Lasya G.

Lasya G.

Reboot | Day 16 (Member)
Day 16
Program progress:
good week!

I've had a good week. Worked out daily and I'm happy.

ONLY thing is, I've been finding it difficult to do the cardio. I think it's just a matter of getting down and doing it.


HEY guys,
TODAY I did my cardio in the morning. I'm happy about that.

Also, did anyone else feel their insides RIP while doing the scissors jump?

I did that and it took me back to the days of peak Kenzai body.
I am dreading the next few weeks, but my body needs this.

p.s does anyone else love how they smell after a workout? it's really bad but it's also so satisfying, like your body is wringing out all the horrible things inside.


Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a productive and focused programme so far.
I just finished my first workout! I haven't even gotten up from my last stretch yet, doing this from my mat!
I am adding in a photo of me post workout!

Kenzai body ended in June, and if I'm being honest, hasn't been so great for me since then, fitness wise. Went through a break up and that sort of messed me up.
I was travelling all day today and missed my workout on Day 1.
Going to get up fresh and early tomorrow morning and exercise. I want to get into that habit quickly!
My goal is to skip continuously for 10 min straight by the end of the programme! And shed 6kgs.

Excited for the workouts and this journey. I will commit to blogging everyday!
good luck everyone!

check in

Working out has been pretty erratic this week. I'll get on it from tomorrow!

This is a heavy question and I have committed to be being perfectly honest with myself and this programme so here goes:

I do not give up, not in the long run. perhaps I'll give up a day's exercise, but I am committed to things in the long run.

But I also have an unshakable faith in my incompetence. I believe that I have limits and I cannot cross them. Limits of capability and limits of time and limits of how much I will achieve in life. I have confidence issues because of this.

Reach Day one

hey guys !
I just finished up Kenzai Body, and I was super excited for Reach. It's a different pace, and extremely customizable. My focus remains weight loss and getting leaner- so I'm excited for the diets and the cardio.

I woke up late today, so I rushed through the exercises a bit- probably not the wisest thing. But I put on some nice music and started my day with the stretches, which left me feeling so much calmer than I usually am in the mornings.

I have an anxiety issue, and I think Reach will help me figure that out.

I'm going to get up a bit early tomorrow and go through the exercises with full presence.

I have an issue : Does anyone else keep doing ballistic stretches instead of dynamic ? Maybe it was like that for me this morning because I rushed through them...

9 min seems too much. I struggled even with 3 min, and then I stopped exercise for a bit so jumping back into it, 9min seems impossible. I'd like to work my way to it, so maybe I'll start off with 2min/10 sets? keeping the total amount of time the same but making it easier for me to work myself up to it.
does this make sense ?

Pros and Cons

I did the workout yesterday. I didn't promise myself I'd do it all, just one set each.
I went upto 2 sets an exercise, but it was so bad. the exercises we're very intense and I couldn't do even one set properly.
today's workout was better cardio wise, but I gave up Midway. I just finished off with stretches.
my goal for the next ten days is to get to a place where my cardio and abs is 100%, and I can do all the sets. Even if it's not perfect, I want to finish. It's going to be an uphill battle, will power wise. I am going to prepare myself, with cues and rewards post exercise.
Speaking of, what is a good reward to give yourself (not food related). Ideally for me it would be chocolate but, not compliant with the diet. What do you guys do?

Plan didn't work

hey guys,
I planned to get up early in the mornings and workout but didn't happen. Slept really late :(
I have the rest of the day, however so I'm going to catch up sometime in the evening.

Power of Habit

I picked up a new book recently. it's about habits, and cues and rewards and I realised that my reward for working out was blogging about it.
I stopped blogging and my workouts have gone terribly.
going to blog in again, even if I haven't worked out, just to get back into the momentum of it.


Caps because I am super excited. I have been having a shit week. Make that three weeks. And diet is off.
But, my body is something I trust now. I went to the doctor and I'd lost 6kgs. SIX KILOGRAMS.
I had given up on my body, but it still didn't. The effort I put in before the last three weeks really paid off.
Tomorrow, to get a kickstart oh physical exercise, I am going cycling with my friends. Switch it up a bit, so I can get back on the kenzai bandwagon.

A bit of Honesty

hey guys,
I haven't been feeling so great. I'm not ill, just been a little bit out of it. I haven't exercised properly in two weeks. I do not have even a remotely healthy diet. And I've seemed to have lost even the ability to motivate myself. I am reading the older blog posts of mine and I don't know where that happy, excited Lasya has gone. I'm just putting really unhealthy things into my body and I don't know how to stop.
I need help guys. I want to get back on track. I have maybe 20 odd days and I think that's good enough to bounce back.
I need help.

Better week.

I have had a better week. Haven't been able to blog much, been super busy still.
I did miss a few workouts, which is making me feel guilty.
it's interesting now because I'm getting a lot of "have you lost weight?" comments, even tho my diet and exercise have been sort of all over the place.


busy week. missed a lot of workouts and messed up diet.
this one should be better