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So, I feel like I have an asterisk (*) next to my "Completed" status. For the last two weeks, I've been out of commission due to injuring my back (dang Burpees, errgh). Good news, I'm on the mend. Did a gentle Peloton ride day before yesterday and feeling more solid; stretching quite a bit daily. Venturing back on the bike later today along with some light resistance and abs. I have stuck pretty close to the diet though while on "Kenzai Medical Leave". Not sure I gained or lost, but all I know is that I feel better. I continue to be thankful for this program and the structure it brings my life. Congratulations to all my fellow Chislers; it's been great watching you all shred the workouts! I'm hopeful to participate in another course later this summer/year with each of you. Keep up the good fight!


Well...had a couple of great workouts this week .... then, in the midst of a burpee, I felt it. A small tweak in my back. “That was interesting”, I thought to myself. Didn’t think anything of it and continued with the cycle. Took my break. Started in on Cycle 2 ... and I made it halfway. By afternoon, I was walking around like a 90 yo man. Was feeling a little better by Friday so I decided to take a shot at doing an easy ride on the Peloton. Woke up the next morning back in pain. So, I’ve laid low all weekend ....stretching, muscle relaxers, and a massage. I’m so bummed. :-(. Heading to the chiropractor Tuesday or Wednesday. Unfortunately, I’m sidelined ... but on the bright side ... had some amazing grilled butternut squash steaks last night courtesy of Clark and Kim!


This, my friends, is going to be my “hell week” for this month. Crazy schedule. Crazy demands. But I”m ready to jump through some hoops. I’ve been on point with working out and meal prep during the weekend. I”m ready for the week. Meal prep is complete. Enjoyed the lesson about the Wall ... and as many have said, very timely. Good luck and best wishes for a solid week everyone!

Best intentions ....

So on Sunday, I dropped a line and said I did pretty well on vacation....working out and eating fairly decent. I was ready to attack the back half. Well....real life started back. Work has been nuts this week. We didn’t meal prep (as we were traveling). Just a mess and....3 cycles! Oh my. But, pulling up bootstraps. Ate compliant yesterday, got back on the workout horse this am. It was ugly, but I showed up. Hoping for a better showing tomorrow and into the weekend.


Been an amazing vacation! Heading home tomorrow though. So let’s talk about Chisel and Kenzai in the Dominican ...

This was a very different vacation for me ... and I loved it. I feel rested ... and very mellow. Diet has been a little bit of challenge but not from the aspect of eating poorly ... just very difficult to get portion sizes right. The nice part about our resort is there are plenty of healthy options from veggies to fish to fruit. Portion sizes are small (good on one hand, a challenge on the other if you’re trying to get a fair amount of protein). Have attempted to limit carbs to morning and lunch (for the most part). Yes, there has been alcohol...but it’s been kept to the occasional vodka/soda or glass of wine. No sugary mixers and fruit juices, etc. I’ve worked out every day I’ve been here ... terrific gym. Naps on the beach everyday and at least one meditation daily using the 10% Happier app.

So, again ... this has been a very different vacation for me. Was I 100% compliant? Absolutely not. But has Kenzai impacted how I have traditionally approached my vacations? Yes, and I’m very thankful for it. In the past, I would have never exercised everyday. I would have eaten anything and everything. And I would not have been mindful of the type of alcohol I drank. While I’m not quite ready to come home ... I won’t need a “vacation from my vacation” this time. I’m coming back rested and ready to attack the remaining part of Chisel!

just checking in...

I’m really struggling here.

Week 2 in the books...

So...June will be happy to know that I give myself a "B" this week. :-). Missed one workout and let a couple of glasses of wine slip in (it was either that or lose me). But, all in all, I'm generally happy. Diet was on point and Burpees weren't nearly a struggle this week as last (but that's still not saying much). I suppose I find myself feeling like I'm better conditioned workout to workout but the workouts are killer for sure. I also noticed myself being more hungry than I was on KB1.

This week will be the real interesting one. I head out for a much needed vacation to the Caribbean. I'm definitely committed to getting the workouts in and have a workout buddy while there. Diet shouldn't be too bad as I plan to eat a fair amount of fish and veggies. Will be hard to say no to a little wine and rum though. We shall see ... I will attempt to exercise restraint. Will send pictures!

Amending my prior grade....

I think the HIIT workouts this week worked...I just crushed my prior Peloton PR....🥳. Moving up to a C+ for week. Lol.


Well. Let's hope this isn't foreshadowing.

Hi Everyone...Kip here. Apologies for just now hitting the blog. Live in Memphis, TN ... yep, for those paying attention at home...Clark and Kim live here too (I have them to thank for this torture). Graduated from KB1 about three weeks ago; loved the program and lost about 16 lbs. I suppose my motivation for Chisel was two-fold. First, I like the structure Kenzai brings to my life. I've found that not only do I feel better on the Kenzai but also thrive on more structure. Second, my focus now is less about "weight" and more about health. I'd like to get my body fat % under 20% (thinking a target of 18%). So, we'll see how that goes ...

Week 1 Performance Recap...

Ok, I'd give myself a C- this week; I definitely have room for improvement. It wasn't a gold star week, but not necessarily atrocious either. I basically went back to my last week diet on KB1 with the exception that a few glasses of wine (and maybe a bourbon or two) snuck in. I missed two workouts which I attribute to not being organized. And even then, I may have "phoned in" at least one workout. Thus, Scott's video message about getting workouts done in the morning was timely.

Highlights? I was surprised how sore I was given the brevity of the workouts. But impressed at how effective they are. In general, I'm happy to be back on a plan.

Downside/Challenges? Uhm. Let's see. Fakies, Burpees, Crab Walks, Yahoo jumps...should I go on? I learned this week that doing my cycle workouts definitely need to happen in the am with cardio in the pm; so, I'll make that shift. My wrists aren't that strong, so will have to sub in some exercises (bye bye crabbies). Finally, just when I thought I was in "ok" cardio shape, Chisel is a humbling education that I still have a ways to go.

Look forward to working with each of you over the next 6 weeks!

Will be 100% candid today, I'm a little freaked by Chisel. Fresh off KB1 and I'm diving into this with some former KB1 teammates. Looking forward to the hard work but a bit intimidated. Did reasonably well while off plan but I noticed many old habits creeping back in; so thankful for the structure Kenzai provides. Have my first workout coming up later today ... so we'll see how it goes!

“Game changer” 

Last October, I vividly remember thinking to myself something had to give. My career/job was all-consuming and I constantly felt stressed. I was the heaviest I have ever been, many of my clothes weren’t fitting well, and I just felt overwhelmed at where to start. I actually did workout, but felt like I was making no progress. Then, a couple of friends turned me on to Kenzai. I was nervous in the weeks leading up to KB1. What if it didn’t work? What next? I remember settling into that first week saying my body and mind need a “hard reset”.

As KB1 closes down, my official stats: down 16.8 lbs, 2.5” off my waist, body fat % down ~5-6%. This morning, I went into my closet and pulled out five pair of shorts. Three of which I could barely fit into last summer, two pair that I haven’t been able to wear in 3-4 years. I slid right into them, no issues. Tension headaches have largely subsided. Skin looks better and I sleep more soundly. Kenzai is exactly what I needed. Yes, I will bring wine back into my diet (duh), but I can honestly say that this experience initiated a lifestyle shift for me (I hope). I’m nervous as I leave the structured environment and support network of KB1, but emboldened to keep pressing forward. In six months, my goal is an additional 5-6% reduction in body fat and with what I’ve learned in Kenzai ... I have the confidence and know-how to get there! Thank you again to the Pegasus crew for the support and kind words and to Ward and Talya for their encouragement and training!

Closing in ...

Closing in on the last few days. Diet has been on point and I've been getting the workouts in. Part of me is just ready for a few days off where I'm not stressed trying to squeeze in workouts, remembering to eat my snacks, or weighing my protein/veggie/carb grams. The other part of me is nervous as hell given I won't have a regimented schedule to follow every day. All that said, I will definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine at some point this wknd to celebrate (while shopping for new jeans probably). I'm proud of the work I've put in. Could I have been better .... eh, probably. But I think I gave the program a solid B+ commitment and am happy with the results. Looking forward to weighing in and taking measurements this weekend and seeing what the final results are. Also appreciate all the guidance from Talya/Ward and support from the team along the way :-).

So ... I had to switch days around this week for various reasons ... that leg workout ... damn!

Mid-Week Check-In

Things are going much better than last week. Feel more rested and I'm getting the workouts in (except for yesterday). Yesterday was a crazy work day. Couldn't get a workout in due to my schedule and had to take a business colleague out for BBQ. Tried to navigate the BBQ menu but still wasn't 100% compliant. Boy, did I feel lethargic this morning..."food hangover". Just another example of how my diet has shifted for the positive and I enjoy it.

Positive news to report. Put on a pair jeans this week and I'm now at the last hole on one of my belts ... and still had to pull them up from time to time. While annoying ... it felt so good! Maybe I see some retail therapy in my future?


So I came out of last week’s final indulgence fired up and ready to take the final three weeks by storm ......and then life hit (fml). Missed two workout days entirely for various reasons, two of the workout days were cardio only. Last night, went to a wedding and caved having some wine and a cupcake. But, to be fair, I called this as a cheat day before I joined the program. Lol. Diet has been OK this week but not stellar; I haven’t necessarily gone off script but missed several snacks. And I may or may not be having a very small glass of wine while writing this (don’t judge, I have a good on). BUT ... let’s talk about the good stuff ... I hit another PR on Peloton today (hence the very small glass of wine to celebrate). And, last night, I wore a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in probably a year. What a great feeling! So .... we’re gonna try this again. I’m going to really try and buckle down over the last two weeks for a final push. I’m dedicated to being extra vigilant on diet and exercise. Onward and upward!

June for the win!

So...June posted her Veggie curry recipe over the weekend. Wow! It is good! Thanks June for the suggestion.

For mine, I used onions, mushrooms, ginger, and garlic as you recommended for the base. Butternut squash, eggplant and cauliflower too. Substituted in spinach as well which was good. Also, added in a little low sodium chicken stock and Siracha.




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