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Lasya G.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 44 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 44
Program progress:

Hey guys,
It's been a while since I've blogged- I have been completely off kenzai in a wildly not ok food binge. I don't know why- work has been stressful but my motivation levels are at an all time low.
I just have really really high targets- This year I want to get to the weight I was four years ago and I need to drop 30 kilos for that. I guess it seems so impossible for me right now.

Anyway, I am slowly getting back on track.
I will commit to seriously following you guys as well and following your progress and being a support to this team!

I ate something beyond my diet yesterday - I was really, really hungry and it just seemed better to eat something rather than starve myself till I got home and cooked.
This was after almost 2 and a half weeks of perfect Kenzai diet - so i actually felt really sick after eating the food. It was oily and fried and exactly the kind of food I would have wolfed down before KB 2! I like where my body is at right now - good food makes me feel good and I'm not overeating !
workout wise, it's been two days since and I had some emergency last minute travel plans come up and couldn't pack my workout things. My next workout is going to be Tuesday :(
I will try and keep my diet extra strict till then and get some exercise whenever I can !

Day 16

Day 16 and this is me squeezing in a workout after four days. I am not proud of this falling apart so quickly :/
But today was one of my best workouts! I was being a little lazy and kinda skimping on the cardio. I am the kind of person who just cannot do one thing for a prolonged period of time so today, to get my 15min in, I split the time between skipping and some basic aerobic cardio (jumping jacks and ski jumps). It was brutal but in a good, satisfying way!
can't wait for an AMAZING WEEEK!

Day 10

Gosh, cannot believe it's already Day 10. I committed to blogging daily but here I am, a week between my blog posts.

Let's get into this !
The high points :
1. I missed only one workout- and I missed that one only because I was travelling all day and didn't even have time to breathe.
2. I took a dance class! I hate skipping rope. Honestly it is the worst thing ever, so on Sundays I joined a dance class. the workout is amazing ! You're just moving for around 2 hours and you don't even realize it because it's dancing and it's super fun!
3. I love the non cardio part of the workout + I created the perfect playlist to keep the rhythm and motivation.

This time around, the exercise part of easy. It is short and compact but I do need to get a routine around exercise because once the exercises get intense I'll start losing motivation. Priority number 1: set a full routine. I'll use sound cues as a start (my fave song from the playlist) and a finishing reward : a refereshing glass of freshly squeezed juice or a fruit bowl with naturally sweet fruits ! I'll do this from 8-9 daily. That is the best time for me to workout.

Low points
1. Diet : I messed up my diet. Multiple occasions, severely.
2. Diet related anxiety: Ever since I read the 80-20 thing on diet, every time I slip up on diet I get anxious and go through the emotions of anger and frustration. I look at my body in the mirror and hate it absolutely - I can only see the flaws and it's so toxic.

I want to love my body, but I don't. so I'm doing Kenzai, thinking that if I lose some weight, get into a good shape I'll love my body. It will help, I know it will. But in the meanwhile I don't think getting into this toxic mindspace about my body is good for my mental health!
It feels like a vicious cycle I can't even begin to comprehend but I always find myself here.

Do you guys feel the same? How do you deal with this?
I'm a little clueless here :/

Day 3 !

I just finished up the Day 3 workout. The lesson today made a lot of sense to me- it's good to build up consistency and slowly build up your will power for the workouts to come.
All the endorphins from the exercise seem to be working- I am actually just much more happier, more at balance.
87 more workouts to go!
Does anyone else feel a huge mindset change when they do a workout countdown? It just suddenly feels so much more doable!

Day 2 done !

This time, Kenzai will be just be DO DO DO DO.
KB 1 was a lot about me just overthinking things.
"What is the most perfect way for me to do this exercise?"
"If I do this for x number of days I'll lose y kgs"
and so much more.

I kept strategising SO MUCH that the exercising didn't happen as much as it should.
I'm really not going to overthink it. Specially cardio - skipping is challenging for me because it requires a peace of mind that is not my natural state. So today I spent around 40 min googling alternates, time I wasted- I could have just skipped in that time, even if it wasn't a great session I still would have got that time in!

Even with food- I would either be perfect or completely off Kenzai. No middle ground. If I didn't have the Kenzai approved food I would just completely sabotage my diet. This time, I am determined to have easier cooking alternatives. If I am unable to do a 100% Kenzai meal I can at least do one that is 80% compliant !

It's going to be about doing things and moving on to the next thing I have to do.
The key is consistency, I think, not perfection!
Did you guys have similar thoughts as well? Let me know !

New Year, KB2

Hey guys !
I finished today's workout. I have to say, the lesson today really got me going. I was well prepped for this week - did my grocery shopping yesterday, already had an idea as to what the diet might look like so it was lots of veggies and fresh herbs !
While doing KB 1, the thing I loved the most was the food. I enjoyed cooking the veggies in different ways, using whole flavours instead of processed ones and just enjoying the flavour of the vegetable instead of wolfing down high fat, high oil food !
And I'm already looking forward to the food over the next three months. Lots of salads and vegetables cooked in different ways ! cooking nourishes my soul and the food nourishes my body ! I'm writing this post dinner and my stomach is full, my body is exhausted from the workout and my mind is getting ready to shut down.
I can't wait for the next three months of me treating my body how it deserves to be treated- with respect and yes, lots of good food!

The workout was pretty easy today- except for that 10min cardio session, my lungs gave out in the first 3 min. I was feeling put out about it till I remembered that in the early days of KB 1, I would struggle to finish 80 reps.
80!!!! Today I can breeze through 200, hit 300 in a stretch. I'm guessing by the end of KB 2 I'll probably be struggling to do 17 min reps but 10 min will be a breeze.
I absolutely love how Kenzai is so challenging !

Good luck to all of you. I will be following as many of your posts as I can- encouraging and learning from your experiences. This time, I'm also thinking of doing recipes of everything I'm cooking while doing Kenzai- quite a few people asked me for it while I was doing KB 1. Should be a fun, interesting and a rewarding journey!


Reboot was a journey that took me back to the days of KB. I definitely know more about my body!

I am not happy with the results, however. It's because I was very erratic with things and fell really ill over the last few weeks of the program !

On to the next one, I guess.

graduation post!

Reboot was amazing. I feel really ill in the last two weeks, however, and all the strength has gone away I think!
but I've got December ahead and the new year coming up. I am going to sign up to KB2 as well, and get back on the body transformation wagon.

the last leg

hey guys,
workouts have been pretty bad this week. work is exhausting !!
but I got one in today and I'll do one tomorrow and get back up there :)

good week!

I've had a good week. Worked out daily and I'm happy.

ONLY thing is, I've been finding it difficult to do the cardio. I think it's just a matter of getting down and doing it.


HEY guys,
TODAY I did my cardio in the morning. I'm happy about that.

Also, did anyone else feel their insides RIP while doing the scissors jump?

I did that and it took me back to the days of peak Kenzai body.
I am dreading the next few weeks, but my body needs this.

p.s does anyone else love how they smell after a workout? it's really bad but it's also so satisfying, like your body is wringing out all the horrible things inside.


Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a productive and focused programme so far.
I just finished my first workout! I haven't even gotten up from my last stretch yet, doing this from my mat!
I am adding in a photo of me post workout!

Kenzai body ended in June, and if I'm being honest, hasn't been so great for me since then, fitness wise. Went through a break up and that sort of messed me up.
I was travelling all day today and missed my workout on Day 1.
Going to get up fresh and early tomorrow morning and exercise. I want to get into that habit quickly!
My goal is to skip continuously for 10 min straight by the end of the programme! And shed 6kgs.

Excited for the workouts and this journey. I will commit to blogging everyday!
good luck everyone!

check in

Working out has been pretty erratic this week. I'll get on it from tomorrow!