Lai L.

Lai L.

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cold days

Days are getting shorter and shorter.
Graving for alcoholic drinks and comfort food are getting stronger and stronger.

flu time

Reset. Diet and workout.

Last week half of my office, my whole family had the flu.


In my head only. I underestimate every exercise.
Ramping up is hard. Especially today and Monday.
I’ve finished almost every part, because I know ‘we are just beginning’
Slack now. Next week will be harder

best advice

The best advice?
There a so many. LOL this sounds like I’m flawed.

My dad had a big financial lost. Our mind was a hurricane. What should we do, what could we have done better. Sleepless nights.
Of course my kids, early teens, noticed this.
Dad came and saw the kids. I had thousands things to discuss.
He took the time to sit and talk with the kids.
I was impatient. We had so much to do.
Yet he gave them all the time of the world.
After 30 minutes, decades in teens.

In some funny way it relieved me.
In that moment I learned by example. The kids know without saying that they matter the most.
Family first. How difficult and how little time you have.


Thanks, every One who supported.

still reaching

Few more days.
Reaching most of the days. Trying to make a habit

still reaching


2 weeks, 5 destinations and a heavy jet lag. And a large travel companion group.
I thought I had more “me” time. I’m a Time optimist.
I did most my exercises.
Diet :(
Blogging :(


Wobbling Tree

side Ways

Last week it went side ways. I’m a little overwrought. Some private, some work related. I’m worrying, not getting a good sleep.
So I skipped all my training. Trying to eat well, but not sticking to the diet.

start again

Not strong enough to do this without you fellows.
Started with the clean eating. That was easy. Only the portions needed to be half.
Exercise was quite nice. So trying to keep the streak.
The blogging part. Pfffff I will try to give you the support that you definitely deserve.

Enjoy the Reboot!

really zen?

Did I snore? Am I really hearing myself snoring?
Am I asleep?
Or am I very relaxed?
Back to breathing then.


I made a sudden movement and it went up to my groin. Back to 4 weeks of rest. No stairs, just walking. Sleeping on sofa.
So I’m hitting the stop button.

Keep on marching and get the flag. Make yourself proud,



I can walk and do some driving, but stairs are challenging. This injury will take about 5 weeks. By not training the diet is feeling like I'm dieting. Not the fuel for the training :(

late post

last weekend I had competition.
matches went well. Old sparring partner came across. So for old time sake we started.
I got groin injury after the contest. :(
according the physician my muscles were overtired.
So this week I skipped the legs.
diet wise was beside 2 meals OK. the meat was stronger than me.


Overslept. Got ready in 7.
No breakfast. No workout. No prepped meals.
Whole day out in the open.

day 21 - Great day

Slept for 8 hours. Enjoyed it. Last few weeks at most 4 hours a night.
snif, last carb day :(

End of Week 5





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