Lasya G.

Lasya G.

9 min seems too much. I struggled even with 3 min, and then I stopped exercise for a bit so jumping back into it, 9min seems impossible. I'd like to work my way to it, so maybe I'll start off with 2min/10 sets? keeping the total amount of time the same but making it easier for me to work myself up to it.
does this make sense ?

Pros and Cons

I did the workout yesterday. I didn't promise myself I'd do it all, just one set each.
I went upto 2 sets an exercise, but it was so bad. the exercises we're very intense and I couldn't do even one set properly.
today's workout was better cardio wise, but I gave up Midway. I just finished off with stretches.
my goal for the next ten days is to get to a place where my cardio and abs is 100%, and I can do all the sets. Even if it's not perfect, I want to finish. It's going to be an uphill battle, will power wise. I am going to prepare myself, with cues and rewards post exercise.
Speaking of, what is a good reward to give yourself (not food related). Ideally for me it would be chocolate but, not compliant with the diet. What do you guys do?

Plan didn't work

hey guys,
I planned to get up early in the mornings and workout but didn't happen. Slept really late :(
I have the rest of the day, however so I'm going to catch up sometime in the evening.

Power of Habit

I picked up a new book recently. it's about habits, and cues and rewards and I realised that my reward for working out was blogging about it.
I stopped blogging and my workouts have gone terribly.
going to blog in again, even if I haven't worked out, just to get back into the momentum of it.


Caps because I am super excited. I have been having a shit week. Make that three weeks. And diet is off.
But, my body is something I trust now. I went to the doctor and I'd lost 6kgs. SIX KILOGRAMS.
I had given up on my body, but it still didn't. The effort I put in before the last three weeks really paid off.
Tomorrow, to get a kickstart oh physical exercise, I am going cycling with my friends. Switch it up a bit, so I can get back on the kenzai bandwagon.

A bit of Honesty

hey guys,
I haven't been feeling so great. I'm not ill, just been a little bit out of it. I haven't exercised properly in two weeks. I do not have even a remotely healthy diet. And I've seemed to have lost even the ability to motivate myself. I am reading the older blog posts of mine and I don't know where that happy, excited Lasya has gone. I'm just putting really unhealthy things into my body and I don't know how to stop.
I need help guys. I want to get back on track. I have maybe 20 odd days and I think that's good enough to bounce back.
I need help.

Better week.

I have had a better week. Haven't been able to blog much, been super busy still.
I did miss a few workouts, which is making me feel guilty.
it's interesting now because I'm getting a lot of "have you lost weight?" comments, even tho my diet and exercise have been sort of all over the place.


busy week. missed a lot of workouts and messed up diet.
this one should be better


Not me, I'm afraid. I did half the skipping exercises. I'll continue the other half in the evening. I'm too sleepy, going back to bed for a bit. Not a great week Kenzai wise, but people have been noticing that my skin is clearer, I've lost a bit of weight and toned up a little which was a big motivator.
oh, and just when I got the hang of counting and skipping you change it to timed skipping.
I have also been a little bit self absorbed and haven't been looking at other people's blogs - this week I'm committing to look at at least 3 different blog posts a day.
I've uploaded a photo of me, irritated bc of how early I had to wake up.
it's the camera angle which makes me look all slim and trim ( I asked my roommate to take a picture, she can only take flattering pictures of me, bless her)


I thought I'd share some of the pictures of my from my concert. It was a traditional Carnatic music concert. Singing gives me this pure joy I cannot even begin to describe.

I'm so glad I restarted this. It's one of my passions, and it's just helped me with my relationship with myself.


I travelled to Kerala last night! And for those of you who read my previous blog post- I was riddled with anxiety about diet, exercise and Kenzai.
I blogged about it, and I felt better. I also focused on shifting my anxious energy into a gentler, more persistent "We are going to workout today!" energy.
I had a wonderful day, exploring the tropical Paradise that is Kochi. I walked along the beach, along the steep winding roads (bonus workout yay) and indulged in a glass of wine (note: one glass only, even though I was very tempted to finish the bottle. That would have been very bad, considering it was only 2 in the afternoon) !
I am staying with my friend and her family. We had a traditional Kerala breakfast of appam (a pancake made of coconut and yeast) and kurma (a medley of veggies cooked in more coconut milk) and steamed plantain. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.
I love coconut everything. Always have since I was born. Being in Kerala is a dream.
I had the best day- and I got back, worked out like the beast I am, and my everything hurts but it's a good hurt. I feel more in control now than ever.

I was super encouraged by the comments on my last post- I am going to have a jar of blessings and good things, keep thinking of my growth and show love to myself.

This is dedicated to the people who helped with my anxiety! You know who you are !

I missed a lot of workouts and my diet has been all over the place the last week. I got really lazy and kept saying, oh I'll do it later and I'm just so mad at myself for that now because exercises are so much harder and it's so much easier to just give up. I did give up on exercises today - got really angry at myself and just had a self hate session.
I'm really frustrated and it doesn't help that I'm traveling again this weekend. Diet will be all over the place again! I know you're supposed to prioritize yourself but I can't stop life. I have commitments and jobs and hobbies and people in my life !!! I'm just not in a good space right now and the fact that I'll be travelling- that too to Kerela, which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth for my friend's wedding is just causing me anxiety.
I don't want to work out right now, I'm just really panicking in general.
Adding to that is the anxiety of results being affected because I'm such a lazy potato and it's just not letting me workout in peace.
I think this self hatered I have is one thing that's really stopping me from achieving goals in every space in my life and it just feels like this insurmountable thing.
I'm guilty, I'm anxious, tired and I just don't want to leave my house.
I'm also worried that my bulemia will act up again and that's not really reducing my anxiety.

good workout

I had a good workout the last two days. feeling good specially because it came after 4 days of missing workouts. Special shout out to A, who got me out of a slump !

I have too many things to do now, and usually it's at the cost of my diet and/or sleep- this time it's getting quite similar. I broke from my diet yesterday because I was travelling over the weekend and had a long day at work. I tried to stick to the diet as much as I could but outside food is really greasy.
Lunch today was really bad. I had a burrito from outside and it was so greasy I was horrified and couldn't eat more than a few bites.
Another thing is that I've taken to jumping a lot but not with the jump rope. I'm tired of the jump rope, mostly because I keep tripping and have to keep stopping. So I just put on some music and do a sort of jump-dance. It's a lot of fun. But I've only been doing the jump rope, have been skipping it exercises because I've been coming home really late from work. I keep remembering how I have to make time for work out, actively. I've missed workouts on Monday and Tuesday and I feel terrible. Can't wait to get down on it today, though.
Another thing is, I feel thinner and stronger. I'm not as tired, I'm happier and my positive workout mindset spills out into other fields of my life.
I just need to get on top of things. This week, I'm giving a concert and that's really stressing me out, and I've been travelling a lot because of it and been off my diet, once that's over things will cool down.
And following that, I'll totally reduce the amount of things I'm doing.
This is a priority.

Today was a win !

I did my exercise without cheating, even though I came home super late and wanted to just give up.
I ate according to Kenzai! I accidentally bit into a biscuit, but spat it out in a napkin when I realized what was happening. I went out with a friend and didn't eat anything at all!
had a good day. Packed two boxes of fruit for when those cravings hit. Planning well is the key to this !

End of Week 10



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