Laurence D.

Laurence D.


Current situation:- still going strong with Kenzai life after finishing Kenzai Body 2 years ago. Still getting comments from people who haven't seen me in a while on how drastically my shape has changed. That keeps me motivated, but is not the main motivation. Feeling good about myself continues to be the driver. Bizarrely skipping is still, pound for pound, the best cardio. If it was not so hot in HK would be out running a bit to mix it up.
Goals:- get as fit as possible in advance of a fairly indulgent Rugby World Cup Sept/Oct and support Mrs Denvir on her Kenzai 2 which started today.
Challenges:- I'm finding that I can complete 4, max 5, workouts a week. Any more and I burn out. Got to keep listening to my body to find the right balance; not too much indulgence and not too too much intense training.


Did my regular workout yesterday then played touch rugby in the evening. Subsequently spent all night with cramped muscles in my legs making me jump out of bed every 15 minutes. A night of virtually no sleep (after a previous night of very interrupted sleep as well) has left me with zero gas in the tank - some old injuries have come back as well in the back and knee. Today's workout did not happen but I think I did the right thing in listening to my body. That's 2 misses in 4 days...ayeagh!

6 out of 7

Only managed 6 out of last week's 7 workouts....was busy sailing Sunday in my 4 hour contribution to a 24hour charity dinghy race. The strong wind made it a tough day on the water and I simply ran out of time given other family obligations. I am "ok" with 6 out of 7 on this occasion but not a habit I want to start...


Pummel horse was a non starter. Did not have my push up bars in the gym today and at 6ft 4" that would have been a massive effort for me (note I would have tried it had I brought the bars). Did some alternative upper body just to keep myself honest. Failed earlier and earlier on the side power planks. In saying that weight at an all time low today (I know it's not all about weight!) coming in at 97.9kg. Motivating. Btw have also grown a bit tired of doing 3 x 5 mins skips and then 1 x 8 followed by 1 x 7 mins so now pushing 15 mins straight through. Managed it two days in a row now without tripping. Hard but feels good.

Off we go

Yesterday's (re)start was tough but after 2 days down feeling good. Picture of "Kenzai Man" doing a wall chair amused me.


Loved the 7 week challenge and look forward to doing the same pre Christmas in a focused manner. Patrick / Ward thanks for keeping things interesting. Some real toughies but also great results.

Kenzai Freebie...???

I had to double take this morning as I downloaded my daily workout...NO skipping? Surely not! I did them any way of course, maybe it was some Kenzai trickery....Patrick tell us more...

5>7 - 3 weeks down

Migrated from 5-7 workouts per week on Monday. Have been pleased with the outcome. Shorter, more specific work outs and feeling good for it. That said, some of the workouts, especially full body are VERY hard. Round the clock this morning being one and I've had a sneak preview of the pop-up knees exercise for tomorrow and that will be a challenge and a half (even more than usual). I'm pleased with progress though. Feeling leaner - new suits I got about a month ago were definitely on the tight feeling just right if not a tiny bit loose.
I have really struggled with getting some good sleep this week and in the mornings I have been very low on energy. I have not been eating all my egg whites either and I have noticed that on some of the harder exercises, that I tend to thrive on and complete up to the max reps, are a real struggle. Single goal next week is to get more sleep!
Wedding anniversary Monday so got a few indulgences lined up. Looking forward to that.

Reaching for the toes...

reaching for the toes at the end of a hard work out....

6 Week Challenge

I haven't officially blogged for 431 days but I have been active doing Kenzai pretty much ever since the end of the 90 day programme (give or take a few holidays here and there) July 2013. Initially I repeated the maintenance exercises post PCP on a rotation, then after a while added a 30-40 minute run beforehand as I had entered a number of long distance run races early 2014. Kenzai Life came along around April which was a nice boost...the 6 week challenge promises to mix it up also so definitely looking forward to it...

I generally do 4/5 exercise sessions a week in any case, but for some reason this week things are starting to feel a little bit's full body work out was the perfect example, especially the roll-ups - long and hard - the Air Chair (agggggh! think I managed 4 x 8 true nemesis) and at the end the Power Plank ruined me. That said, the good old feeling post a PCP/Kenzai work-out with the endorphins flowing lasted the whole day despite lots going on in the office...the programme never fails to deliver.

I decided to try and track progress per some ideas shared by Patrick as well as some measurements suggested by Ward a few weeks ago. So here goes:-

Weight 100kg
Chest 41cm
Waist 36cm
Hips 43cm
Thighs 60cm right - 58cm left
Calves 41.5cm left 42.5cm right
Biceps 14.5cm left 15cm right

Max push ups - 40 (at end of work out)
Max pull ups - 10 (at end of work out)
Max wall-chair - to follow
Max V- Sits - to follow
Vertical leap - done
Forward to toes done (photo attached)

Also took a torso shot for old times sake to help track progress....

Speak soon guys.


I've travelled across UK, Hong Kong and Australia in the past week. The fact I have managed to exercise daily without any interruption is a true testament to the change in mindset PCP has brought with it. In saying that, especially in the past few weeks, I have got to know pain and then more pain as the intensity of the exercise has increased. However with that has brought fantastic results. People I have not seen for some time double take and enquire into what has happened - that's totally kind of them of course but I never thought I was ever that "big" but now I definitely know a different me, dare I say it, the real me, and am determined to keep it that way.
I've always been into sport and so I'd like to think of the PCP allowing me to find my old self. The diet was a completely different challenge. I used to eat far too well. Lots of carbs in the evenings and the odd glass of wine of two. I now know they were completely unnecessary. In fact, amusingly, I've found myself coming home and doing an "8 minute Abs" session before dinner to help me unwind. Now that's the PCP effect!
We are very fortunate to have a live-in helper called Joean. Without her help, PCP would have been a very different experience. She diligently weighed out all the food to the gram and also put a lot of thought into making the food as tasty as possible within the limits of the diet. What a rock star Joean is.
My family, especially my wife Jooj, have been utterly amazing. I'm sure there are plenty of "PCP widows" out there. Jooj has been a massive pillar - I am going to have to find some new "chat" now and I'm sure she will be very relieved of that after the past 90 days of non-stop diet and training. I'm also looking forward to spending some more time with the kids who now know all about Daddy's training, and make every effort to steer clear of me when I come back into the house afterwards as a sweaty mess!
Skipping has been a real love / hate relationship. I suppose that's the nature of the beast, and with fatigue and jet-lag often exacerbating the challenge. Otherwise I have enjoyed the training and importantly the results, including training in different parts of the world. Having PCP in my suitcase has been a massive boost. I think my skipping rope and resistance band will come with me now whenever I travel.
On that note, I'm now in Melbourne for the Lions vs Wallabies second test. The atmosphere is amazing and I'm so excited to be here. What a way to celebrate day 90! Photo of the beach below where I trained last night. Very cool.
Thanks to my fellow PCPers for keeping me going. I hope I have helped you all in some small way over the past 90 days. It was fantastic to meet a number of you in person in HK and I genuinely hope we can stay in touch. Sarah, thank you to you also for your help and advice, especially with the recurring back problems. As happy as I am with the results of the past 90 days, I think the back has prevented me from nailing some of the abs exercises. Something I will continue to focus on now that I am 16kg lighter, leaner and generally in peak condition!


Got back from London late last night. Was a very busy week - I was up just before 6am hitting them gym every day. Felt great having access to such a great gym - normally I train at home.
With the family away on their summer holidays now I am home alone. Up at 5.45 this morning and went to rugby club gym (aka Footie Club) which was all very convenient.
The change in training this morning was noticeable. Going from 7>9 mins on the skip (albeit with a brief couple of 8 mins when i got home from the airport last night) was the first thing. Then the deeper burn and failure on the exercises worked out ok, although admittedly I am a 'numbers' guy and like to have targets if I am honest. Instead I chose a number that I thought was achievable and adjusted vs "the pain" threshold. Go Kyanite in these next and last few days!!!


Have had a great week of exercise here in London, especially with access to work gym which is first rate:- private studio with tunes to motivate me and the rest of it. Diet has generally been ok...


So I got the inside track from a former PCPer that day 75 was an indulgence day so I got organised a couple of weeks ago and booked dinner for my wife and I in a restaurant I had wanted to visit for some time. It was divine and nice to have a proper indulgence evening with Mrs D. The menu says it all (but you must try it if in HK) all washed down with a bottle of Peay from Sonoma Country. Magic!:-
Off to London with work tomorrow for a week. That will bring its own challenges but looking forward to it nonetheless.


Despite the day "off" On Monday, I have managed through the week's training with little discomfort thanks to plenty of ibuprofen...until this morning that is. Just finished 6 highly enjoyable planks when my back decided enough was enough. Saw a physio which helped but I'm off skipping and any aggressive abs work for the foreseeable (look forward to getting your advice here Sarah). Swimming tomorrow for me - after last Monday night, looking forward to it which is a first....!

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