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Lakshmi K.

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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 3
Program progress:

It's bern absolutely chaotic last two weeks. Hadto catch up on my workouts as i had i missed a couple of days, finished strongly yesterday. Am glad i joined reboot after a few months of inacitivity. It was a good program to get me back into the groove, cleaned up my diet and now back into working out daily. Only wish i could be a more proactive and supportiv e team player with keeping up with my blogs.

Challenge No. 2

We have numerous celebrations be it religious or casual. Its considered disrespect if you leave a celebration without eating. Our food chart weighs heavily on carbs and extra sweet desserts, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hence it’s very important to chose what we eat especially when we are served. I was at a religious function last week, where we were served on the traditional banana leaf, missing in the picture is rice (usually served three times using big spoons) the rest are vegies and sweets. Did not eat the desert, since have been off sugar, I feel even the slightest sweet as too sweet.

Down with a flu this week, unhappy that I missed a workout......

Back on track!

Returning back to Kenzai after a few months break. Joined beach blast last month only to realise my fitness level had dropped quite a bit, hence the next best thing was Reboot to get me back on track.

Felt really rusty while skipping, have been taking breaks which I did not do earlier. Did spinning on the cardio day to get a break.

Good to be back on a stricter diet, over the past months found out I have gluten and diary intolerance, it’s been rather tough getting off wheat, especially bread. We don’t have much options on gluten free grains, so that means more experiments. There are so many festivals and we have so many friends and family visiting through the year, which makes it difficult to stick to a diet. I am on track and i will not get off the Kenzai bandwagon as yet.

Good luck to everyone here on the program.

Signing Out

Hi! Wish I could sweat it out with you all, but have been down with a really bad stomach flu and hence have missed out on the workouts. My fitness and motivation level is also not that great at the moment.

I wish you all the best.

Signing out!

I am travelling this couple of months and hence am not able to keep up with the lessons, blogs and workouts. Hence am signing out of Mind. Wish you all the best !

Came into the program a little late, then had to travel for work to a town with very slow connectivity, hence the delay in my blog.

I live in Chennai with my 4 kids (2 sons, daughter and husband). Work, the house, garden, kids, friends, travel, driver duties, other fun and not so fun activities......keeps me on my toes. I am a huge Kenzai fan, I thrive in group classes, something I missed when we moved here. I was a regular at spinning, strength and core training, yoga, and pilates classes, until we moved and that's why Kenzai has been a perfect fit for me. I get bored very easily, am not good with consistency when I have to do it on my own. Here I am forced to report and it's nice when I know I am not the only one who has challenging days. I take my workouts and diet in Kenzai very seriously that I try not to miss them even when am traveling, needless to say I do have slip ups, especially during the festival season. The one thing I definitely need to work on is blogging and responding back, keep postponing till I get reminders.

Struggled through my last Kenzai program Run, due to some foot issues. Ward suggested I try the Mind program and here I am.

My mind is constantly monkeying around, I suffer from REM sleep disorder, with symptoms being excessive daytime sleepiness, tiredness, memory difficulties.......It's been a lifelong struggle, only people who have it understand it. Many a time I use my allergies and meds as I reason to escape explaining to people why the constant tired look. Have been doing meditation for a while now just so I can have a peaceful 15 minutes to myself. In the beginning, the moment I closed my eyes I went into REM, but the focus on breathing and keeping my eyes open helped me tremendously.

I love fall and spring, but unfortunately I live in a place where the weather is hot hotter and hottest. So I like the monsoon, when it rains and you can smell the earth and the weather is not humid.

Graduation Post..... 

Run was not really the right program for me considering my forefoot condition inspite of a customised insole. I used to run quite a bit until a few years ago, so I signed up for Kenzai Run but alas. Completed the program with a walk and run, wish I could have done better. I loved the alternative Strength and Run day, took away the monotony. This time round struggled with the program as I was down with flu and mentally also out of it. Will stick to low impact workouts for a while.

Keeping up.......

The blog has been calling me. Thanks Ward for the reminder. Have not been keeping too well mentally. Have not got around to running continuously, still run-walk-running due to pain in my shin and forefoot. Looks like I have mild arthritis in my forefoot. Good news is my foot is not so flat, but the metatarsal drop is so bad that the the bone around the big toe has turned inwards. Surgery is the last option, so need to manage the pain as much as possible. This means I need to keep my weight under control and that’s not happening, have put on quite a bit of weight(don’t quite know how). Have been very good with the diet. I guess blood tests are in order. Have been feeling lethargic lately.

Week 5..........

Last week was a busy week, my cousins big fat wedding that went on for 3 days, was tough getting in my runs and getting to the venue early. A few sweets did creep in but for most stuck to the diet.

Have been keeping a good pace, much better than when I first started. Have not quite got the Fartlek technique, so this week should be interesting. Did the 7k run today instead of yesterday, the miles conversion is a bit confusing, looks like I threw in the towel at 6k. Have severe pain in my forefoot, the new insoles I am getting this week, should hopefully help ease the pain. My metatarsal drop seems to be really bad, so need to work on better cushioning of the toes and bunion.

The Head Game lesson came right in time. I am one who keeps counting the trees. I was having a hard time running on the road, so I switched to the treadmill. It was difficult in the beginning, getting the pace right so I didn’t run out of breath so fast, but I think I am getting the hang of it.

Runner’s indulgence, skipping the cheat meal, as I have done some frosting tasting this past week, so have had more than enough share of sugar. I have also not been keeping well this week with migraines three days in a row.


Two weeks have gone by so quickly. Is it just me or what, am just not able to bring myself to run, have been doing some fast paced walking. I like how one day is run and the other is strength, not lost interest as yet. Hope I’ll b able to run by the end if the program.


Have been part of the Kenzai warriors for over a year and its good to be back after a short break and considering all the overeating due to the recent festivals and celebrations. I am live in Chennai with my husband Ramkey(also in the program) and our three kids. After my first was born I quit the finance world and took to baking, definitely not a good profession to be in especially when one has a sweet tooth. Cooking and being with the family and friends make me happy, and not to forget the occasional glass of wine and cheese.

I am not much of a runner. Four years ago, my cousins convinced me to run a 10K and I just about completed it, panting all the way. Kenzai Run was always at the bottom of my list. I have been pushing it out it for so long, only because I am afraid that I will not be able to complete the program considering how much I dislike running. I sign up for a program and know that I will not back down unless something super super serious comes up. I am hoping at the end of this program I will be able to run long stretches without running out of breath every few minutes. This is a good time of the year to give running a shot before it gets scorching hot. After my third, I have had a lower backache on and off and sciatica on the left side. I have flat feet and dropped metatarsal bones, which may play spoil sport on the program.

I think I would be a colourful butterfly.


I got into the Reach program after Chisel. This was a much slower paced program. It was much easier to keep up with considering all the festivities, unfortunately can’t say the same with my blogs. I have had back pain for so many years, the stretching definitely helped in easing the pain out. I did find some of the workouts a challenge but nevertheless when I look at my photos from the first day to the last I see a change not in leaps but have definitely progressed. I would have liked a few more newer stretches.


I have been absolutely rubbish with keeping up with my blogs. The questions of the week has led to quite a bit of introspection, but have just not got around to penning down my thoughts. It’s been an absolutely chaotic season with festivals, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, visitors...... Considering I don’t do very well with eating outside I have avoided it wherever I could. I have been trying to get a hang of PNF. It’s taken me a week to get the rhythm right. The first few days I held my breaths instead of taking two breaths as I contracted the muscles. I like how the PNF method has helped me reach out further.

Week 5

The last week has been a bit tough, continuous entertaining took a toll on me. I was down with a stomach bug, lived a day between the washroom and bed and with a terrible body ache. Took three days to recover, pretty much fasted for two days. Day 34 was tough getting back into stretching, my back was in pain, so really had to push on the warrior stretches, just barely made it to the limit, balance was just way off. Today feeling lighter and ready to reboot my body this week with a clean diet and work on getting better on my balancing poses.

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