Lakshmi K.

Lakshmi K.

Kenzai Member

Week 11

  • Nov 22nd, 2017 at 6:12PM

Have been very good with completing the workouts and the diet and saying no to outside eating and partying. Pains and aches, feeling every muscle workout, fatigued (protein scoops definitely helping) during the day and early morning workout time helping me push harder.

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Sara PittmanSara PittmanKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer20 days ago

The end is in sight Lakshmi, it's normal to feel fatigued, Your body has been pushed to its limits and maintaining a relentless schedule is no mean feat.
Only a few days left! Power hard to the end team Fir.

    Stuart M.Stuart M.Just became a Kenzai Member!
    19 days ago

    Keep up the intensity! Feels good to end strong!

      Alex C.Alex C.Just became a Kenzai Member!
      18 days ago

      I find the protein scoops a struggle sometimes - they never taste completely natural

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