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Well I don’t know if this was a message from the universe, or if it’s that I’ve been on my back foot for what seems like the entire program, but yesterday my back went out and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to truly finish. I really can’t do the workouts as they stand, because all twisting and any sort of back bending is pretty painful. Even plank position doesn’t feel good. I’m not sleeping that well and even though I’ll continue the diet through to the end, it doesn’t feel like I really participated in Blast. I’m feeling a little sad, and very frustrated, but I’ll do my cardio and diet through the week and leave it at that. Hope the rest of you are really cutting it this last week as we blast toward the end. Good luck everyone!

Sick 😷

I frequently get sick in October, but with air quality somewhat compromised, my cortisol levels a bit high, and being temporarily displaced has really put me off my game. I could have done much better with diet and exercise the last couple days, but my body has just crumpled. Sore throat, headaches and achiness throughout my body have left me pretty deflated and not blasting through anything. It’s been hard to get out of bed and walk the dogs!
So I’m writing off this week. Disappointing, but this body is needing some serious recovery time, not the full court press. As things settle and we return home this afternoon, I hope to get back into the program for the last couple weeks. It won’t have been my best showing, but limping is still a way to cross over the finish line.

Timely lesson

The “bonfire” lesson gave me a little bit of a chill, given our circumstances, but I was able to appreciate the point. I’ve been doing the exercises the last two days —probably not as robustly as I might be, if all were well, but still doing them. I guess I “used a ticket” last Saturday when we were evacuating, but honestly, I may use more than one more. Despite not having anything to really do except wait for power to come back on and get he notice that we can go back to our home, I’ve felt pretty depleted and not very strong. The diet, while not going completely to shit, is not exactly on point either, as I have no scale. And I have had wine the last couple nights. I like to think that I’m not someone who needs to have alcohol to settle my nerves, but I certainly have been lately. So the program might come at a good time by keeping me accountable and not going completely off the rails. The exercise, though, even done moderately and with short breaks, is helping me stay sane. It gives me something to focus on that’s good for myself. I’m super K-grateful for that.


Well, I don’t mean to make excuses so early in the game, but we have just been evacuated from our home due to wildfires. I neglected to grab my bands, despite looking at them twice while packing, but I do have my yoga mat which I always keep in the car. I will try to keep up with the diet and exercises, but with being uprooted completely, not in my own kitchen, anticipating power outages everywhere and generally being disoriented, I may need to take a pass in expecting a specific result on this one. So be it. My family and furry family is safe and that is my highest priority right now. Training will happen or it won’t and I will be ok with this.

Be kind to yourself. Love your family. Life throws curve balls and sometimes you just have to duck. 🙏🏼

Intros and Answers

Hi all! I’m Kit and I started KB 1 this year and this is my third program. I finished Sculpt a couple weeks before my 50th birthday, but it’s been a run of food and crazy alcohol since then. We live in Healdsburg, (which is about an hour and a half north of you, Lindsay!) and own a winery, and we had a huge Harvest gathering the weekend before last, so this felt like a good time to do a little detox. Plus, it winds up just before we go visit our oldest daughter in Spain for Thanksgiving.

My goal for this month is to take off a little of the “fluff” and fun of the last month. I don’t regret it —one must celebrate the victory of lasting 50 years!— but it’s not my favorite self to live in. As always, my challenge is being in the wine business, and although I am not directly involved in the day to day, we do regularly drink wine. It doesn’t kill me not to, but it’s not my favorite state of affairs!

My favorite thing to do when I’m strong and lean? Hard to say— I mostly just love the feeling of being strong and lean. But I guess I love dressing a strong, lean body. It’s so much easier and I feel much more confident. As for Halloween, I love dressing up, although I rarely have occasion to these days. My favorite costume was when I dressed as Jennifer Garner’s character from ‘Alias’ (for those who might know it). I mad three costume changes that night with different wigs! It was crazy fun!

Getting behind Sculpt

So I lied. Sculpt clearly did have some effect. And there is no way to do 6 weeks of the diet and not see any change, unless you’re flat out lying about how diligent you’re being. I was probably somewhere around 85-90% on the diet scale, so I got about that in terms of results. It may not have been as much as I’d like, and naturally, not as much as I saw in the 12 weeks, but that’s on me and in the end, my genetics are my genetics. Where my body likes to hold onto fat is just my body, and it will take a lot longer than a month and a half of smart eating to undo a lifetime of patterning. That said, I can now fake it pretty well in pictures thanks to our fabulous coaching!! 😂👍🏻 And I feel very lucky that I am blessed to have a body that peels off weight from the abdomen first, at least. My legs will continue to be a work in progress. They got a little stronger, but they we’re constantly strained from working off a compromised base with the labral tears in my hips. It made it hard for me to generate much power, so it was hard to sufficiently challenge them without over-stressing the underlying injury. No matter. I liked the workouts — even the 1000 reps at the end!— and I will definitely incorporate them going forward. I actually think incorporating them without them being the sole focus will work out much better for me. Happy to be done and happy to have had Team Sienna “behind” me all the way. Already looking forward to the next round! Will someone remind me how we sign up for maintenance diet/exs between programs?
Cheers everyone! It’s all behind us now! 😉

Finishing strong

I have to say, Sculpt is probably not my bag. To be honest, I guess I really am not a big fan of leg-centric workouts— I just prefer more upper body work. I have so many injuries and issues that have impacted my lower body (in particular) over the years, and my glutes are SO weak relative to other parts of me, that I just hurt all the time. Every joint tried to compensate for that glute weakness and muscular dysfunction, so I’ve kind of just ended up a mess, with foot and knee pain, inflamed hamstrings and more back issues. 😝

That said, it’s also kind of true that Sculpt NEEDS to be my program over and over for me to get any results from it, just building up strength a teensy bit at a time, each time. I am sure I have made some incremental gains, I just can’t tell because everything is always so sore. I also don’t notice much difference in my booty shape, but as I said, I think it will take multiple times doing the program to really see a change. And I could hardly push the envelope when I my starting point was so close to failure.

The dieting has helped shave off some of the post-KB 1 weight that came back over the summer, so I am glad for that. I was really good, but not excellent over the last five weeks and I probably could use another 6 weeks, but I’ve got a big birthday coming up in October, so that’s not happening. All in all I’m hoping for a solid finish this week and a couple good maintenance weeks mixing it up a bit more with my exercise. And then we’ll see where the next sesh takes me! Let’s rock it, Booty Bombers!


Is anyone else feeling their Achilles’ tendon or patellar tendons for that matter? Both my knees and my ankles are not super happy with all the work on my toes...

Big weekend for workouts

I probably should go a little easier on the Weekend, but that’s when there is enough time to get in everything fun! Plus, when my 15-yr-old wants to join, that’s a no-brainer. I’m not turning ANY opportunity to hang with her, if presented with that chance. SO— that meant an abbreviated version of the barre workout at home, but a hot yoga class, run with the dogs, AND a barre class with her. Plus a bonus hike for me with one of the other dogs!

The workouts are great and the diet is pretty good. No alcohol or sugar, which are the biggest challenges for me, but a little too much salt/oil. Ruby and I went out for breakfast after yoga and the poached egg with avocado on toast was amazing— but the salad it can with was dressed with an oil and vinegar dressing, and the egg/toast included —wait for it— prosciutto! And I ate it all. It was delicious! Ah well... could be worse. Hitting it harder this week, as I haven’t noticed much change in the booty biz. Go Team Butts!

Free Cardio L♥️ve

No better cardio companion...

Weekends include the dogs as much as I can, since their exercise gets a bit neglected during the week. Did Saturday’s workout and my walk/hike/run with Sadie (shown), then free cardio on Sunday with another (Milo). I also got a Barre class in yesterday, so I didn’t really take the day “off”. Depending how my body is feeling, I may skip Tuesday’s barre workout, but I think I’ll be ok. Got a massage yesterday as well, so I’m feeling pretty good! Great way to start the week! Let’s rock it, Team Sienna!

All or nothing

I am clearly an all or nothing person when it comes to dieting. I was NOT good last week, when we were supposed to be scaling everything back, but I am religious about it now, so this feels more like ‘Week I’. Once I’m in, I’m in though, so it’s “game on” now, and I’m kind of getting a kick out of measuring and portioning everything again, guessing the over/under on the weights. I do love the workouts, though I have to stay reeeeaally focused to keep my pelvic position stable, and so far I haven’t quite been able to get the same burn on my own that I can in a barre class. So I’m mixing it up a bit, doing a little of both, trying to train myself to recognize that tiny muscle activation and commit it to memory.
How’s the rest of the team?

Also missed the intro 🙄

Hi Sculptors—
This is my second program, having completed KB1 at the end of June. I liked how I looked and I loved how I felt, but I launched into a month of craziness and ended up nearly where I started. Ah well: we spiral through life til the lessons are learned, I suppose. But never quite from the same place. In any case, the only thing that didn’t change too much in the first program was my butt and thighs.
I was a physical therapist (in my last life) and a yoga instructor, and I theorize that the lack of change was from an inability to produce enough focus and power from my glutes due to old injuries (re: connective tissue tears) in and around my hips/pelvis. My body has done a pretty remarkable job compensating, but I have zero strength and zero range of motion through my posterior chain and I know I’m going to be set up for more problems later if these don’t get addressed.
I like the micro-movements of barre for a couple reasons. One is: it targets muscles that I’ve never been able to access otherwise. Two: I’ve managed to be pretty athletic in my life despite chronic pain and injury, but my ego has overridden a lot of the signals my body has given to focus on the training of the muscular intrinsics. I have been able to call upon the larger musculature to do the work of the smaller ones, so they’ve never gotten stronger. And then the bigger ones fatigue and end of injured from being over-utilized. In short— I’m a hot mess! 😆 So as I ride the late summer wave into my 50th birthday, coming two weeks after Sculpt finishes, I hope to have given my backside the attention it deserves and has probably been seeking since my first injury 25 years ago!

Definitely feeling it

Only mildly afraid of how sore my legs are after two days... Ok, maybe slightly more than mildly. I totally get that we’re in “Welcome back warm-up” mode, so it’s really game on tomorrow, but I am FEELING IT. That said, I also did a short run and a barre class on top of Monday’s workout, so —fingers crossed— that is why I’m feeling a bit rough. Loving everyone’s posts across the Sculpt groups. Hope everyone is cool with my commenting— even if you’re not on my “team.” I think the blogging and connection is one of the most fun and valuable parts of this program. Go Butts! 😆

Back in the saddle

Hey Team!
Boy am I ready for this... After killing it in KB1, I fell waaaay off the wagon (and down the hill, over the tracks, and off the rails!) in the month of July. Travel to Paris, Vegas, Nantucket, and Vermont did not do much to maintain my diet, even though I exercised regularly. But multiple wine dinners, regular drinking and eating off piste has left me a bit off my game, so I’m happy to be back in the Kenzasphere.

I love barre classes, and I’m wondering about the occasional substitute for the workout...? Or complement? Any thoughts?

Literally crying

I don’t know if I’ve truly made it to “failure”, but I have certainly found success in the workouts that I almost-didn’t-do. Tonight I was dying. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and worked a solid 9 hours, shopper, made dinner, and everything in me screamed to skip the workout and go to bed. It’s dark out. My back is a little in spasm from the plane. I hurt. It’s late. All the voices. All the excuses. And I compromised. I didn’t do the cardio because I wasn’t going for a run at this hour and it would have broken my psyche to jump rope. Seriously. But I did every f—ing curl, dip, and katana until I was, literally, crying. And part of me was crying because it hurt. But part of me was crying because I didn’t give up on myself. I didn’t give in to myself. I may not have done the whole workout, but I laid it out there. That is the difference between me now and me then. And that changes everything. 💪🏼😰♥️




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