Lauren G.

Lauren G.

Kenzai Body | Day 14
Kenzai Body
Day 14
Program progress:

I am really enjoying the diet so far! The amount of food is on par with what I had been doing (except on weekends), but on this program, I get more fruit and carbs. I welcome this approach because it is summer fruit season!!
I do not ever feel like I am having too much food, maybe the opposite. I feel hungry, usually an hour before every meal. To deal with this, I have separated my meals a little bit. I eat a huge salad before the carb and protein portion of my meals. That helps to sustain my appetite for a longer period of time.
The ramped up workout is also good. I feel mild soreness on my muscles, but not that ache that makes it difficult to move.

week 2

I am very excited for week two to start. I think knowing this was going to get much more strict, I went overboard on the ice cream and sweets over the weekend. So today really feels like my day one of the diet, so far so good (literally just breakfast so far) and workout is done.
I am not used to weighing things in grams, so I have no idea what 120 grams of carbs looks like. This will be a learning curve for me. Excited about the structure in the upcoming weeks!! Hopefully this enthusiasm continues over the next few months!!

Does anybody know if there are cheat days or meals mixed into our diet? Probably a little early to be thinking about this, but I like to know this type of thing.

diet question

In my diet I was asked to drink soymilk.

When I signed up, I checked off that I don't tolerate dairy, because I only tolerate it in small portions, but I do use some regular milk in my coffee. Can I switch the soymilk to regular cows milk/yogurt? I am not a huge fan of soymilk.


Day 6

I am excited to move forward from week one and start having more structure. I have to admit, I have not been great about leaving a quarter of my meals behind. I have had a busy week at work, so I missed one meal every day at least. I rationalized that this missed meal was my "left behind" portion.

I am glad the workouts have been low key during this busy week, but I look forward to ramping those up too!

day 2

Day 1 was great. Day 2 going well.
Otter kicks = ouch!
Looking forward to day 3!!

day 1

So..I was expecting a little bit more from day/week one when I first read it.

Leaving behind a quarter of meals (2 meals so far) is actually more difficult than I expected. The workout, although underwhelming, was actually fine. I usually work out a LOT more, but I get what the program is trying to do. I look forward to the next 90 days. I think it will be challenging.