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Onwards and upwards 

The past six weeks has been a true eye opener for me. Over the years and as I completed and got educated with KB1 and KB2, legs have always been stressed as the biggest and an important muscle, but didn't feel its importance and the difference it has made overall until I did sculpt. Superbly balanced and managed as with all Kenzai programs, but highly recommend this one for anyone playing any kind of sport in an amateur level and desperately trying to get better. Skill is one thing, but fitness takes it automatically to a different level. And strong calves, quads and glutes makes it all so worthwhile!
Thank you once again Kenzai. I plan to take a summer break but will be back around mid August for another fitness test.

Crusing along

Had a good week. Missed a workout but been happy with the progress and results thus far. Shed about 4 kgs as well which may not be the important number but feeling lighter overall with stronger legs is really an awesome feeling. Wanna finish strong and will try and nail it this week.

Making good progress

Got most of my workouts in and was good (not great) with diet this week. Feeling a very noticeable difference with my balance and endurance. The extended muscle pains post workouts are slowly going away and can totally feel the extra strength in my legs specially when it comes to climbing stairs or lugging a golf bag around. Looks like the wardrobe will need a total change this summer!

A decent week

Would give myself an A for workouts and a B+ on diet. Had two visitors in town this week, so did indulge in a few glasses of wine. But the food aspect has been pretty much on point and got all my workouts done - so happy with that. Today's workout session got me gasping for breath. Program seems to have shifted to fifth gear now and gone totally nuclear on the number of sets. BRING IT ON KENZAI. Challenge accepted!

Had a good week. Was pretty much on point with diet but missed 1 workout. Absolutely loving the exercises in the program. The Hip tuck totally reminds me of the old MJ days. Playing smooth criminal in the background is the perfect energy booster on days of Barre workout! Butt and glutes are SORE, but guess thats a good thing. Hope everyone is enjoying this program as much as I am. Have a good week.

Good to be back

Definitely not the most perfect week in terms of diet, but got all my workouts in. Boy it feels good to be back on Kenzai routine. Loving the new exercises on sculpt and excited to see the changes it hopefully brings in 6-weeks. Strong legs and glutes brings in additional balance which should hopefully bring a much needed boost to my golf game as well.!

Good start to the year 

While I admit I didn't have laser focus on this reboot, I would still atleast give myself a B+ for the efforts. Specially since the body was still on heal mode post the intense KB2 that finished in December. The whole point of doing a reboot right now was for me to get the body back to discipline eating and workout mode - not particularly targeting a weight or body fat percentage. I managed to do that and hope I build on it further in 2019 and beyond. Go on holidays next week to India to attend a big family wedding. After that, it's back to fitness. Wishing everyone in Hong Kong a very happy Chinese new year!

Nearing the end

Been pretty compliant with the diet, but a but erratic on the workouts this week. Started well with two great workouts, but then work got the better of me unfortunately. Still two more days to go and hope to finish strong. Feeling good overall!

Feeling great

Been a good few days. With me it's always my form on the rope and the ab exercises that gives me the internal signal that the body is getting back on training mode. Diet has been good on most days and fortunately a few socials off late have also been during lunch - not ideal but feel a lot better than going haywire over dinner. Have a few office outings coming up followed by a big 40 celebration of a dear friend (and kenzai alum) on Saturday. Once again, it's a lunch event, so hopefully will come home and burn the rope!

Late to the party

Really sorry for the super late response here guys. Work just got the better of me these past few weeks, though have managed to stay (almost) on point with the program so far. Just had a very successful run with KB2 towards the end of 2018 and gave the body a nice 1-month break. But its a new year and new goals so wanted to get started with a quick re-boot. Also have my sister-in-laws wedding coming up mid-Feb and dear wifey and I are competing on who can look hotter! Bring it on..:-)

The finish line 

I must admit, this one does feel like a real accomplishment. If I had a list of all accomplishments thus far in life, KB2 would actually rate right up there. I did KB1 in 2012. I was 6-years younger at the time and had my first son during the program. Now I'm a father of 2 and my weekend's are perhaps even more hectic than work days (as for most young father's I guess)! Keeping up with the weekend (sports) demands of my elder 6-year old is tiring enough. When the younger 1-year old joins the party, I better be at my energetic best!
The past year had been a massive slip up in routine for me. Maybe I took sometime to get to terms with the extra responsibilities at work. Wanted to desperately get back to fitness and feel the same energy levels as I once did in 2012. When I got up on the weighing scale yesterday, i could hardly believe my eyes. I'm lighter than I ever remember being since I reached my peak height! A surreal feeling really as I attained my peak height at the age of 18!
Thank you Kenzai once again. You never disappoint. To my trainer's Sharmali and Jorge - you guys were there throughout, through the thick and thin - a HUGE thank you. And to my darling wife for always being by wind beneath my wings.

A bit unwell

This last week of the program has been a hard one. All things considering, I thought I did well in the first half of the holiday - cutting out the distractions of the wedding around me and found time for my exercises. But then towards the end, I fell ill and the travel became excessive as well. Result being that i have totally been off the exercise and only partially managed to be on point with diet. Amazing how much a common cold can wear you down - didn't feel like eating at all. I look at the positives today. I was super good for 11.5 weeks running. And surely the results are showing. Fitness is a journey, not a destination - so hopefully I continue with it next year after a small year end break!

Doing my best on vaca

Just unfortunate that the last two weeks of the program coincide with my annual 2-week holiday. Was in a family Indian wedding for the past three days. Used the first night as my final Indulgence but stayed on course for the remaining two days on diet. Most of the food is oily and loaded with salt anyways, so kept it to salad and fruits. So clearly the protein content was not upto the mark. Kept the exercise routine to the best I could but missed a few. Now that the wedding is over, I should hopefully get back to the plan from tomorrow. Feeling great and got many compliments which clearly keeps the motivation high.

Cruising along

Had another very good week. Lots of distractions - Diwali and with it all the socials. So there was clearly a lot of yummy food around but Im just too invested in this now for it to distract me. Made it a point to go to all the socials after eating my kenzai meal from home and definitely had desert (in the form of fruits) wherever I went for my evening snack. Only minor hiccup was a half workout session on Diwali day. But i tell you, this did wonders to my form for the balance of the week. Been pushing myself pretty hard with the exercises after my Bali trip and I noticed a dip in form earlier in the week. My body was tired and was aching in pretty much every part, and post Diwali I was back on the button. Im doing 3000 skips in my 20-min cardio session when in top form now and finishing my muscle training in about an hour (so overall 1hr 20mins), sometimes 50-mins. My weight is even below by KB1 weight now and trousers/jeans that had been put aside in the wardrobe as aspirational fits are all being slipped into. So im certainly on a high!
So far so good, but the real test for me is about to come. The last two weeks of the program exactly coincides with my yearly block leave - Nov 16th - Nov 30th. I will be overseas on a family wedding first followed with a school reunion of friends. Im saving my indulgence for one of the wedding events, but as Im out of the country, I fear that my diet may go a bit haywire - the salt/oil excess is what im most worried about. Sharmali and Jorge - I will message you separately on this. Ive not come this far to just mess it up in the last few weeks. Need your help.

Back on Track

Had a super week. Diet's back on track after the Bali weekend and I nailed every single workout session. Its taking me an hour and 20 to finish the work outs now but making fitness my absolute top priority this month. As the post on Sunday also said it - Body is now ready to rebuild. Cant afford to slip up. Took my my least favorite cardio challenge (running) on the free cardio day. Think I just have a mental block against it. I find it hard to imagine that I enjoy skipping that much (and actually I would say that Im pretty good at it too), but running is something I just haven't ever warmed too my entire life. This needs to change. Probably take up Kenzai Run next year.
This week is Diwali - our biggest festival. There are way too many social engagements coming up this week. The drinking bit is easier to control than the super good food. Hope the mind is hardened by now. Gonna be a test.

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