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I don't know what's wrong with me that I lose it completely in the evening and grab for cookies. I managed one night without but yesterday again at a dinner party I had the dessert. I'm not "craving" it-you know when it tastes so good you salivate and are in heaven--I just "want" it and can't stop myself. ugh!

Hubby was home with food poisoning, and I couldn't get enough sleep. I slept 15 hours the night before last, despite a 2 hour nap, and 10 last night. I don't have any typical cold symptoms, but this lethargy is not unusual for me in fall and winter months. I hate it but am trying to be patient with myself.

Was really please with myself for pulling out the orange bands for the front arm raises and side arm raises yesterday, and while I'm not that sore today, I am pretty worn out. Maybe it's the bad pollution we've been having here in Hong Kong?

I'm so proud of myself. I put my fears aside and just got on with the pushups and I did 4 sets of 8. Not without grunting or hating it, but I did it. And my hands didn't hurt as usual. I can feel myself getting stronger.

Dieting front isn't going too well however. I'm sorry but I completely forget! I went to a bar mitzvah on Saturday and ate meals out the whole day. I'm cutting the carbs at meal time, so that's good, but last night I mindlessly ate 3 pieces of cake (finished it) because it was sitting out. I'm trying to be kind to myself so I'm not going to get upset about that. At least I didn't drink alcohol.

Exercise going well, meals too, but fruit snacks are hard to fit in, and at night, right before bed of all things, I start my candy and cookies meal. I don't normally have a sweet tooth either. And it's not a craving. I'm finding it hard to focus.

Relaxed first week

I'm not sure this is a good thing, but I was terribly relaxed about restarting Kenzai. I did the exercises but did not do the 3/4 rule. My dormant food issues came up when I started restricting myself last time, so I'm not sure how much I want to follow the diet. What surprised me most? That I managed to lose 1 kilo and my leg muscles popped right up in just one week! So happy!

Here we go (again)!

Hi everyone, I'm Krysia and I live in Hong Kong. This is a redo for me as I was overexercising last autumn and I crashed, which is kind of a common theme throughout my life. It's no longer swim season, so if I can get through 90 days of this plus 2 days of dragon boat a week and my 1 day of yoga to stretch me out, I will be a very very happy camper.
The exercises don't scare me off, but I loathe dieting. I hear you, teammates, about giving up the booze. That was my biggest fear and motivation last time, but I got through that if I just put it out of my mind and avoided situations.
Good luck and health to all!

Yogurt is my new friend

I found that by not skipping the morning yogurt (I was using it as milk for my coffee, and yes I was drinking a LOT of coffee), I can really fill up. I also don't mind one bit having yogurt and apples for dinner with a side of egg. It's filling, easy, and I've finally managed 3 days without cheating!

Hiya, I went back to the jump rope too soon, and this time I heard a pop on jump 18. A day later it actually doesn't hurt that much, although i can't walk properly. I'm just going to have to cool it. Guess what? I'm not heart broken! Last week I swam every day and did yoga on Saturday and it was all too much! I was a zombie yesterday and craving sugar again.
This morning I slept in, did my kenzai exercises and I haven't had evil thoughts of sugar. I've got to nail this diet thing for the last 6 weeks. I can do it if I don't jump rope.

Oh, and my friend whom I haven't seen in ages said I looked like I tightened up a lot. And yes, I can see the difference on my time in past week pics (not this week though--er?)

I finally got rid of the (Halloween candy) cravings and the severe tiredness I was feeling for so long, and although I could have tried harder (?), I still felt disheartened for not having lost any weight-- but then those series of Lectures about fat came up and I feel better. What motivates me? I want to lose my belly fat! And it's not happening in an obvious way--my clothes aren't even fitting differently BUT I can see in the photo some improvement in the belly. Having said that, I really have to give credit to other triumphs. My legs, arms and bust look better and I'm stronger all over. EVEN MORE than that, I quit smoking on Kenzai Day 1 which is MASSIVE, and the fact that I'm not boozing is EVEN MORE MASSIVE. So, I'm doing all right I would say and I forgive myself for not loosing weight. There is still time.

Feeling profoundly tired

Hi, has it been a week already? I found that I was tired all last week, despite my 8 to 11 hours of sleep a night! I've considered all kinds of excuses like a) is it my new super cushy bed? 2) is it the changing of the seasons? 3) am I getting a cold? but after reading your blogs it doesn't seem like I'm that unusual and maybe all this swimming and Kenzai that I'm doing is wearing me out! The tiredness is also causing sugar cravings and I find myself pecking at the unwrapped Halloween candy. I finally moved it out my path, but I still know where to find it!
But I talked with my dragon boat captain, also a Kenzai instructor, and she reminded me it's better to cheat with frozen grapes, or veg, or even veg cubes. I've been drinking loads of tea and coffee to get over the cravings. But also find I'm not taking my morning or evening fruit much of the time.

Scott, what should I do?

Once again sorry, can't find how to PM you. I have a 25 hour religious fast coming up on Friday and I'm not sure what to do. Not onlyno food, but no water! Starts Friday night after dinner and ends Sat night at dinner time, so effectively it's 2 missed meals but it feels like more haha! I don't want to get sick because of this, and yet it means a lot to me
To participate. Please advise.

Last night after dinner I fell asleep in my clothes and didn't even get to my kenzai workout. I would have done a double dose today but my swim
Work outs yesterday and today were all out and I'm feeling pretty spent. One top of that, Sat yoga was rescheduled to today--I feel like I can't quite catch my breath! It's been one thing after another, with my house move and then taking daughter to college. Now I've got the Jewish holidays to throw me off yet more. Argh!😩

So sore!

So sore from yesterday's lunges and the push-ups the other day. BTW my hip flexors are really tight and I don't like doing things like otter. Can I do a different abs workout that isn't so hard on the hips? Maybe Russian twists?