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Kit F.

Kenzai Body | Day 85
Kenzai Body
Day 85
Program progress:
Post-run post

It’s hot here. Really hot. And humid. Running feels better than jumping rope, but none of it feels that good in the heat. The pineapple is awesome. And they put shoyu (soy) in EVERYTHING. SO— I’m feeling a little bloated from the ambient temperature, the salt, and the wine. I haven’t had more than a glass and a half, but I can tell. I would say I’m being >80% compliant with diet —not a shining week 12 example, but better than most vacation diets!

I took the indulgence last night, since Patrick said it was “not optional”. Timing was good, since we had a wine dinner. Again, fine dining is clearly not a fan of the vegetable. That said, there were virtually no carbs either, and the chef wasn’t heavy-handed with sauces, so I got off pretty well from that standpoint. I did eat dessert, which was fun, but I enjoyed less than I used to, for sure. What I have come to realize is I’m not really cut out for wine dinners, and this may be a little challenging going forward, given that our family is in the wine business. Although I wasn’t sick, I certainly didn’t feel awesome, and definitely queasy. So I’m going to have to work out how to manage that.
Back in the game today! Go Team KB!

When my daughter gets asked which of our wines is her favorite, she sometimes responds, “What am I wearing?” Her point is that in any given day, what she likes can be influenced by what’s happening around her, the weather, her mindset, etc. I feel like that about Kenzai. ‘When it was good, it was really, really good, and when it was bad, it was horrid.’ When my joints hurt, the exercises just suck for me. And pushing through that has not been entirely in my best interest, I think. While the musculature around the joints is stronger, the joints themselves are now really inflamed and I find that joints that didn’t really bother me before —knees, elbows, wrists, hands, feet— seem wildly exacerbated by the exercise. So I take ibuprofen, and then I feel AWESOME! Because I fundamentally am much stronger and fitter. But it’s been a little bit of a rocky path. Diet is similar. Mostly it’s great and I don’t generally mind that it’s super boring. Even the egg whites I can get down without a lot of fuss when I’m on my own. But faced with real life, I just don’t quite eat that way. I don’t eat really badly, but not so much or so often. So going forward, I’ll really have to pay attention to where and when I’m eating. I appreciate not having to weigh everything now and that makes it more practical, but I’d love to know how best to manage it when the evening meals include carbs and/or wine. Because that is a little more common for me, even if I don’t eat or drink a lot of either. Which brings me to the indulgence. I’m debating not taking it, given the last week’s dietary shifts. Other than the wine and probably overall salt consumption, I did a pretty good job. (And I did all the exercises except one set of abs work and stretches, which I actually would like to get in tomorrow. Just cuz I like them!) It was more that the travel through off the rhythms of my day, and an egg white would be forgotten somewhere, or dinner was late and so I was too stuffed for the evening fruit snack. Part of me wants to do it because it seems so INTENTIONAL. But as the lesson said, it’s a lot less exciting than at the beginning. We’ll see.


Ok, there is no “breakfast buffet” at the hotel, as the Kenzai guide to travel might have you believe exists everywhere, nor ready access to a grocery store, and so I am sourcing as creatively as I can. Buckies, when coupled with the veggies I brought from home, does pretty well. I got the pre-workout banana, the egg and cheese package (from which I will throw out the cheese, peanut butter, and little bread thing that has nuts or something in it), a latte with 2% milk (which I won’t drink all of, as it is more than 200ml) and (not pictured), the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich— no sausage, no cheese. The woman at the counter thought I was nuts. And I only ate one half of the dry English muffin it came on! 😜 Not an efficient outlay of funds, but it came out relatively clean, diet wise. A little over-processed on the sandwich, but I needed 50 carbs from somewhere!

All set.

Ok, Las Vegas travel day #1. Banana. Check. Egg whites. Check. Fruit. Mostly eaten. Check. Jump rope. Check. Bands. Check.
Managed to get through a distributor lunch without drinking anything but water and espresso. (Bonus: I know what the wines taste like already... ) Chef cleaned up the dish for me (mostly) and although the olive oil and salt were still there, and I probably didn’t get my carb grams because everything had cheese or prosciutto on it, I’ll call that a W.

Shit. 💩

So much for thinking I could be strong in the face of temptation. Fine dining does not seem to think vegetables are very cool culinarily. I swear they are included purely as garnish and part of the visual appeal, but not actually part of the dish. And there is no salad option. Vegetarian options are all carbs, so not a lot of help there. Fortunately, portion sizes are reasonable, typically, but there are just too many courses!
All this to say the month has not started well —not that I really expected it to— but it’s always gratifying to surmount expectation. Yeah, um, not so much. I don’t feel very well, which I guess is a good sign that my body isn’t comfortable with the richer food and wine, but I don’t know where to go with it. Yes, I can not drink with the meal, which is on me, but I can’t really do that at our own wine events. And I have to eat. I don’t want to get into the “ATM mentality”, but I’m also pretty sure that the diet is going to need some temporary adaptations to accommodate the evening’s extra calories. I’ve only lost 5 lbs in these two months (about 2.5 kg for those of you far and away), and while I know that isn’t what it’s about, it feels dangerously close to net neutral if I can’t manage the nighttime calorie input. I have NOT had people noticing the changes in my body and I DON’T see a vast difference between day one and now (some, mind you, but not super remarkable), and while I don’t want to get into all the body dysmorphia that I am prone to anyway, and I DO want to acknowledge feeling stronger with more energy, I confess to still being in it for the ego gratification. Not proud of that, but there it is. I want the little fat bulge around my waist/back and in my thighs to tighten up. And I know that’s going to take years, since it took years for me to get it. So there it is. Now here I am in the last month with real life on my plate and I’m flailing. I guess that is how my social life has changed. Ugh.

Energy levels

So my energy levels have been pretty consistent throughout the day, but I always have a slow start. With school done and no job 😞, I can curate my day pretty nicely, so I don’t have to do the workout right away as I did before. This is nice, as it gives my body the chance to ease into the day a bit. I’m enjoying the calm before the storm, because next month the kids get home, the travel begins, and I won’t be able to manage everything as tightly as I have. I’m super impressed with all of you with young kids, managing families, or traveling constantly. Being constantly bombarded with temptation is tough and I’ve mostly kept myself out of harm’s way. But we’re in the wine business and summer begins a schedule of wine dinners, travel etc that revolve around that. Literally. So I’m going to be picking and choosing my battles a bit, which is not exactly the way I wanted the last month to go, but which I kind of knew going in. This is partly why I was super diligent with diet and workouts these last two months. I guess I’m about to see just how tough I really am...


Well timed lesson, as usual. I didn’t do yesterday’s workout, although I took the dogs for a hike for an hour. I was hoping that would free up my head space to make room for the workout, but the allergies and/or sinus infection that descended upon me like locusts or plague refused to succumb to medicine or exercise. I was in a fugue state most of the day, and pretty much the best I could do was one foot in front of the other without falling over. Naturally this happens in the middle of my finals... 🙄 But time is limited today, so I just got up and busted it out— even before I read the lesson. Kept the resistance a little lighter and tripped a lot skipping, but I got it done. Feel a teensy but bad about blowing off yesterday, but there it is. Moving forward today. Last final!

Hardest day?

The hardest day to do the exercises for me are just the mornings where from my first step out of bed, I hurt. Even if I am able to walk it off, somehow that initial contact with the floor will set up my day. These days it’s mostly ok, but I have been slowly rolling toward a crash and so I took yesterday off completely. Didn’t even do the skipping, as intended. I have to say, there is something liberating about that. Like even though I am fully committed to his program, I am still an autonomous being who can think for myself. That said, I’m not especially proud of taking control and choosing not to do the workout. I did a hot yoga class, so it wasn’t like I simply dropped everything. And I do actually feel better today. I am not going to backpedal into yesterday’s workout, however. I will enjoy that respite, do the jump rope today, and probably hit yoga again. That should set me up pretty well for a long week of final presentations, projects, and finals. And then the indulgence will be the treat at the end. Not pretending I’m not looking forward to it; I am. But overall, I like the diet —especially when I’m not crazy-neurotic about the grams. Diligent, and within 10g, but not totally crazy. Hoping that’s ok in this stage.

Also, I have a couple diet questions for Patrick, Talya, and anyone else who wants to weigh in. Canned tuna? Made with a little yogurt, this has been a saving grace for me with portable food, ie sandwiches. Obviously, it’s canned in water. Is this acceptable? It feels totally clean and it’s the perfect size, but I thought I’d ask. Also, cornichons. If I cut up one or two into the tuna, my world lights up. I know that regular pickles are way too salty and I’ve only done the cornichon thing once (that WASP guilt thing is amazing! 🙄) The ingredients state they’re done more in vinegar and mustard than salt, but I’d be happy to hear they’re not too bad used sparingly...

Finally, just thought I’d share this article that just came out in the NYT. Validates everything we’ve been learning.

Not really feeling it

I get that this is “valley time”, and I’ve certainly been bobbing up and down with the amount of will I bring to the table. I haven’t missed a workout this whole time, but I surely have wanted to. This week brain and body were really conspiring to skip out (no pun intended) but I found myself doing the damn things at 10 at night, or breaking it up with the cardio and leg work earlier and other stuff later. (I hate leg work, so it’s mission critical that I get it out of the way.) And now, for some reason, Mother Nature has delivered another week of rain and it’s broken my excitement for running and getting outside. Today during yoga when I was so tired and sore from all the upper body work (which I love) I could barely do a chatturanga (yoga pushup), I decided I needed an extra day off from the workout. So today and tomorrow I will eke out the f-ing skips and give my neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and wrists a break. Hopefully returning to the sweet spot on Monday.
In other news, I am graduating from a long and arduous program next week and I’m saving my indulgence for next Friday, although I ate some edamame last night in my vegetable snack. (In my defense, I went to my friend’s ‘girls’ night party, ate the apple/egg whites before, had no alcohol 🍷, and used the vegetables —done with rice wine vinegar and a little salt and pepper— as my snack. Not bad for not eating at home). I suspect my exuberance will return once I get through my final portfolio and finals... Hope so...


Ok, I definitely needed a pick-me-up, and I got it! I did my first run —start to finish— in at least two years! It wasn’t fast, and it was only a couple miles (no 10k for me yet, Neil), but I felt strong the whole time. That, to me, is success. And since I have gotten increasingly uncomfortable with the skipping, I am hoping I can continue in this vein intermittently, when Time permits and the jumping is just too much or too boring. Yay!

Hills and valleys

I love reading everybody’s blog, and I am truly thrilled for everybody as they hit their stride, finding the gains, either internally or externally. I am still not seeing too much change, and on any given day I might feel better or worse about how it’s going. I’ve been really consistent, no unauthorized indulgences so far, despite some recent cravings, and religious about the workouts, although today I split up the jumping/leg work and then upper body/abs due to time limitations and some poor planning. I feel like I’m giving it 100% —for sure better than 80%— and I’d love to see more shifting, but I’m generally feeling pretty solid. Per Patrick’s recommendation, I avoided the shoulder exs last week and have reintroduced them this week with a lower band strength and the least number of reps. This seems to have helped some, as I am not walking around with the same pain. By contrast, I seem to be having more problems with my knees, jumping, lunging and whatnot, so I’m going to have to figure that out. I haven’t really had knee issues before, just a lot of crepitis, so that’s a little frustrating. Overall, I feel stronger, so I’m relying on that feeling more than anything. And I get that we’re still just shy of halfway through, so there’s a lot more time for gains to be made. Happy weekend all, and a very Happy Mother’s’ Day to all you amazing moms and stepmoms. ❤️❤️❤️


Tag teaming the creeper leg moves with the heinous leg circles is no joke. My hips were screaming in the second set. Seriously. 😱 Like failure after 7 reps. So I did the 7 and stopped for a breath, then did the last 7. Not ideal, but I got all the reps in. And then the full body cringing trying to shake it out to manage the next side. Not my proudest moment. Fortunately the dogs didn’t laugh at me.
The upside of course was dinner 🍽! Oh wait— wrong emoji... 🥛👍🏼😬

Ya gotta laugh...

C’mon peeps... this sh—t’s hilarious! Didn’t you look down at your banana smoothie and apple and think, “This better work?!?” Totally made me giggle and I love anything that makes me giggle. Waaaay outside the norm! And I can hardly wait for my giant bowl of peas for dessert later! Doesn’t get any better than this! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Great workout

Really loving the workouts and have to say, actually love the metronome. Nice to have an work you can really feel in your abs, as I feel so much of it in my back. I’m definitely feeling stronger overall, and got the zits right on schedule with Patrick’s hormone post, so I suppose I’m doing something right on schedule. Having to be careful of the tag team overhead press/chicken wings after pushups. My left shoulder was not too excited. But I’m hopeful that if I can get some more global strength back in that area, the pain will actually decrease. I believe some of it is caused by weakness. Some of it is arthritis and some of it’s the bone spur, but I think if I can get it back to a place of better tone, it will feel a lot better. I just have to keep my upper traps out of it!