggestion.

For mine, I used onions, mushrooms, ginger, and garlic as you recommended for the base. Butternut squash, eggplant and cauliflower too. Substituted in spinach as well which was good. Also, added in a little low sodium chicken stock and Siracha.


I’ve dreamed for weeks of pizza ... so Kim, Clark, me and the hubby ventured out today (in absolutely beautiful weather) for brunch ... and we took full advantage of the indulgence. To be clear, it was everything I wished it would be. I know the 3rd indulgence wasn’t supposed to taste as good .... but it was worth every bite! Good week, upped my cardio time for running and biking. Still struggling on some of the resistance workouts. Had two pair of pants fitting more loose. Ready to hunker down and grind the last three weeks out!

Four weeks to go ...

Fairly good consistency this week. Took measurements at Day 60. Came in at 207.4, down from 219...maybe 1.5” total off from waist. Celebrated that win; was kind off hoping for a bit better showing. But progress nonetheless! Really, really hoping to take a full two - three inches off by the end and get to 200. We’ll see ...

Loved the diet this week. Was so happy to have veggies back at dinner (if you couldn’t tell from earlier posts). Also glad to get a little bit of carbs back for breakfast this week. Have also started adding in the 8 minute abs video on cardio days. May try to get 1 or 2 more turns of that in this week.

Hope everyone has a great Week #10! I’ve got my cup ready for the next indulgence ......


Yep. That’s right, giddy. That’s how I feel that our dinner of egg white and apples are over! I can’t articulate how excited I was to have veggies back for dinner and fruit for my nighttime snack. A relief. Tonite we made spaghetti squash with a tomato, shallot, garlic ragu. OMG, it never tasted so good!

Week 9 workouts .... kicking my butt! Really struggling with the V Ups and planks. Legs were really sore this morning and I was dead tired yesterday; therefore, I took a day off today from cardio but still did my resistance workout. Not really noticing any significant changes, but just keeping my head down and pluggin away. One day at a time .... But the veggies, though! Awesome.

I swear I'm in my own real life Groundhog Day movie. Get up, cardio, go to work, marathon meetings and/or travel, get home, pet dogs, hug husband, resistance workout, eat my apple and egg whites, watch news, check emails, go to bed .... repeat. Mundane ... that is Week #8 for me. The only thing I'm struggling with more than egg whites every night for dinner are the planks and V sit-ups (cue big eye roll). I'm damn sore as I write this...did my resistance workout but passed on the cardio today.

So it's Friday night and here are my key takeaway/observation for this week. Kenzai kills your social life (don't hate me Ward). But, it does. We're sans kids and enjoy good wine, cocktails and dinners with friends on the weekends. Or some variation. Not many friends banging down our door for milk and egg whites; but, don't think I haven't tried selling the opportunity hard. Ha! Upside, I'm saving tons of cash from not eating out. My highlight of the friend Amy gave me the nicest compliment last night...said she was noticing a difference and that I look a few years younger in fact. That got me through today's egg white omelet .....until next week my fellow eggheads .... keep eggsercising .... and if you're feeling down, bring the sunny-side up! (bad jokes, sorry).


Getting tired of the same thing every night? The joys of good ol' 2% milk have faded? Well then, I've found a great option to spruce up your egg white and apple dinner tonite! Cold press coffee concentrate. Yep, that's right! Hop on down to your local Whole Foods grocer and pick up a bottle. Highly concentrated coffee in a bottle (no additives, sugar, or bad kenzai ju ju). Just add a splash to your nightly milk routine and ... voila! You have a completely new dinner experience. Your egg whites will never taste better.

Back on track...

Well, the last 2-3 weeks have been ... interesting. Lots of travel with plenty of opportunities for falling off the wagon along the way. I’d give myself a solid C+ the last two weeks. Missed a few workouts and generally tried to stay on track with diet while “on the road”. But, it’s incredibly difficult. With that, I did not take my second indulgence as my diet was already impacted by available food options at group dinnners, etc. As has been said, consistency is key with this program; therefore, I’m happy to be home for the next 2-3 weeks and able to just lock down my diet and workouts. The upside is, my general cravings for bad food is down (I still want pizza really, really bad with a good bottle wine). I’m also sleeping so much harder which is terrific. On the flip side, like others, I’m beginning to struggle with the workouts ... they are certainly ramping up (and I’m trying to keep up!). Time management has been difficult with the workouts (as they are getting longer), but when I’m home I have found that knocking out cardio in the morning and resistance in the evening is working well for me. Look forward to seeing how this week goes and hope everyone is doing well!

Tough and frustrating...that's my current mood. Got a really nice workout at the hotel yesterday. Was able to be pretty compliant all day...until dinner. Last night, our team switched restaurants to a place that was more accommodating to our group (tapas) and pushed time back. Group ordered lots of things from salad to tartare to octopus. And the wine! They ordered one of my favorite bottles (doh!). I was able to order salmon, slurp down club soda, and pick around other plates .... but nonetheless, difficult. Have a very BIG meeting today...anxiety woke me up at 4:30 a.m. after not getting back to hotel until 10:30 p.m. Drug my butt out of bed at 5:30 and got my resistance workout in. Straight day of mtgs and then to airport. Land in another city at 715 and go straight to another business dinner which probably won't end until 1030/11. Then back up for a 7 a.m. meeting until 230 on Wed....and then back to the airport and arriving home around 900. Have no idea how or where the workout will occur tomorrow.

BUT...I got up today. And I did the workout this a.m. And I've been close to compliant with food. In the face of a crazy and demanding schedule, I'm making more healthy decisions and holding myself more accountable to getting up and getting the workouts in. For that, I will be grateful and celebrate the small off to the next meeting .... have a great day everyone!

Great week of skiing in Colorado last weekend and early part of this week. Beautiful weather. BUT, we had to come home Wed. Was pretty compliant while on vaca. Very strict with diet first two days and then let loose just a little on the second two days ... but nothing too crazy. No, Clark, Kim, and I did not "torch the wagon". This may be b/c Kim kept Clark and I on a constant guilt trip (jk lol!). Got a couple of good resistance workouts in along with three hard days on the slopes (good leg burn).

And then I came home and the lesson on the "kenzai valley" was so timely. I've just been "meh" all weekend. Done the workouts and diet has been 100% on point. But I'm so sick of egg whites and apples...just sayin'. This week will be interesting. Travel for business Sun - Wed. Back home and then out again for another trip Fri-Sun. Lots of business meals this week. So, I'll be tap dancing a little and shuffling meals around to try and stay compliant.

Failed to get a picture up last week ( I know, I've all been on pins and needles waiting for a new pic post). Rest assured that a week 6 pic will be uploaded soon. If you look hard, you may notice one very small In all seriousness, I think I've seen a few small changes over the last two weeks...but I'm not necessarily feeling any incremental changes in the way my clothes fit. Nevertheless .... onward into Week 7....


Checking in while on far diet is going well. Arrived Sat pm, went to grocery, and meal prepped. Kind of weird watching everyone else go out to the restaurants, eating/drinking and being merry....and I’m at home (with Clark and Kim) playing dominos and eating egg whites and apples. BUT, I’m so much more relaxed and sleeping better which is nice. Using skiing as my cardio and still trying to hit the resistance workouts ... seems to be working well; though, the altitude does make it a lot more tough.

Can’t wait to get my pistol squats going (said with a thick sentiment of sarcasm) ...