Kit F.

Kit F.

Kenzai Body | Day 20
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:

I was up at 3:30 am with breakfast, lunch, and snacks packed for the day. It’s a lucky thing I like raw veggies because they are super portable and easy to eat. Unlike the avocado, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and corn tortillas I brought for breakfast! That kind of fell apart on me... I salvaged most of it, but was probably a little shy on my morning veggies. Everything else went ok.
I had planned to skip the workout til tomorrow and just do the skipping, but I got home earlier than I expected, took a nap and powered through them before dinner. (Pictured below) Feeling pretty successful!

Rough workout

I woke up really tired and sore this morning and felt like I totally slogged through the exercises. I did everything “on low” which isn’t really my style, and I was pretty bummed because everything felt so good yesterday. My joints are for sure not used to daily workouts and I guess they haven’t quite adapted yet. But I know that part of the program is listening to what your body really wants and needs, and since I’d gotten 8 hours of sleep, I knew it didn’t really “need” to go back to bed. So I did everything, but on the lighter side. Not my best workout, but I still did it!

Pre-yoga noshing

I continue to love the consistency of the exercises. Big fan of the efficiency of the jump rope, and I’m sorry for those who are unable to use it due to injuries. I hope I manage not to lose that one, because it will be really hard to get a run/walk in in its place that does the job s well.
Like everyone, I’m struggling a little with the volume of food. This morning I did an egg and quinoa scramble with bell peppers and tomatoes, which was a giant amount of food to consume BEFORE yoga. Not ideal, for sure, but I’d be into the morning snack or lunch by the time I get back! Yes, I could get up way earlier, but still. Just trying to do ALL the things I want to get in is tough. But I’m trusting in the process, and I believe in the program.

We’re off!

Ok, just finished the workout and breakfast and I’m feeling pretty great. Loved today’s workout. It is DEFINITELY a lot of food though. While I don’t feel way stuffed, I am wondering at what point the portion control/ stop-eating-before-you’re-full weighs in. I get that I was probably not eating enough in the morning (although I was not generally one to skip b’fast all together), but I thought that part of the exercise from last week of leaving a quarter on the plate was to help us see we didn’t need as much as we thought. At least, in addition to being in control of the food, not the other way around. Am I crazy? Anyone else thinking about this?
Btw, the photo only reflects roughly half of what I actually ate, in case you were concerned... ;)

Woot woot!

One and done! Well- not exactly... took me a few stops, but I banged out the last 84 jumps fast with no missteps. Love workout where I put my egg in to boil, my bread in to toast, and I’m done before the timer goes off! Sweet! And now a little bit yoga to stretch out my calves. Aiiiieee!

Day Five

Did I miss an “intros” email? Probably. It was a long and busy day. But I rolled out of bed, fed the dogs and got the workout in. It was a little sloppy, but I made all the numbers— plus 5% like —Ivan? I think— was doing. I like that.

I have a friend who is completing the program tomorrow and she looks great. So she was my inspiration for starting KB1. Like so many of us, I used to be an athlete who has had life intervene on the path, and I’ve gotten out of shape. Several injuries, aging, and going back to school have taken their toll, and I was just ready for something to help me take some power and control back. Not by hitting me over the head, but my escorting me down the road. When I started getting the 10 Daily Messages from Kenzai, I liked the philosophy and how they were written. They maintained a sense of humor and levity that I’ve never seen before from a program. It seemed hard, or challenging, anyway, but not inconceivable. So I got on board.
Strengths? I have some good habits going already, like not tending to overeat, and exercising pretty regularly as a rule already.
Weaknesses? Time management and meal prep. Reasonably concerned that if I’m going to fail, it will be because I couldn’t consistently organize my meals for portability.
Happy to be on the path with y’all! Sorry for the insanely long post...

Number Four

I love the jump rope! Who knew? I have managed all four sets without getting hung up. For those struggling with getting feet tangled and whatnot, I’m wondering if you’re using an “exercise” jump rope. This one I got has a little steel cable in it and I think it makes a big difference in how it moves. I had no idea...

Anyway— food going better. Still a little hard to leave the quarter, but far more successful than day 1. Just have to stay conscious. Heading to yoga 🙏🏼

Second day

It is clear from the burning in my calves that my body is not used to ballistic muscle activity! For those of us just getting back into athleticism, or perhaps getting into it for the first time, it might be good to add some calf stretches to help avoid shin splints. And jumping on a surface that’s soft or padded is a good idea to absorb a little bit of the shock...

Leaving a quarter of the plate was ridiculously harder than I expected. I don’t really tend to overeat too often, but I also definitely grew up with the “clean your plate” mentality, so I did well at breakfast and dinner, but not so much at lunch. I met a friend for sushi and— well, you just don’t order more than you eat, right? It was interesting what came up for me in my thought process: how it was more about the money wasted than the food. Or that my friend would judge me. Or that I didn’t eat much for breakfast and I was actually that hungry. Lots of cunning ways around the basic fact that while I left a quarter of my salad and a quarter of my soup, I ate all the sushi/sashimi. Did I need it? No. Was I stuffed? No, but I don’t really want that to be the gauge, right? Did it taste good? Of course! And then the inevitable feelings of failure that if I can’t manage this little challenge on day 1, I would never be able to do a ‘real’ diet going forward. Big setup to fail. So I talked myself off the ledge and just let myself have it. Little setbacks are just not going to knock me off my fitness goal. They’re going to show up and they aren’t going to be reason enough to throw in the towel. Actually glad to get a glimmer of awareness around that at the beginning. And make today better!

Day 1

Hey Folks—
So the workout went pretty well this morning— I guess as well as can be expected when you’re out of shape and just starting back in. My shoulder bugs me during pushups and my jump rope kept twisting up on itself, but whatever. It’s Day 1. I’m allowing for some glitches. It feels good just to start, to be more-or-less beholden to the community and the accountability that creates, and really, just to have a plan. I know it’s going to get harder. A lot harder. And soon. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.