Knox K.

Knox K.

Traveling Due to Personal Issues 

Home stretch and more important commitments have placed me in MIA status. Sorry / not sorry. Taking care of ailing parents is my priority. Haven't logged in to write a post. Love the nasty emails as opposed to a note or text checking in. Thanks.

Wow - life can certainly throw some curve balls at you! Staying 100% committed to a program is easy when life is going as planned.

I have to say that this program is well designed. While I have been consumed by too many curve balls these last couple of weeks, having a simple meal plan and workout routine has helped tremendously. I notice the days I didn't get to it, but my mind and body respond well when I pick it back up.

Food as a crutch

Don't get me wrong, I love eating healthy. My body can feel the difference. So can my mind.

I know that during my marriage, I was 20 lbs heavier b/c I drowned my sorrows in food. It comforted me.

Even today - even when I'm training - even when I'm motivated - when I get a little down and lose focus eat something that's not healthy or too much of something that is, I find it comforting.

Over the course of this program, I know I haven't been as disciplined as I can be. I know that I've let a bad day translate to some bad food choices. But what I like is the program keeps going. And I can easily jump back on and recenter and refocus myself. :)


Are my photos not being uploaded? I can see them.

I loaded one this morning yet I received the below notification saying I haven't loaded one in 2 weeks. I'm behind in the program, but the auto notifications should account for my pace.

Can someone confirm that my photos are being loaded? I know the app doesn't work (or didn't when I started) so I have to take the picture, email them to myself, download them and then upload them.

Thank you.

Uhg. Yesterday was a crazy day -- running around, not on my usual schedule. So I grabbed a cheese burger and fries b/c I was hungry. Not fast food, but not high-end either.

The aftermath? Sluggish afternoon. No energy and desperately needing an extended nap! lol

Funny how the body responds. :)

Back to It

Ahhhh ... the Scooby Doo Affect! What is that? That's when your best laid plans get muddled up, but somehow it works out in the end. Except, no one is claiming, "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids."

What am I talking about? Kenzai, of course!

I started and ran hard for 3 weeks. Then between a cold and travel and social engagements, I fell off the plan. (Thus, Scooby Doo: it didn't go smoothly). But now I'm back! Getting back into the diet and workouts.

Still excited. Still motivated. :)

Good By Caffeine?

I did not start drinking coffee until my kiddos were born. And given how long it took them to sleep through the night, I quickly became addicted. ;)

Prior to Kenzai, I was consuming 2 HUGE cups in the morning and at least one in the afternoon.

Three weeks in to the program, I might have 1/2 cup in the morning and none in the afternoon.

lats sore!

Who knew that these resistance bands would make you sore? I was certainly skeptical - probably b/c I grew up on dead weights. But man, I am sore after doing the lat work!

Certainly a great too!

Early Success

So I didn't workout consistently last year for a variety reasons. Life happens.

So a couple of weeks before starting Kenzai, I got weighed at the doctor's office when I went in for the flu (no, that's not the success I wanted to talk about! hahahaha - getting the Flu does not equal success.) I was not happy weight wise.

Fast forward to this morning ... and bear in mind that I'm not fully into the diet yet ... and I'm down 7 lbs.

Whoo hooooo!

My body is definitely responding to doing something every day and I'm looking forward to the results of being in the program for a full 90 days!


A friend of mine raved about Kenzai, so I joined. Turning 50 in a few weeks and am looking forward to getting back into shape.

Am confused by the the user flows and app though. I clicked on "Blog" and couldn't do anything. But I was sent a link and that worked.




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